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Hugo was hardly the first to call attention to the wanton destruction of archeological monuments in France. While medieval artifacts and treasures were preserved, many of the structures of the Middle Ages that dotted the French countryside were left to languish. Although the defeat of Napoleon and the Bourbon Restoration ended much of the iconoclastic zeal of the French Revolution, it also muted many of the voices who had called for preservation.

Littérature et philosophie mêlées

Instead, Nodier and Taylor depicted abandoned churches, ruined abbeys, former manor houses, and the like as the romantic and poetic ruins of a distant past. Leon Tolstoi. Melissa Smith. Nouvelles Histoires Extraordinaires, short stories by Poe translated to French by the poet Baudelaire in the original French. Edgar Allan Poe.

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Au bonheur des dames. Emile Zola. Kasilmirski Mobi Spirtual. L'art de la Guerre. Sun Tzu. Something Said the Lord Christ. Simon Abram. La Curee.

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Musashi Miyamoto. Du Cote De Chez Swann. Marcel Proust. Octave Mirbeau. Albert Petit. Charles Perrault.

Michel Onfray - Une contre-histoire de la littérature Volume 1

Le Docteur Pascal. The Earth. George Sand. Elme Caro. Emile COUE. Souvenirs de la maison des morts French Edition. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Le Ventre de Paris. Patrick Huet. Contes A Ninon. Actes et Paroles, in the original French, all four volumes in a single. Victor Hugo. Histoires extraordinaires. Eugenie Grandet. Honore de Balzac. Joseph Taylor. Le Ciel et l Enfer. Allan Kardec. Les trois villes Paris, Lourdes, Rome. Nouvelles histoires extraordinaires. Olivier Manitara. Consuelo, in the original French, all three volumes in a single file.

Le Comte Joseph de Maistre. Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve. Friedrich Nietzsche. Les misrables Tome I. Paul Barron Watson. Today, Hugo's work continues to stimulate musicians to create new compositions. When Hugo returned to Paris in , the country hailed him as a national hero. Despite his popularity Hugo lost his bid for reelection to the National Assembly in His faithful mistress, Juliette Drouet , died in , only two years before his own death.

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Despite his personal loss, Hugo remained committed to the cause of political change. On 30 January Hugo was elected to the newly created Senate. The last phase of his political career is considered a failure. Hugo took on the role of a maverick and got little done in the Senate. In February Hugo celebrated his 79th birthday. To honor the fact that he was entering his eightieth year, one of the greatest tributes to a living writer was held. On the 27th one of the largest parades in French history was held. The paraders marched for six hours to pass Hugo as he sat in the window at his house.

Note: a parade in could not allude to a song that wasn't written until some years later. Victor Hugo's death on 22 May , at the age of 83, generated intense national mourning. He was not only revered as a towering figure in literature, he was a statesman who shaped the Third Republic and democracy in France. Most large French towns and cities have a street named for him. The avenue where he died, in Paris, now bears his name. Victor Hugo was a prolific visual artist, producing more than 4, drawings in his lifetime. Originally pursued as a casual hobby, drawing became more important to Hugo shortly before his exile, when he made the decision to stop writing in order to devote himself to politics.

Drawing became his exclusive creative outlet during the period — Hugo worked only on paper, and on a small scale; usually in dark brown or black pen-and-ink wash, sometimes with touches of white, and rarely with color. The surviving drawings are surprisingly accomplished and "modern" in their style and execution, foreshadowing the experimental techniques of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.

Litterature Et Philosophie Melees : Paris (Classic Reprint)

He would not hesitate to use his children's stencils, ink blots, puddles and stains, lace impressions, "pliage" or folding i. Rorschach blots , "grattage" or rubbing, often using the charcoal from match sticks or his fingers instead of pen or brush. Sometimes he would even toss in coffee or soot to get the effects he wanted. Hugo kept his artwork out of the public eye, fearing it would overshadow his literary work. However, he enjoyed sharing his drawings with his family and friends, often in the form of ornately handmade calling cards, many of which were given as gifts to visitors when he was in political exile.

Some of his work was shown to, and appreciated by, contemporary artists such as Van Gogh and Delacroix ; the latter expressed the opinion that if Hugo had decided to become a painter instead of a writer, he would have outshone the artists of their century. The people of Guernsey erected a statue in Candie Gardens St. Peter Port to commemorate his stay in the islands. The house where he stayed in Vianden , Luxembourg, in has also become a commemorative museum. Hugo is venerated as a saint in the Vietnamese religion of Cao Dai.

A number of streets and avenues throughout France are likewise named after him. In Havana , Cuba there is a park named after him. Medieval 16th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century Contemporary. Poems of Victor Hugo. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Victor Hugo-Setting Sun.

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Victor Hugo-Bridge. Victor Hugo-Octopus.

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