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It could also be the place to start and end rumours, and indulge in healthy banter.

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A story about squash Sailor wants Jolyon to abandon his rich private school education for full time squash. In a vindictive move his mother cuts him out of a vast trust fund.

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We want your feedback! Click here. Subjects Fiction Thriller. Teenager Jolyon Jacks comes of age in the man's world of professional squash, on the worldwide 'PSA' tour.

A chance game against a girl at school leads fifteen year old Jacks to Manchester, and the iron-hard, iron-willed coach, 'Sailor' McCann. Sailor wants Jolyon to abandon his rich private school education for full time squash.

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Jolyon opts for squash, goodbye school, in the process defying his domineering mother, who is implacably set on forcing her son to the top of the tennis tree. In a vindictive move his mother cuts him out of a vast trust fund. His grandfather says wait, we'll change our mind, but only if you make it to world squash number one Jolyon faces enormous hurdles in his quest, on court and off, many of his own making.

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There is his wild attitude to the typical temptations faced by the testosteroned teen. What does every professional athlete need before a crucial match? A good night's sleep.


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