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That same year, the Pentagon started a program called Project Maven, intended to employ commercially available AI techniques on US missions.

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Its initial project used machine learning to flag objects in drone surveillance video, with help from AI-savvy startups and large companies— including Google. Other nations, too, are exploring military uses of AI. The growing military interest in AI unsettles some technologists who are advancing the underlying technology.

Sandholm believes concerns about US military use of AI are overblown.

The technology is important to help the Pentagon keep the US safe and improve operational efficiency, he says. A computer program developed by Tuomas Sandholm and Noam Brown, center, defeated four professional poker players during a match. Related Video. Artificial Intelligence bots Pentagon. View Comments.

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Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. AI Ethics.

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Here's Why. The U. The Pentagon is a huge agency with multiple branches of the military, costly weapons systems, large personnel needs, numerous military bases of various sizes at home and abroad and troops deployed in far-flung locales.

Atyrau, western Kazakhstan

Shanahan said areas the Pentagon must improve upon based on the audit results include compliance with cybersecurity policies and improving inventory accuracy. In a briefing with reporters, he did not provide a figure detailing how much money was unaccounted for in the audit. It was unclear what consequences there would be after the audit, but Shanahan said the focus would be on fixing the issues.

A federal law mandated that U. Defense officials and outside experts have said it may be years before the Pentagon is able to fix its accounting gaps and errors and pass an audit.