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When you finish sightseeing, you can relax or enjoy the nightlife in Istanbul.

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Chianti Bar is a cafe by day and a bar by night. This gay-friendly bar has a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. It gets busy by early evenings, but that just makes it one of the best places to meet new people. Tekyon Club is the biggest gay club in Istanbul. It gets crazily crowded on weekends, but then you go to clubs to have fun, right?

Top 10 Things to Do: Istanbul, Turkey

In short, Tekyon Club is wild. This place has been transformed into a cultural center where only women are allowed to enter. Doors open around 10pm, and then the night really starts. Gay friendly places to stay in Istanbul Every city has its different areas, and some of areas of Istanbul are more suited as gay travel destinations than others.

Gay and lesbian nightlife in Istanbul Turkey is packed with beautiful landscapes and cities full of history. Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! There were hundreds of choices with something for everyone. It took about ten minutes just to go through the list of options. I was nearly tempted by their not one, but four Star Trek movies!

Top Tours in Istanbul, Turkey

I decided in the end to keep my freak flag packed up in my bag for this flight. Plus, I wanted to watch something new! This particular amenity kit was Bentley branded, and designed specifically for Turkish Airlines. All of it was and still is quite useful, with the exception of the shoehorn.

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Overall, I liked the products in the kid. The one complaint, which came from Breada, was the body lotion had a more manly smell to it. I have to say I agree. Some airlines have gender specific kits, which overall I think is a better alternative. Shortly after take off, the chef came around to talk to each passenger about the dinner selections for the evening.

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As ridiculous as it sounds, this was the part of the flight I was looking forward to most. I mean, where else can you find a chef working on a commercial flight? He went over the menu with us and answered any questions we had, as well as offered wine pairings with each course. I decided to go with his recommendation of the Turkish beef dish, the name of which is escaping me right now. Breada chose a rigatoni dish, because finding good pasta has been almost as difficult as finding a good steak.

He also took our breakfast selections at that time, which would be served just before landing. I love the little glass bottles of olive oil they give along with the tiny bowl of seasoning to dunk your bread in. This clearly falls in the latter. Throwback to little bottles of olive oil and being fancy. The mezze cart came through shortly after with a selection of options to choose from. Breada had the traditional Turkish mezze, which consisted of hummus, tomato with tabouli, and chicken with sliced avocado.

My selection, which was all seafood, was good but hers looked amazing. Let the feasting begin! Along with the mezze came a zucchini soup, which was really nice. Throughout the meal, one of the flight attendants kept coming around with a selection of assorted breads. The bread was delicious, but one piece was enough for me. I swear she came around at least five or six times.

This was a perfectly fine alternative though. The sauce had a nice kick to it, which was what sold me in the first place. Read our Privacy Policy. So………………………… I became the Golden Oldie traveller.

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