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I saw he had a fresh song on his profile, one I was unfamiliar with, and so I clicked play.

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I was expecting the skeletal strumming of a lonely guitar or a twangy bass line to kick the track off, but instead received quite the opposite. A flock of bubbly beeps ping-ponged from my left to right ear, and as the synthy bass began to stir softly underneath the glitchy instrumentation, gleeful warmth spread through every inch of my body. He sang sincerely to his lover, threading abstract metaphors throughout his plainspoken admiration to show the complexity and strength of his desire. It was at the time, and in many ways still is, a pivotal record for the progression of music.

It also was a standout in early s electronica, alternative rock, and pop for its seamless merging of genres into a still, to this day unique, unparalleled sound. Jon K. Michiel A.

Omdat over de datum van 6 dollar naar 2 dollar. Altijd goed.

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Erg lekker!! Kleine meloensmaak voor zoetere smaak. Jon C.

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Jason W. Jason B.

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Yep I sure could session the hell out of that! Rob F.

Ben F. Ben v. Corey C. Lance H.

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Lance B. Callum W. Propose Edit Propose Duplicate. Liquorland Ohope Ohope, Bay of Plenty.

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