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I immediately stopped and turned around but there was no further sighting. She said that it looked like a moss man. All clumpy blackish hair with no neck. She only saw it from the waist up also. All we kept saying is how unreal it was to see and how big it was. The arms were massive. The trees that were in the area were laying as if the wind had blown them down. The animal was walking through these trees which at most places were three feet from the ground.

Standing in the area were it was sighted I could not see the road. When I stood up on the tree trunk then I could just see the road. At this point you would only be able to see my head and the sasquatch was visible from about the waist and up. The entire arm swing was visible putting this animal at about a height of 10 to 11 feet. That weems unrealistic to me but it is the only way to have seen so much of the animal. Something else which was interesting. I could not figure why it would be walking there as the area adjacent was void of these fallen timber.

I think this is definitely what the sasquatch was going after. Some logged areas. Sometime in the middle of September , on a beautiful warm, sunny day, my partner and I were working growth and yield plots PGP obtaining information to determine the health of the forest. I know the closest town to the incident was about 65kms away. Matheson, Ontario. Our plot was located about metres North from the road were we had parked the truck.

I remember the walk into the plot being annoyingly brushy for the first metres or so, a lot of red osier dogwood and tag alder making it a chore to carry our tools to the work site. At the true location of the plot, the trees were mature and the sun beamed in and down. After we had completed measuring trees within the plot we starting aging test trees.

Suddenly we heard what sounded like an old rotten log being ripped apart just metres from where we were working. We both stood up and gave a little attention to the noise, hoping to determine if we were too close to a bear. Through my own evaluation of the noise, I decided to walk back to my vest and grab a can of bear spray, and a soil auger. As I returned to my partner I asked if the bear was persistant in rummaging the log. My partner's reply was that it seemed to circle around us back toward the vehicle. Again we heard noise, this time the movement of shaley rock like the heavy paws crushing the shale: cush..

Neither of us could get a visual of the bear, and decided it was cautiously avoiding us.

Temagami Bigfoot!

So we continued working the plot. About 10 minutes later my partner finished drilling soil with the auger, and had laid down the soil sample to take notes when a huge wet boomerang- shaped chunk of rotten tree root was thrown into the canopy above us, crashed past branches, arched over toward us and landed just to the left of where I was standing. My partner stood up quickly to look around.

Startled by the incident, he said, "Of all the years in the bush We had the only paper work that could possibly compass anyone to our location. So I yelled "Ryan? Suddenly another smaller stick flew the same path as the root, again landing close by us. I still had no visual of anything as I started losing sight of my partner and then Bang. I'm standing absolutly still thinking to myself, Who would place an 8ft tall haystack here in the middle of nowhere?

It was a precarious-looking haystack. Then I realize it's not a haystack. I remember thinking to look away before you scare it or it moves. My heart and breathing lost rhythm, and shock prevented me from moving normally. I caught my breath painfully enough so I could walk back to my partner. Decisions and memory felt distorted and everything raced through my mind as I continued toward my partner. I asked myself over and over, did that just happen? When I arrived back to the work site about metres away, my partner asked. Turn right and follow the dirt road about a mile to a dirt road that leads to a communications tower and turn right.

Follow this road about a mile to a small "y" and turn left. Go down a hill and cross the creek and follow the path to the first "y". I saw the creature about 50 yards East of the clearing. I can show you on a map if you like. I am 50 yrs old, have 2 kids and 2 grandkids, have been married for over 29 yrs and have been a Toronto Police Officer for over 28 yrs. I started shooting when I was 7 yrs old, started hunting woodchucks and rabbits when I was 9 or 10 yrs old.

I did alot of fishing, canoeing, boating, camping and hiking when I was a kid. I started hunting Deer and Bear when I was about 14 or 15 and have every year since, and started hunting Moose about 14 years ago. My parents were Salvation Army Officers and were transferred all over Canada.

I have done all of the above all over Canada during my younger years and continue now in Ontario where I permanently reside in Ajax which is just 10 minutes East of Toronto. Over the years I have seen all kinds of wildlife but have never laid eyes on what I saw last week while hunting Moose. I thought I was losing my marbles and that thought was reenforced when I told my brother in law my hunting partner the story. I later told my wife over the phone my story and she was intrigued by my story.

She apparently told a coworker who found your site on the internet. When I called her to tell her I was on the way home she told me of your site and that there were several sightings in Ontario. That's when I realized that maybe I wasn't just seeing things or losing my head. When I got home I checked out your site and figure your the only people I can tell my story to that won't think I'm completly nuts. On Tuesday 14 Oct I went up an old trail to where it came to a dead end.

I got stuck on my ATV in the mud but managed to get out and turn around. I went part way back down the trail to where I found a clearing and parked on the West side where I could see about yards North and South. I stopped there at about am. I put out some Moose cow in heat urine scent on the surrounding trees and a few minutes later did a Moose Cow call on my horn. I looked at my watch which said it was am. At about am it started to rain. I didn't want to get my gun wet so I put it back in the gun boot on my ATV.

The rain helps hide my scent but at the same time makes it noisey in the bush with the water hitting the ground, leaves, trees etc. The rain noise disguised this noise until it was very close to me and because of this I wasn't ready gun still in boot. All of a sudden I heard the destinctive sound of a Bull Moose raking his rack on the brush very close. I looked to my left and saw a huge bull raking his rack about 70 yards from me.

I reached back and pulled my gun from the boot but dropped the boot cover on the top of my ATV which made a banging noise. When I turned back to where the Moose was, it took off back into the dense brush. I thought this was a bit strange because I have seen several Moose in the past that just stood there. They don't seem to be afraid of anything and just stand there. I've had them stand in front of me for several minutes before walking off into the bush in the past and couldn't understand why this one took off so fast. I stayed still for about an hour hoping he would come back.

During that time I called on my horn and heard him rake his rack on the bush twice and grunt at me as he headed off in a Southerly direction through the bush. It turns out there was a gulley just out my line of sight that he used to walk around me and disappear. I was later able to raise my brother in law on the radio who showed up and went to where I had seen the Moose. He checked the bush and found fresh tracks which showed the Moose had gone around me in this gulley which was just out of my line of vision.

He suggested that I sit near where the Mooose had come out and see if he might come back. Again I sprayed some Moose Cow in Heat urine scent on the trees around me and did a few calls on my horn. By this time it was around pm. I had decided that I would sit there for the rest of the day hoping to see the Bull come back. While there I ate my lunch, got off the ATV a few times to stretch my legs, had a few cigarettes and even had a little snooze.

During this time my back was to the gulley that the Bull had used to walk around me. At about pm I started hearing heavy thumps behind me every now and then. Every time I heard one, I would turn around but there was nothing there. I should mention that it was still raining. The sound of the rain hitting the ground or the leaves was quite loud but these thumps were much louder.

They sounded like a stone or something heavy hitting the ground, but every time I turned around, I saw nothing. At about pm I got off the ATV to stretch my legs and have a smoke. I put my gun on the front bag of the ATV to make sure I had it within reach and stood in front of the ATV facing the gulley which was to my rear prior to this. While I was having my smoke I started hearing the destinctive sounds of footsteps coming from the gulley snapping branches and leaves crunching.

I kept my eyes on the gulley while I reached for my rifle. I thought the Bull was coming back. When I looked into the gulley about 40 yards straight in front of me I saw what I thought was a man walking towards me. He was stooped over and looked like he was having trouble walking in the bush. He grabbed a tree and swung himself around and ducked or dove down behind some thick brush. The total time of this took 3 to 5 seconds and he disappeared. He looked to me as if he was dressed all in black with a black toque or a balaclava on his head.

The reason I though he was wearing a toque was his head seemed to be long at the back like a man wearing a toque. It looked like it was wearing a jacket and the front of his jacket was open half way and I could see a different color of lining showing around the neck area. It looked like it was light gray or almost blue on the chest area in the shape of a 'V'.

I couldn't really say how tall it was because his legs were behind thick brush and I could only see to about mid thigh. But I would have guessed at the time that he was anywhere from 5'8" to 6' tall. But he was about 40 yards away and it's hard to judge height or size in the bush when you're not sure of the distance. His arms seemed too long for a man but he was extremley muscular, like a body builder with the typical 'V' shape build. There was definetly no fat on him at all. I could see the different muscle groups on his upper body and arms bulging out and could see that it had a washboard stomach.

When he grabbed the tree I saw that he had hands, not paws. He swung around the tree and dove for cover as if trying to hide from me. As I said earlier, it was a dull day and was raining and he looked wet. He was covered with black or dark brown hair and it looked like the hair was stuck to him fairly closely because he was wet. What also gave me the body builder impression was that he seemed to have no neck, or he had so much muscle on his shoulders that it gave that appearance. On top of all this his shoulders were extremley broad.

There was a line of dense brush leading off to my left from where it dove into which carried on for about 30 - 40 yards. About 10 to 15 seconds after it went behind this brush, I heard a hoarse, raspy cough followed by a long, hoarse, sad sounding howl. It sounded like a wolf howl but much deeper than any wolf I've ever heard. The sound came from about 20 yards from where I first saw it dive for cover.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a man maybe lost in the bush. But my first thought was "Why isn't he wearing any orange" and "if he's lost, why doesn't he just ask for help". But the howl made me realize quickly that this was no man. The next thing going through my head was "What the hell was that? That was no Moose. It was definetly not a Wolf or a Bear. It was like nothing I had ever seen in 35 years of hunting. What it looked like to me was a Gorilla or very close to one, but it walked upright, not on all fours.

I stood there motionless for almost an hour and a half waiting to see if it would show itself again. During that time I remembered a show I saw on the Discovery channel about a month before this trip about a man and his son that were hunting in British Columbia where they saw a large animal throwing rocks at them. They took off and reported it to whoever and they later figured out it might be a Bigfoot warning them to get out of his area. I then thought about the loud heavy thumping noises behind me and realized that maybe this creature was throwing something at me. After a while it started to dawn on me that I may have just seen a Bigfoot and I started to get just a little scared.

I normally leave the bush after dark when hunting but this night I left about a half hour prior to make sure I had lots of time. I was going to go back to that area the next day looking for that Bull but I couldn't bring myself to go anywhere near that spot. That's the first time in 35 years I have ever been afraid in the bush. Since then I have wondered if this thing I saw is what scared the Bull away. Like I said earlier, I have seen many Moose in the bush and have never seen one run from me like that. Interestingly though, from where the Bull ran off to where I saw this creature was only about 50 yards.

Another thing I don't know if this means anything or not It wasn't cut or sawed, it had been broken or snapped. It looked to be about at least a year old. I found a large bone where I was sitting. It looked like it may have been a Moose leg bone which was broken or snapped, not cut.

3 HOURS of TRUE **MILITARY VETS & BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS!!** Sasquatch Dogman Encounters Episode

It looked to be about a year old. Parts of the area were logged years ago but are growing over now. Some parts are being logged as we speak. Man watching his sons canoeing also sees upright animal. The area is generally impenetratable bush with some logging in areas. The area is over run by black bears and they are common, they always run when they see a person.

The area is incredibly dense bush and in most places impenetratable due to low scrub and swamp. We were at a cottage, one of about 8 or 9 on the lake on the east side. The west side of the lake had no habitation just rock and thick bush. There are lots of critters, bears, wolves, moose and deer along with porcupines. I am fairly faimiliar with all of these animals and their noises, for the most part they are scared of humans and they bolt when they see a person. We had been at the cottage a few days perhaps 3, when whilst sitting around the kitchen table talking fishing late at night with my sons we heard a series of grunts chirps and squeals.

I thought it might have been a bear with young across the lake as the cubs often can be heard squealing and playing in this area. The noises however were much more organised than bear cubs and were coming from two different locations. The distance across the lake is perhaps yards. It was fairly obvious that the sounds were coming from two areas about 15 degrees apart. The noise of wood breaking and banging was quite loud and it was interspersed with a series of whooping grunts, best decription. We stepped out on to the deck to listen better, it was fairly obvious that one noise was getting closer to the other.

My neighbour who has lived on the lake for 40 years was out having a beer and taking the night air. His knowledge of the woods and area is way better than mine. I called him over to listen and as we all hushed and listened for a few minutes. I could tell by his head shaking that he had no idea what it was. The noises were really loud and it sounded like mayhem was breaking loose trees being smacked and banging noises shouts and whoops. Then it went quiet really quickly which was followed by a series of deep whooping noises and clicks which went on intermittently past the point I went to sleep.

The following day my lads headed out in the canoe out to where a fallen tree could be seen across the lake the day before, immediately it was obvious that the tree had gone from our perspective. I shouted to them where is the tree? They went across and then started to paddle back. I was looking at eagles overhead through the binos, when I scanned back to the lake and my lads. I drew a line on the shore behind them when I see this big black brown thing sitting on a boulder about 20 feet above the water. I thought at first it was a bear, but when a bear sits its legs just stick out in front slightly splayed.

This thing had knees and it was sitting on its haunches with its knees up near its chest, I was not sure of what I was seeing so I looked away and went back to it and could see that I was not mistaken it had knees and was covered in hair with no neck, it sat on its haunches and then slapped its hands on the rock about three times both hands at the same time.

I started waving and shouting to the kids who were about yards away and pointing and trying to keep an eye on it through the binos. I could not tell if the kids understood so I went back to looking and waving my hand and pointing, the thing just stood up and walked into the bush behind it, the thing had no neck and looked kind of straggly and matted, it did not have a bears profile it was like the back of its head sloped down to its back, it was huge on top like the chest area but it had scrawny by comparison legs, the hair on its legs was thinner and lighter.

When the kids got into dock I asked them if they saw what I was pointing at, they didn't and couldn't figure out why I was waving, I told them I seen a bear. When I asked them about where the tree had gone, they told me someone had dragged it to the beach, which in their words was weird.

Descripción de editorial

I did not and have not told them or anyone of what I saw, it's sort of embarassing and I figure they would have thought I was just kidding them. The noises that we heard the night before continued that evening, but from a point further up the lake, we did not hear them again for two nights after that, then we heard about an hour of crazy noises, similar to and I hate to say it to a monkey but with great bass or chest in it.

The sounds had weight. Moose make odd noises also bears but neither had the weight of this sound it was a BIG sound. I have heard owls make the most amazingly complex series of whoops and yells at ear splitting volumes but they don't have the weight or bass these sounds had nor the organisation in the way the sounds that we heard were vocalized. I am sure of what I saw and I can't think of any creature that would match what I saw.

It feels really weird even to be writing this, and I am sure on reflection what I have written above is the absolute truth as I remember it. All just sitting around shooting the breeze on a hot night. Folks had had a few beers but no one was intoxicated. I was drinking juice. The terrain is rocky with abrupt granite outcrops some feet high, swamp in the low areas and lakes everywhere.

Pine and balsam trees along with maple and birch grow right to the waters edge in most places except where boulders and rocky outcrops break the shore line. It was a very rainy and windy day. We came around a bend and I saw a figure approximately yards from my position to my right. At first I thought it was a bear, but the figure was too tall. Then, for a moment, I thought it was a moose. Then I realized it was neither because it was bipedal, and thought to myself "that's a person". Then I had a moment of confusion wondering what a person would be doing in the woods in this sort of weather.

Then I quickly realized that what I was seeing was not a person either. It was bulky, black creature. I was not struck so much by its height, but its width. The shoulders were very broad and it had a generally thick appearance topped by a small, knobby head. I watched it steadily walk towards the woods. About seconds later it entered the woods. As it entered, it walked up a hill and disapeared into the trees. Several things struck me. Rather than ducking under a branch, it swatted the branch over its head with its left arm.

It also never turned back in our direction to look at us and walked calmly away from us. I was very struck by the incident and afterwards was surprised that it didn't occur to me to alert my friend to what I was seeing. I asked him later if he had seen anything in the creek that day. He said no, because most of the time he had his head down, shielding his face from the wind and rain. I had enough time to see it that, when it started to run i had gotten up and targeted it as it ran! I was amazed at what i had seen and heard so, i could not shoot! I have since that day, frequented this area and found what i feel to be an unusual sheltering spot.

When the initial ordel was over, i was left with a weird feeling. One of "when, i had fallen, and this "thing" came to see if i was alright, and to my surprise seeing him that close, instictively raising my gun on him" he reacted to my movement of harm, and i could see it in his movements he was scared! It was a very quick, and very close encounter. Maybe, its not the big foot you seek! But, it was black,large, ran up right, very fast, and i still believe it's movements to be extrememly manlike! Creature observed crossing the road.

It was a dark brown or black in colour and I think about 7ft tall. I didn't stop to look for it, since it was dark. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. Under a bridge on hwy. We are Tractor Trailer Drivers and both saw a bigfoot Sept. We were crossing a bridge westbound that has solid cement rails all the way across. Cars have no way of seeing over the rails down the feet or so to the bottom. This is where we seen the big hairy creature walking south on the west bank. Well when I pointed for Margie passenger seat to see as we were going by at around mph she seen the creature going north in the same location.

The water beside the creature looked about ankle deep pouring south. The creature was on the rocky part dry. The creature was looking straight ahead south and to the side east towards the water. Walking along as we would walk to town or something. The creature was completely full of hair. I do remember seeing some flesh on the arms and elbows. The feet and ankles were massive. The ankles were as massive as the legs. The long hair looked groomed all over the body too brownish hair. Also the arms appeared to be longer than usual. That was what caused my first real attention to it.

We both seen the creature walking on the west side of the water on a sandy part. The water looked like it was ankle deep or so. Cars can't see over the cement rail but semi's can.

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I am always looking around as I go down the road, and always look in places like that. The water runs south. We entered by Buffalo, N. Y by mistake. We did not realize the company wanted us to enter from the Detroit side. We have not had the opportunity to be there again because of this. We wanted to at least get a picture of the bridge. Refer to Media Article 69 for full text of newspaper article. However, both have privately said that they saw a gray shape that scared them. A tall, hairy, and ugly eight foot sasquatch spotted after scareing dogs. Then a couple of seconds later they came back crying and wimpering.

Then in the distance I saw a hairy, tall and ugly thing. It was probably 8 feet high. I am pretty sure it was a sasquatch, so I put my dogs on their leashes and started to run away. He heard footsteps in the distance and then started to run. Couple have a strange feeling of being watched. No road access only fly in, and winter road in winter. The following day we returned to the area in daylight the area we observed it was in a grassy area near the beach , no tracks were found, but the strange feeling returned a short while later.

We have both refused to go near this area after dark it had a strange impact on us both. We had this unusaul fear come over us. Two fishermen spot a 7 foot tall brown creature from their boat. It was about 40 metres away, but we saw a 7 foot tall humanoid that looked completely brown scooping up water into its mouth with its hand. Then it looked at us and walked away. There was thick forest all around it. Witnesses see a large, black, hairy creature standing upright only 30 feet from them. Encounter: Witness and his girlfriend at the time were parked along McLeod Road, a gravel backroad that parallels the south shore of the Madawaska River.

They had left a friends place early in the morning, after a party, and had chosen to "park" for a while. The car was backed into the entrance of an old logging trail, off of the main road. The couple remembers noticing a foul stench in the air "like a sewer backed up, or rotten meat". At about or am, witness left the car leaving his drivers side door open, and walked beyond the rear of the car to urinate. He heard a small noise to his left. The creature, which the witness felt right away was a sasquatch, just stood there motionless while he finished urinating on his way back to the car.

He called to his girlfriend: " My god, look at this! Get out, get out of the car , you gotta see this! Witness said its arms swung and it was silent as it walked, upright, into the woods. I could still see it between the trees and some leaves where it stopped. Witnesses left the scene, shaken and stunned. They did not speak of it to anyone until near days end. Witness Description of the Creature: "I'm 5'11", and it was a good two feet taller than me. It was at least 3' wide. It was completely covered with long blackish brown hair, from its head right down to its toes.

The only places I noticed where there was no hair was around the eyes and the hands.

I could see that in the chest area -- there was less hair in there, like on a gorilla. It had a chest like a body builder. The hair went right down its arms almost to the ends of its fingers. On its legs the hair went right down onto its feet. It had big human looking feet. There wasn't much hair on its feet and it had blackish gray toenails -- that's how close I was! When it walked away I could see the soles of its feet. They were blackish in colour and very wide -- about 6" wide and maybe 14" or 15" long. It was more of a flat foot. The arms were maybe the same length as a mans but very muscular.

It had pretty straight sides, no curves, you know, like on a woman. It had a tall head and not too much of a neck. It had deep sunk eyes and you could see the skin in there, kinda a brownish black leathery look to it. Where we would have eyebrows it had a ridge that stuck out a fair piece. I don't remember anything specific about the mouth, but the nose - two large nostrils like a gorilla.

There was hair on the face, but you could make out where the nose area would be. You're darned right it scares ye! Lawrence type - a mature mix of white pine, spruce, and cedar; sugar maple; red oak; balsam fir; elm; ash; aspen and white birch. There are a few old log skidding roads present at site and likely elsewhere in the region too. The area would have been heavily logged over during the square timber era but it has again become a mature forest environment.

Many large conifers and hardwoods exist at site. In itself, most of the southern shore of the Madawaska river, both upstream and downstream of the site location, is steep white pine forest and rugged with virtually no development, apart from the odd waterfront cottage. There are various old pastures, fields and homestead sites interspersed among the forest. There is more forest in the site area than field. To the south and east the forest is expansive and quite mature. On the topographic map, this expansive area contains primarily forest, wetlands, creeks and a few small remote lakes.

There are only a few dirt roads and trails that enter into this area. To the north and to the west of site, beyond the Madawaska River, lies much heavy forested areas also, eventually becoming a vast wilderness called the Madawaska Highlands. Comments: Witness seemed very interested in having a lie detector test done: "…. I know what I saw and I have no quarrels about putting me on a lie detector. Then I'd finally have proof for my friends and family about what I saw. Perhaps the sasquatch had been making its way down through the forest on its way to the water, to either drink or fish, when it came upon the couple parked in the car.

The witness felt that it was curious about him. Witness said that his girlfriend did not leave the car. Witness said that he "felt like peelin' on outa there but I knew that I was seeing something incredible. That's probably why I stayed to watch it. But, if the ground had been wet or damp this may account for its silence. Based on the above description, it appears the witness had an extremely decent view of a sasquatch. He has noted many typical sasquatch features and characteristics. Upon a tree comparison at the sight with the witness, it seems the creature w as closer to 7' tall.

This report was written by Tim Yearington. One day in the fall of I saw something that I can't quite explain when I was hunting moose with a friend of mine. I have tried to rationalize what I was looking at on that day and I just can't explain it. I must also say, I have only told 4 other people on the planet this story for obvious reasons.

Only my closest friends, who know that of course I'm not crazy, and my father have heard this story and believe what I saw. We had driven into a trail that I had not been on before from a road that we hunted regularly. The main road was called Dixie Lake Rd. I don't know if the trail has a proper name or not. I doubt it as there are hundreds of side roads and trails out there. My friend had told me that he had been on this trail a few times and had spotted a big bull one day earlier that summer, and he said he also saw several birds partridge - sharp-tails and ruffled grouse when ever he rode this trail.

As I got older my friends and I hunted this road all of the time. I had been on this road many times throughout my life, but this was the first time I had ever ventured on this particular side trail. We were about 2 km up the trail from the main road when my friend slowed his bike 4-wheeler,ATV, or quad down. I pulled along side of him and he said this was the area that he saw the bull a couple of months prior. I told him I was going to stop and have a snack on this straight stretch of trail I had packed a lunch that was in my back-pack.

He said he was going to ride on ahead to the end of the trail which he said was only about another kilometer or so further and scout the area and look for any signs of moose. He rode ahead and I pulled to the side of the trail and turned off my bike and took off my helmet. I opened my pack and grabbed a sandwich and a pop and started snacking. My friend rode off ahead toward the end of the trail. He was still close enough that I could hear his bike revving in the distance. I could see about m up the trail and about m back down the trail from where we came in.

In the Land of Missing Persons

I suddenly heard some noise up ahead about m to the right of the trail. This was right where my friend had just ridden past not more that 2 minutes prior. The sound was brush moving and I could even make out what sounded to me like the thud of footsteps over the sound of my friend's bike in the distance. At this time I stood up, put my sandwich down on the seat of my bike, and started retrieving my All the time I was keeping an eye on the area I was hearing the noise from.

I had my gun's case open and I was just about to pick up my rifle when for no real reason I just kind of froze and waited and watched. I fully expected to see a moose or a bear come out of the bush on the side of the road. I knew by the commotion that it was going to be a fair sized animal. I remember thinking to myself "just wait to see what it is before you pick up your gun". Suddenly the noises stopped completely and about 5 seconds later I saw it.

Initially I thought what I was seeing was another hunter. That feeling soon went away. It was definitely human-looking, but not quite. I'll always remember my initial reaction. I instantly said to myself "this jack-ass is going to get himself blown away walking through the woods dressed in black like that".

Within about 2 seconds I realized I could not possibly be looking at a man. Whatever this was took a couple of steps out from the bush on to my right onto the main trail, stopped, and looked away from me towards the area my friend had just ridden to. All I remember seeing was a massive back, very muscular arms, a little point of a head from behind and wispy black hair swaying in the breeze off of the arms.

I knew for sure at this point I was not looking at a bear on its hind legs, nor was it a moose, or a man. It then turned in my direction and looked right at me. It almost looked surprised to see me. I remember feeling a "chill" for lack of a better word coming over me and really realizing that what I was seeing was absolutely extraordinary. Amazingly enough I still did not have my gun in my hands, the case was open and it was just sitting there on the back of my bike. I was in absolute awe at what I was looking at.

The creature kind of sniffed then cocked its head back, gave a couple of more sniffs and then sort of a grunt. It then calmly turned in the direction it was originally going and stepped down into the ditch, then across the little blueberry meadow and into the thick bush, all the time walking on 2 legs making no noise whatsoever. I remember trying to rationalize what I was seeing, saying to myself "This has got to be some crazy old Indian who is like homeless or something living in the bush".

But nothing I could say to myself or was making sense. For starters it was at least 7 feet tall. It was covered in fine wispy black or dark brown hair 2 to 3 inches long except for its face and palms. It was muscle on muscle. I had never seen anything so powerful looking. It looked like a football player in full equipment but it didn't have that v-shape to its torso, more square and "blocky" looking. It was at the very least lbs but I would not be surprised if it weighed as much as lbs. It was at least as heavy as the biggest black bear I have seen.

I wasn't a small kid either 6ft lbs and this thing would make me look like a dwarf. Only after it left the area is when I got this kind of scared feeling like I don't believe whatever this thing was is completely gone. It wasn't really a rational feeling as the animal I saw made no threatening movements or anything, and I had a I then picked up my gun and started walking very cautiously up the trail towards where I saw it go into the bush never taking my eyes off of that spot.

I got up to the area and just stood in the middle of the trail staring at the point where I last saw it and waited for my friend to return. Finally after about 4 or 5 minutes I heard his bike getting louder closer. He crested the hill about m from me and drove towards me. He stopped about 5 feet away from me and immediately asked me what was wrong and what did I see. He later told me he thought I had seen or shot at a moose.

I asked him if he had seen anything weird in the last few minutes. He told me no not at all. I then said I thought I saw some crazy old homeless guy. I said it kind of nervously laughing. We both kind of chuckled about it but then he asked me if I was serious. I told him yes and proceeded to tell him exactly what I saw only after swearing him to secrecy.

He was a good friend and I knew not only could I trust him, but he would probably believe me. We both agreed what I saw could not have been a naked guy running through the forest at that time of year. It was late October and the temperature was around 0C-5C. Anyone without clothes on would probably be frozen to death in a matter of hours. What struck me as odd though is the way this creature's hair was. It was wispy and not really thick or warm looking like that of a bear or moose. You could see patches of skin through the hair. It certainly didn't look like it was adequate protection against the severely cold winters that we get up there.

I just have a hard time believing that whatever I saw could survive those extreme temps. And also the fact that we were miles from any town or campground, and there was no other vehicles on the road or on any of the trails. We got to Dixie Lake Rd at about am parked the truck about 20kms in and got the bikes out of the back of the truck and started riding soon after. This incident happened at about am and we know for a fact that we were the only ones up there that morning.

Even when we left for the day right after this incident there were no other vehicles parked there or driving in. After discussing several scenarios and trying to figure out what was going on, my friend then shut off his bike and got off of it and we decided look for signs or tracks. There was a light dusting of snow on the cold ground, not even a half centimeter and it was mostly blowing around and not sticking to the surface of the ground.

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