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These spooky sweets are sure to get you in the spirit. All of the cake pops were hand-shaped and use the following sweet supplies:. Squeeze bottles for candy coating Candy writers toothpicks helpful in applying small amounts of coating to act as the glue plastic bowls. Half of them were red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting inside and the other half were pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting.

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The pumpkin was okay, but I liked the red velvet taste better. Maybe I should just do a book for you guys… then I could have all my how-tos in one place. Now, without further ado, here are my Halloween Cupcake Pops:. Mouthless mummies. Werewolves you can sink your teeth into. These might just be my faves! Frankensteins that I forgot to add the bolts onto. Scary Skulls. Black Cats. Eat them if they cross your path this Halloween!

Which witch? Smiling or angry? One-eyed purple people eaters! Black licorice leg spiders. Absolutely Adorable! I have finally gotten up the nerve to try to make these. Wish me luck! I love the witch! I love Halloween and I am so going to make these!!! Thank thank you so much. Oh my goodness!

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  7. I love them! I was so excited to make orange and brown cupcake pops for Halloween, but now those seems so boring after seeing you cute and oh-so-creative ones! These are just too cute! You are my inspiration to do fun treats for Halloween. I would love for you to do a book — I always get the urge to make goodies once I check out your blog. The one with the chocolate chip cookie pie? I made it the next day…. These are soooooo fun!

    I look forward to seeing your new creations. They are all fantastic.

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    5. I cracked up when I saw your movie horror guys. LOVE the halloween theme! I might make these for my daughters halloween party at school! What did you use for the tops of the pumpkins to make them green? Is that the top of the lollipop stick pushed through and colored or dipped in Chocolate, or something else added.


      You should make a book with all your neat ideas and recipes!!! Wow the attention to detail is amazing! I actually dressed up as a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater when I was about 9 years old. Please make a book! I am going to try the Halloween cake pops later this week…. I almost wished we celebrate Halloween in Australia. I would love to do these, not sure if I can find the materials here in Hungary, but I am going to go look!

      I have tried making your cakepops twice before and I can never get the chocolate coating right. Also it looks nothing like a cupcake. These are so cute! These are absolutely Spooky-Cute!!! Happy Halloween. I was going to say Frankenstein was my favorite, then as I kept scrolling to see each one, they are all too cute to pick a favorite. Love the witches and their chocolate hats.


      Such talent! I love that each one is unique, too. As always, you did an impeccable job! How do you keep your chocolate from pooling at the bottom? It is so smooth! You have to be the most patient person on earth. Those were bootiful! The one-eyed purple people eaters I could possible tackle, just too clever.

      I think these are my favorites yet!! I love all the different designs! If you write a book I will be the first to pre-order it! Those are awesome. I would definitely buy your book. I have a question for you. I want to make these for a Halloween party I will be having for my kids. Can you only use red velvet cake and cream cheese icing? Very cute…. Did you use the Make n Mold melts or the Merckens melts? BTW Tamara — it could be the brand of melts you are using.

      I have been waiting to buy supplies until you posted them. Thanks for doing so a few weeks in advance of Halloween. These cake pops are fantastic! They are so adorable! Too cute and perfect for any Halloween event! But visitiing your site always bring a smile to my face. OMG those are adorable!!! I can just imagine how amazing a Halloween party at your house would be :. I love all the pops.

      I wish I could rent you to make pops for me!! LOL — my fave is Jason. You should SO do a book. It would sell like crazy. You should do a book — even if you only use the online blog content from old postings!

      Can the Guardian survive? |

      Those are simply too cute! These are just the coolest. I would love to give them something like this!!! You never fail to amaze! I love the werewolves, too! So fun! I did some ghosts Saturday with the stick out the top and they were cute. I love your fun ideas! So many to choose from! Luv the mummies.. I have even have people offer to pay me and make them for their party!!! I havent committed to it; I do have a full time job outside the home too!

      I now have to bring them to every party-by request.