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The great advantage is that I don't have to worry about the printing and distribution of the books. I have sold numerous additional copies of my book. This package is a great success! Once again thanks for your support and your belief in your writers! We don't have to stock any books, which is a financial advantage.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

We have positive experiences with the customer-friendliness of Create My Books. The quality-price ratio is good. Ordering a book online is user-friendly. Actually, I sincerely recommend Create My Books to people who consider getting their book published: proper arrangements are made and you deliver quality work! And now that the books are ready, the appreciation of your work feels good. The way of publishing is "publish-friendly.

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I promote my books myself by talking to people and by maintaining contact with the local press. A test sample, a limited edition, Everything was done quickly and correctly.


We very much appreciated a very friendly and helpful collaboration. In short: a great concept. Please relay my best compliments to your printer.

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My mother loves her present! I can't wait to order from you again. The books are beautifully packed and we even got bookmarks! Once again, thank you.

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Now I am going to start on my Mum's story! Always had a dream of making your own book? Self-publish your own book, try it out now! You also want to give it a try? How does it work. Book prices.

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Additionally, with KDP Select you only get to pick 5 days every 3 months where you book is free as Indies Unlimited points out. The logistics of this can prove troublesome if you are trying to run a BookBub promotion when your book is free and BookBub decides to surprise you with the date when they send out a blast email featuring your book. The way Amazon makes an eBook free on the Kindle store is by using its secret algorithms to find a lower price elsewhere in the eBook marketplace.

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So you run into a chicken or the egg conundrum where you have to publish your book elsewhere for free in order to be free at Amazon. There are a few vendors and aggregators that allow you to price your book for free. These include:. When you publish your eBook at these sites, you should set your eBook to free. Below is an example:.

Eventually, and this can take days or even weeks, Amazon will discount the price of your eBook to free with their secret algorithm. Supposedly, Amazon can make the book not free whenever they choose, but this seems to be an exception rather than a commonplace occurrence.

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However, with Google Play, the permafree is practically guaranteed to work. Unfortunately, Google Play has an extremely clunky and confusing user interface, along with a totally bizarre file naming convention.