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Damien then causes the hounds being used in the hunt to tear Simeon apart, and takes Simeon and Antonio's Daggers. Damien also becomes closer to Kate, and invites her to his house. After saving her from drowning in the river outside the house, Kate and Damien sleep together and make love, including an act of sodomy. The next morning, after Kate wakes up, she finds Damien's birthmark under his hair and realizes that he is the Antichrist. At work that day, Damien is informed by Peter that De Carlo visited Dean's house the previous day and warned his wife about the peril their son was in.

He confronts Dean about this and his son being one of the children born on the morning of March 24, and when Dean refuses to kill his own son, Damien sends his Hellhound to make Dean's wife do it.

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That night, Damien prepares to fully recruit Peter as a disciple, but Kate interrupts the ceremony. Damien agrees not to recruit Peter if Kate takes him to the Christ child.

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Kate agrees and takes Peter and Damien to an old ruin. Mortally wounded and dying, Damien staggers to the ruin's altar, where Jesus Christ appears to him in the sky. Damien's last words to Christ are "Nazarene It is indicated that Damien's son, Damien Thorn II , is actually Damien himself reincarnated, with the Daggers of Megiddo having failed to destroy Damien's soul with his body as they weren't used on him in the proper ritual.

Delia York , Damien's biological daughter, hinted at one point that she is in contact with Damien's deceased spirit; and that Damien's spirit is the one who taught her that the inverted cross is the symbol of the Antichrist.

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When Damien discovered that he was the Son of Satan, he was horrified and distraught at first, but later became more proud of his unholy origins and Satanic heritage. Damien believed that Satan was a more suitable god than God, and was determined to avenge his father's exile from Heaven. Robert was a loving and caring father to Damien. In Damien - Omen II , Damien ordered Teddy to never talk about his family when Teddy mocked Robert for his position on the military academy's rugby team.

Katherine was initially a loving mother to Damien, but after her subconscious recognized Damien as the Antichrist, she began to fear him and distanced herself from him. When Damien knocked into Kathy, leaving her clinging onto a balcony for her life, he did not try to save her from falling though this may have been because he was, as a 5-year-old, not aware of how badly Kathy would be injured when she fell.

Damien told Mark he loved him and he was in the beginning of saying Mark meant more to him than anything, but Mark screamed, "The beast has no brother! However, when Mark refused, Damien killed him by inducing an annyerusm to his brain. Afterwards, Damien screamed - possibly in anguish - and was brought to tears, running over to Mark's body.

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Damien later attended Mark's funeral. Damien had a fatherly bond with Richard and got along well with him. However, Damien did not show any grief or empathy when Richard was killed. Damien developed an almost motherly bond with Ann, but did not show any empathy, grief or remorse at all over killing her so that he could inherit Thorn Industries and rise to political power to fulfill his destiny. Damien tried to be polite to Marion, but she despised him and saw him as a bad influence on Mark.

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Due to this, along with her retro hobbies and fashion, Mark and Damien gossipped about her behind her back. Damien deeply hated Jesus, accusing him of making false promises to mankind and of denying humanity the ultimate pleasures of and beyond pain and death. He also blamed Christ for his father's exile from Heaven to some extent, and was determined to destroy Christ as vengeance for Satan's exile.

However, Damien also feared Christ due to the prophecy in the Book of Revelation that Jesus would destroy the Antichrist. It was his language and he did what he liked with it, without any sense of obligation or debt. The Beuysian vitrine, the Duchampian ready-made, the look of Minimalism, the hard-sell of Pop: Hirst made them all his own, absorbed them into his own creative field and managed the near miracle — for a young artist — of creating work from their elements that had no hint of pastiche or homage about it.

His great strength was his directness, which itself stemmed from the purity of his obsession: the obsession, that is, with death.

But there was a downside to that too. When you really only have one thing to say, how many times can you say it before you begin to bore everyone — including yourself — to death? Even by Room Four, it is all beginning to pall. This faces Dead Ends Died Out, Examined , in which a few hundred more fag-ends are mounted in a display case, like so many archaeologically recovered remains of some mysterious civilisation.

But the shift already marks a decline, a move towards intricacy and elaboration that is also a form of self-betrayal. The ancillary problem was that his message in its purest form was not only deeply felt but also, ultimately, like a lot of fundamental truths, completely banal. Room Five is dead butterflies; Room Six more dead butterflies; Room Seven is Pharmacy , with its row upon row of neatly stacked medicine cabinets. Making us look at them is his way of trying to make us understand that much of the time we are as resistant to the notion of our own mortality as that shark in formaldehyde.

How do they relate to his death obsession?

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Maybe in being pictures that look like collections of pills. Either that, or in being so perfectly dull that they offer a visual experience somewhat equivalent to the nothingness of death. From this point on, with Hirst aged around 30, the whole show spins into a series of vertiginous declines. The dead animals in vitrines multiply. The motifs become ever more baroque and ever more bling diamonds in mirror-glass cabinets, and so on.

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And the self-parody becomes ever more vicious. In fact the vivid streak of deliberate kitsch running through the garish theatre of his later work suggests not only that he himself is well aware of how bad it is, but even wants to flaunt the fact. Only Gilbert and George have made art as big, as flashy and self-involved as this.

Moving swiftly to the exit, it is hard to avoid reflecting on just how quickly Hirst went from being utterly brilliant to perfectly crass. He badly needs to reinvent himself, but if he really wants to, he is certainly talented and ingenious enough to pull it off. I see he is on the news for wife and girtlfriend beating all the time.

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