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Synthetic or constructive or compound parallelism, where each clause or sentence contains some accessory idea enforcing the main idea Ps.

Introverted parallelism, in which of four clauses the first answers to the fourth and the second to the third Ps. An alphabetical arrangement is sometimes adopted for the purpose of connecting clauses or sentences. Thus in the following the initial words of the respective verses begin with the letters of "the alphabet in regular succession: Prov.

The repetition of the same verse or of some emphatic "expression at intervals Ps.

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Gradation, in which the thought of one verse is resumed in another Ps. See where Poetry occurs in the Bible The New Testament order is also based on subject categories. First come the historical books--the gospels and Acts. Then come the epistles--first those from Paul, then those written by the other writers. Revelation comes at the end. The early church always grouped the gospels with Matthew first, followed by Mark or Luke, then the gospel of John.

It also arranged the Pauline epistles in two categories--first the epistles to the churches, then the personal letters. It typically arranged those epistles according to size or length. The personal letters and general epistles non-Pauline writings appear to follow that arrangement--Hebrews first, followed by the writings of James, Peter, John, and Jude.

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