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I believe this is why I find myself no longer typing my intimate thoughts on a public blog. It is because, now, I'm sharing my even more intimate thoughts in a private office. Just me and the counselor. And lots of processing. I came in to deal with unresolved feelings. Feelings about what it means to continue to battle Cystic Fibrosis for the rest of Bennett's life But like counseling has always been for me, it is a process of learning about parts of myself I didn't even know existed. And in that, I am grieving what Cystic Fibrosis has taken, does take and will take in the future.

Therapy is a good process. A very painful one. But a good one. And I'm thankful for the amazing therapist I have who leads me on this journey.

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But I find sharing this journey is hard. Words don't come as readily as I like. Or at least, when they do, they don't always make sense. The feelings I am dealing with now are the deeper ones, the ones that are fragmented and confusing. They are the ones that I didn't even know were there, much less understand.

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But they are the ones that will eventually damage me if I don't address them. I think that once I make sense of them and make peace with them, I will want to write about them. I love writing. It is a way to give my thoughts a home. But for now, I like the safety I feel each week sitting across from a very kind and empathic listener as I nestle myself into the armrest of that white Ikea couch.

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For now, my home for these thoughts are in a counselor's office. And that feels good to me. The best thing about grief is once it has been dealt with, it makes room for joy. I think once joy fills up this space again, the words will come once more. Share on Facebook. Pin on Pinterest.

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Messy Eater. Sometimes I get confused and give him lean turkey, fruit or fat-free foods but I have to remember that while those foods are good and he needs experience eating them, ultimately, what is most important for Bennett is getting in enough calories in the day.

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Fortunately, Bennett gets enough protein and vitamins through his formula so what he needs is the fat and calories to keep his body healthy. It's so backwards and weird to remember as a mother! Labels: Baylor Feeding Clinic , feeding issues , g-tube. Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis Appointment. We just had our quarterly CF appointment.

We traveled up to Dallas Children's Medical Center to see our team.

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Every three months we go to check Bennett's overall health, especially his lungs and growth. No comments:. Labels: CF Clinic. Update on Bennett's Feedings. Bennett is doing amazing these days!! He is eating well, staying healthy and beginning to talk more and more! We could not be any happier at his progress.

In fact, we have decided to stop most, if not all, of his therapies because of it. We ended our Speech Therapy a few months ago, stopped our Early Childhood Intervention therapies a few weeks ago and will finish up our Occupational Therapy in December. Twitter Facebook Youtube. Home Queens off for Nigerian job. Queens off for Nigerian job.


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