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I love being able to read a language in a foreign language! G: Any embarrassing experience connected to languages? J: Och ma tha — Yes indeed!

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G: Some huge blunder perhaps? I did indeed die.

G: What are your thoughts on conlangs? G: Favorite polyglot either living or dead or one of both? G: Any good advice you think could come in handy when it comes to learning languages? Get real! You were head and shoulders above the first-prize winner!

Boubacar Boris Diop : « Au Sénégal, le français a perdu de son pouvoir de séduction »

I know you have a test tomorrow. It was over my head. He said she had a beautiful smile.

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My essay is due in two hours. Trop bizarre, hein? Aux armes, citoyens Formez vos bataillons Marchons, marchons! She is such a pest.

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    Pourquoi le français devient une langue comme les autres ?

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