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In the end, the woman of this story which you can read more about here eventually gave in. She let the man have sex with her. While she let him, she was unwilling in the whole act and had begun to feel afraid about what might happen if she continued to say no. If you were afraid, confused, and harassed — your voice and rejections continually ignored — does your yes actually mean anything? Real classy guy.

She didn’t say no. But she didn’t say yes. — The California Sunday Magazine

Just after I graduated, he seemed to show some interest in me he was a few years older than I. We reconnected via the internet as all famous love stories do and, after a few months, he told me he loved me. I was happy. I remember being cautious, but I was incredibly happy. He seemed to think my cautiousness was silly. I was seventeen, and I wanted desperately to believe him. But I desperately wanted to. And, just to warn you, this story is not going to end as badly as you might think.

We slept in the same bed — also a completely new experience for me. And then, without warning, without asking, he put his fingers inside me. I remember being shocked, and pulling back. I felt like my voice had been taken from me; for the first time in my life, words failed me. I thought desperately. Worst of all, he seemed to think that I liked it.

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He was older than me — maybe he was used to this type of behaviour, had come to expect this reaction from other women. Perhaps I was overreacting, I told myself. Maybe this was how I was meant to respond. To me, that had been an intimate moment; a moment I had wanted to save until I was ready. Obviously, my experience is very different to the one I just mentioned. So, technically, legally , one could argue that yes, I was raped. Passive Aggressiveness is the bane of my existence. My ex boyfriend used to do that all the time. I would say "Where do you want to go to eat?

Anywhere is fine" I would say "Alright" and go to Red Robin A woman is willing to fight for hours, while the children are being neglected and the house is a mess because women are emotionally-driven. A man will evaluate the situation and decide that there is no point wasting that kind of time, only to discover that nothing will change by the time the argument is over since men are more logically-driven.

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