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The story is certainly dramatic - but is it just fiction? There's no agreement among archaeologists, scientists and Biblical scholars that Sodom, and its sister town Gomorrah, existed at all - let alone that it came to a sudden and apocalyptic end. However, one man is convinced that Sodom and Gomorrah not only existed, but were also destroyed by a terrible natural apocalypse matching the description in the Book of Genesis. Graham Harris is a retired geologist with a passion for solving ancient riddles - and the clues to this one, he says, are in the Bible itself.

Harris spent a decade working in the area. He became convinced the conditions there were right for a huge earthquake that would trigger a massive landslide. So complete would be the destruction, the event would pass into folklore. Could science prove that Harris's scenario might have happened? They travelled to the Middle East to pursue their research, and their findings there enabled Dr Gopal Madabhushi, at the Cambridge University Centrifuge Laboratory back in England, to build an accurate scaled-down model of the buildings in Sodom, and the ground on which they stood.

Dr Madabhushi then subjected the model to a simulated earthquake - and his data provided the ultimate proof on whether whole towns could have been destroyed. The whole area around the Dead Sea is now parched and barren, and the image of thriving towns is incongruous. But there was one point in the history of the region when a wetter climate meant the entire area could well have thrived - in the early Bronze Age, between BC and BC. Tubb excavated a site called Tell es-Sa'idiyeh, north of the Dead Sea.

He found evidence of an early olive oil factory, showing how sophisticated life had become, even in these ancient times. Tubb believes the early Bronze Age was the only time that towns matching the descriptions of Sodom and Gomorrah could have existed at all. So were there big earthquakes in the early Bronze Age? According to American forensic anthropologist Professor Mike Finnegan, the answer is yes.

He has examined the skeletons of three men discovered at the early Bronze Age site of Numeira near the Dead Sea. From the way their bones were broken, he concluded that they were crushed to death - possibly because an earthquake brought down a stone tower on top of them. Carbon dating put the date of the tower's beams at BC - the early Bronze Age.

To establish the magnitude of any earthquakes that may have occurred in the area, Professor Lynne Frostick consulted the Israeli geologist Shmuel Marco. Tubb believes the early Bronze Age is the only time that towns matching the description of Sodom and Gomorrah could have existed.

Marco showed her a rock face containing layers of chalk and rock. In one place, there was a huge fault line caused by an ancient earthquake. By measuring how far an individual layer slipped, Marco could measure the size of the earthquake.

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The slippage was one metre and 75cm - meaning an earthquake measuring at least a six, on the Richter scale. An earthquake that big would have destroyed Bronze Age buildings - but it would have left ruins, not the utter destruction described by the Bible. For Harris's idea to be plausible, the earthquake would have had to trigger a landslide. This is possible when there is loosely packed ground that contains lots of water.

Shaken up by an earthquake, the water can rush to the surface, and the ground can turn to water - a phenomenon called liquefaction. On a slope, this can become a landslide.

Genesis 19 NIV - Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed - The two - Bible Gateway

Professor Frostick believed the ground around the Dead Sea was capable of liquefying. However, the towns had to be built on ground that contained lots of water, so they must have been right on the water's edge.

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For Harris's theory to stand up, he needed to explain why towns like Sodom might have been built at the water's edge. He believes the answer is that some towns might have needed to be built as close as possible to a source of asphalt, a naturally occurring substance that was invaluable in ancient times. The Egyptians used asphalt to embalm their dead: their word moumiah, 'mummy' to us, means asphalt. According to organic chemist Arie Niessenbaum, pure blocks of asphalt can be formed on the Dead Sea floor, and these can then float to the surface.

This Dead Sea floating asphalt has been chemically fingerprinted and matched to asphalt contained in early Bronze Age artefacts found in Egypt. That means there was an early Bronze Age trade in asphalt from the Dead Sea to Egypt - and settlements may have existed where people collected it. Soo the way i understand these comments is. Why is no evidence being displayed to disprove the bible?

Where Is Sodom?

If it is not an accurate account then why is there no opposing evidence? Though it is written: "do not cast pearls before swine", I pray Father that your Spirit would move this man's heart to see the truth, even if his sight be suspended. Just as with the Apostle Paul so let it be also with this man. As Your great Love for him is no less than it is for myself I ask for Your mercy and grace to be poured out upon him just as It was apportioned to me in my ignorance and pride.

I ask that his repentance and redemption, be in accord with Your Will and to Your Glory. In Jesus name, Amen. Actually I am not making anyfallacy at all. The criteria is that since we know that your believe in a God stems from the bible and this dude Yaweh which is your God and of the Jews is based on Sun God mythology and mythological beings are only figments of man's imagination therefor God does not exist at least not the God you believe in. Religion is about a God concept based on mythology and man has put many properties in this concept God idea properties which man himself has and even made up supernatural properties.

If you read the babble you would even know that Yaweh is not even the ''real '' god in that pantheon but what would you know. You are brainwashed into that believe of yours do not blame me for that mistake it is your problem and the ignorance of religious people as a body became, well was always a problem for the world at the start!

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Why don't you first do a study in origin of your believe and the myths it came from before believe anything of that stuff or yours? T psychopathic loser and mass murderer - Jesus fucking christ you have to prove the existence of all those biblical characters as being real and historical for the burden of proof is on YOU not me I only do counterclaims and those claims come from study and research from others before me. No I do not even try hard for that is easy to dismiss the existence of a God that is! You try hard to claim he does exist! So ones again you made fallacy's!

Study fallacy's please? I am many steps ahead of you in study and knowledge so study harder please to catch up! Stalin lifted himself up from his bed and shook his fist towards heaven before he died''. That is not proof of anything let alone proof of Hell , heaven let alone the existence of a God!

So you made another argument of ignorance! Does not proof a thing! Argument of ignorance! Argument dismissed as bullshit! Try again smarty pants! There is no evidence for a historical Jesus as mentioned in the gospels and we know that that character is based on sun god astrotheology! Do some study in origin of those stories and themes please for you have not any clue what you are talking about! So and secondly I give a damn about what a historian said years ago!

Is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah about homosexuality?

There is no Jesus and proof is not delivered as of today so you will be the first to prove it! There is no relationship to that Him there is no Him at all. Do some study stupid ignorant fallacy making uneducated foolish christian! Science is limited to the study of the natural material world and cannot be used to determine whether God exist or not. So what would your criteria be for determining whether God exist or not? Also you stated that you studied the origins of the Bible and religion, but it seems that your sources might have been decidedly anti God from the start, maybe you should opt for better and more reliable sources.

Your position and opposition to God is not new, many people through history took the same position, you need to understand that your fight is not against people, but against God who you are trying so hard to proof that He does not exist. Voltaire renounced God yet on his death bed his dying words were Hell, hell, hell.. Stalin lifted himself up from his bed and shook his fist towards heaven before he died and Emperor Flavius Julian conceded: You have conquered O Galilean a reference to Jesus Christ on his death bed.

Lewis stated that there are only two types of people in this world. Those who say: Your will be done, and those who say: Your will be done. The reality is that if Jesus Christ is not Who He said He was and did not do what He did then we have absolutely nothing to fear. However if He was Who He said He is and did what He has done, eternity lies in the balance and nothing is more important than our relationship to Him. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

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Sodom and Gomorrah (a visual tour of the infamous biblical cities)

James Robberts wrote on 4 January, - Permalink. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. Analysis of archaeological sites north of the Dead Sea demonstrate that a meteor explosion in the skies 3, years ago instantly obliterated a civilization and destroyed once fertile farmland in The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of greatest mass destructions caused by God.

The question remains, is it a true story or not? Biblical Archaeologists believe that it is a true story, It is one of the largest catastrophes mentioned in the Bible, and one that—though still in dispute between archaeologists—has possibly been verified as true. It is the destruction of Sodom and