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Trivia One of Sir Winston Churchill 's hobbies was writing for movies as ghost writer. He wrote two of Nelson's speeches, as propaganda pieces against Germany, which was invading Europe at the time the movie was filmed and released. Also, the ensign would have had a different flag in the canton as the cross of St Patrick was not added to the Union flag until Quotes Emma : I don't care how dull it is.

I want to know. Sir William Hamilton : Well, here's England. Emma : Such a tiny little bit.

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Where are we? Sir William Hamilton : Here at Naples. Emma : But why should England fight? Sir William Hamilton : Well because, all through these centuries, she has built up a commonwealth in which every little spot has its purpose and value to the balance line of life.

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And there are always men, who for the sake of their insane ambition, want to destroy what other people build. And therefore this 'tiny little bit', as you call it Emma, has to send out its Add the first question. User Reviews Vivien Leigh is wonderful! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

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Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Emma Lady Hamilton. Emma planned, paid for and hosted the wedding of Nelson's niece Kitty Bolton daughter of Susanna and her cousin Captain Sir William Bolton Nelson's sister Susanna's husband's brother's son at 23 Piccadilly on 18 May , [17] the same day as Nelson's early morning departure to fight in the Napoleonic Wars , leaving Emma pregnant with their second child although neither knew it at this time.

She was desperately lonely, preoccupied with attempting to turn Merton Place into the grand home Nelson desired, [3] suffering from several ailments and frantic for his return. The child, a girl reportedly named Emma , died about 6 weeks after her birth in early , [18] and Horatia also fell ill at her home with Mrs Gibson on Titchfield Street. Emma kept the infant's death a secret from the press her burial is unrecorded , kept her deep grief from Nelson's family and found it increasingly difficult to cope alone.

She reportedly distracted herself by gambling, and succumbed to binges of heavy drinking and eating and spending lavishly. Emma received several marriage proposals during , all wealthy men, but she was still in love with Nelson and believed that he would become wealthy with prize money and leave her rich in his will, and she refused them all. She continued to entertain and help Nelson's relatives, especially William and Sarah's "obstreperous son Horace" and their daughter Charlotte, who was referred to as Emma's "foster daughter" in a letter. Nelson urged her to keep Horatia at Merton, and when his return seemed imminent in , Emma ran up bills on furnishing and decorating Merton.

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Five-year-old Horatia came to live at Merton in May There were also reports that she holidayed with Emma Carew. After a brief visit to England in August , Nelson once again had to return to service. Emma received letters from him on 1, 7 and 13 October. On the ship, he wrote a note intended as a codicil to his will requesting that, in return to his legacy to King and Country that they should give Emma "ample provision to maintain her rank in life", and that his "adopted daughter, Horatia Nelson Thompson Nelson was seriously wounded during the battle and died three hours later.

When the news of his death arrived in London, a messenger was sent to Merton Place to bring the news to Lady Hamilton. She later recalled,. They brought me word, Mr Whitby from the Admiralty.

Emma, Lady Hamilton dies in Calais | History Today

He came in, and with a pale countenance and faint voice, said, 'We have gained a great Victory. I believe I gave a scream and fell back, and for ten hours I could neither speak nor shed a tear. Emma lay in bed prostrate with grief for many weeks, often receiving visitors in tears. It was some weeks before she heard that Nelson's last words were of her and that he had begged the nation to take care of her and Horatia. After William and Sarah distanced themselves from her William being elated upon hearing that Nelson had not changed his will , she relied on Nelson's sisters Kitty Matcham and Susanna Bolton for moral support and company.

Like her, the Boltons and Matchams had spent lavishly in expectation of Nelson's victorious return, and Emma gave them and other of his friends and relations money. Nelson's will was read in November; William inherited his entire estate including Bronte except for Merton, as well as his bank accounts and possessions.

The government had made William an Earl and his son Horatio aka Horace a Viscount - the titles Nelson had aspired to - and now he was also Duke of Bronte. Only the men of the Bolton and Matcham family were invited, and Emma spent the day with her family and the women. She gave both families dinner and breakfast and accommodated the Boltons, and probably received William and Horace.

After the funeral, the begging letters began. William would not help, so everybody turned to Emma. She spent to keeping up the act, continuing to spend on parties and alterations to Merton to make it a monument to Nelson.

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Goods that Nelson had ordered arrived and had to be paid for. She moved from Clarges Street to a cheaper home at Bond Street, but could not bring herself to relinquish Merton. Her brother, William, blackmailed her into giving him money, and Mrs Cadogan's sister's family, the Connors, were also expecting handouts.

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Emma hosted and employed James Harrison for 6 months to write a two-volume Life of Nelson , which made it clear that Horatia was his child. Still her company was sought after in society, and she continued to entertain at Merton, including the Prince of Wales and the Dukes of Sussex and Clarence, but no favours were returned by the royals.

In June , Merton failed to sell at auction. It was eventually sold in April However, her lavish spending continued, and a combination of this and the steady depletion of funds due to people fleecing her meant that she remained in debt, although unbeknownst to most people. Her mother, Mrs Cadogan, died in January In early she petitioned the Prince of Wales, the government and friends, but all of her requests failed and she was obliged to auction off many of her possessions, including many Nelson relics, at low prices.

However she continued to borrow money at extortionate interest rates in order to keep up the show and in entertaining possible patrons at huge dinners. Public opinion turned against her and Nelson to some extent after the Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton were published in book form in April Initially taking apartments at the expensive Dessein's Hotel, she initially kept up a social life and fine dining by relying on creditors.

Her old housekeeper, Dame Francis, came to run the household and hired other servants. But soon she was deeply in debt and suffering from longstanding health problems, including stomach pains, nausea and diarrhoea. She turned to the Roman Catholic church and joined the St Pierre congregation. She died on 15 January , aged 49, of amoebic dysentery — an illness she probably contracted during her years in Naples Sir William Hamilton had also suffered from amoebic dysentery — and consequent organ failure.

Emma was buried in Calais [3] on 21 January in public ground outside the town, with her faithful friend Joshua Smith paying for the modest funeral at the Catholic church. It was reported that "all the English gentlemen in Calais attended". Her grave was subsequently lost due to wartime destruction, but in a group of supporters erected a plaque in her honour in the Parc Richelieu.

Henry Cadogan cared for the year-old Horatia in the aftermath of Emma's death and paid for her travel to Dover. The Matchams took her in to care for their younger children, until she was sent off to live with the Boltons two years later, Susanna having died in Philip Ward, had ten children the first of whom was named Horatio Nelson and lived until Horatia never publicly acknowledged that she was the daughter of Emma Hamilton.

Jason M. Kelly sums up her life thus at the end of his essay on Emma's education in Naples: "In a world of aristocratic privilege and powerful men, her common birth and gender ultimately circumscribed her options". Emma Hamilton is generally known by the courtesy title of "Lady Hamilton", to which she was entitled from as the wife and then widow of Sir William Hamilton, but in , she became "Dame Emma Hamilton", a title she held in her own right as a female member of the Order of Malta. This was an unusual and possibly unique honour, [23] [24] which was awarded to Lady Hamilton by the then Grand Master of the Order, Tsar Paul , in recognition of her role in the defence of the island of Malta against the French.

Subsequently, she used her new title in formal circumstances, [27] [23] and was also acknowledged as "Dame Emma Hamilton" in official British contexts; [28] most notably, this was the title under which she was formally granted her own coat of arms by the English College of Arms in , Per pale Or and Argent, three Lions rampant Gules, on a chief Sable, a Cross of eight points of the second. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Australian actress, see Emma Hamilton actress. For the actress and author, see Emma Walton Hamilton. For other uses, see Lady Hamilton disambiguation. Neston , Cheshire , England. Calais , France. Emma as a Sibyl by George Romney, circa Historic UK. Retrieved 28 March The Nelson Society. Retrieved 29 March History Today. BBC Audiobooks Ltd by arr. Behold the painful plough. Article Highlights The social media fast was a chance to sustain a prophet by following his counsel. One woman received greater peace, answers, and inspiration. Another woman found she had more time to spend on better things.

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