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Poor Rose, who has the deepest misery to overcome, is given the longest time to be solitary. Lady Caroline Dester needs only a week or so to start rethinking the vacuousness of her upper class society life. Mrs Fisher requires almost an entire novel to unbend.

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Enchanted Rock Field Trips — A St. Mary’s Tradition

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The Training Space. In Enchanted , Adams plays a cartoon princess named Giselle who has literally come to life, hurled suddenly from a make-believe animated world into the all-too-real streets of Manhattan. Her likeness will also grace an avalanche of Disney Princess tie-in products — everything from pocketbooks to sippy cups to dress-up costumes.


As any parent of a young girl can tell you, the marketing pull of these female Disney characters is a cultural force against which resistance is basically futile. Of course, Enchanted is a very different sort of Disney-princess film, and not just because only 11 minutes of it are animated. As she falls for the highly imperfect Robert, Giselle ultimately discovers how fragile and bumpy love and marriage really are.

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  6. WICA production celebrates an enchanted opening night.

In that more adult iteration, Giselle apparently landed in Chicago at a bachelor party and wound up mistaken for a stripper. I just moved on.

In , trades announced that Jon Turteltaub National Treasure would helm, but nothing came of it. Then, incredibly, Kelly got another chance. By , the studio had come to recognize the Enchanted premise as a smart fit with its tradition of yearning heroines, and commissioned Kelly to write a new draft. Execs also assigned an in-house director, Kevin Lima, to get things under way.

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