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By using the Body Replacement Technique, Ninjas Naruto can avoid attacks by switching places with an object, such as a log. Sasuke Uchiha Naruto using Amenotejikara to shift himself, others, or objects a set distance away from the original. He can also increase the range by switching with another object.

Kagemusha allows Gekko Moriah One Piece to switch places with his shadow at will. Trafalgar Water D.

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Law One Piece using Shambles to swap himself within his territory. Vengeful Spirit Dota 2 can instantaneously swap positions with someone, by using her ability "Nether Swap". Monspeet Seven Deadly Sins can switch two objects with each other with via his innate magic power Trick Star.

Categories :. Community Messages has been updated. When each process finishes its quantum it will be swapped back with another process. Ideally, memory manager can swap process fast enough so that there is always at least one process in memory, ready to execute, when the CPU scheduler wants to reschedule the CPU.

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The quantum must also be sufficiently large that reasonable amounts of computing are done between swaps. Swapping can be implemented in various ways. For example, swapping can be priority based. That means if a higher priority process arrives and wants service, the memory manager can swap out the lower priority process to the secondary memory so that it higher priority process can be loaded to main memory for execution.

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As soon as higher priority process finishes, the lower priority process will be swapped back to main memory and execution will be continued. Sometimes swapping is also called roll out, roll in. Address binding rules over the memory space to be allocated to process.

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Because process that has been swapped out need to be swapped in on same memory location from where it let off. And address binding implements it. Swapping requires a backing store. And this backing store is as fast as disk.

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This backing store should be large enough to maintain copies of all memory images for all users. Swapping also means copying some data from one memory to another. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.