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Doch die selbstbewusste junge Frau ist nicht bereit, so schnell aufzugeben. The first episode was broadcast on November 29, The opening sequence for the series has remained the same throughout the decades, which remains highly unusual for any such long-running TV series up to date. Und ausgerechnet jetzt kommt auch noch Liebe ins Spiel. FM4 wurde von seinen Programm-Machern erdacht. Jeridoo TV Los Angeles-based film distributor specializing in tailored digital and day-and-date releases for quality independent and festival-driven features Go Digital GoDigital digital delivered.

About Discover in Share Playing on. More on German Kino Plus. RSS feed. Direct link. Playing on all devices. Das Fest endet im Streit. Statt seiner ist der Insasse Adub Mehdi Nebbou ausgebrochen. Tatort: Die Heilige Angst sollte man als Polizist nicht haben. The term was widely used, in this sense, by James Joyce in his critical writings, and the stories in Joyce's Dubliners are commonly called 'epiphanies'.

Musical settings of such texts feature asymmetric rhythms and hemiola patterns seemingly evocative of popular genres, yet unequivocally characteristic of elite Spanish musics. Latin a 'wandering' bishop a bishop with no see who is free to administer priest's order in any part of the world.

For example, the music written between the repeated section or refrain of a rondo, or between the entries of the subjects in a fugue or sonata. The episode in a fugue, which lies between appearances of the theme, is a medium for modulation from one key, or groups of keys, to another. Divisions separating the episodes were called stasima. During the stasima , the chorus sang. Note that Greek tragedies were performed without any breaks or intermissions.

Mozart Sonatas at the Epistle. The usual form is letters, although diary entries, newspaper clippings and other documents are sometimes used.

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Epistophe Literary Terms and Definitions from which the second entry has been taken. In a more general sense, an epitaph is the final statement spoken by a character before his death. Greek wedding song, a nuptial song or ode, sung in classical Greece outside the bride's room on her wedding night, a tradition revived by Renaissance poets and later enjoyed a brief respite during the Romantic period. Frequently, this technique allows a poet to extend a line by a few syllables in a poetic manner that characterizes an individual or a setting within an epic poem. A farse was a word or phrase inserted into the ordained words of prayers and of the Roman Catholic Mass.

From the 9th to the 12th centuries, tropes extra phrases began to be added both to the music and to the texts of the Latin liturgy. English, German highly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era. The holder of this office arranged the production of tragedies and comedies at annual festivals honouring Dionysus. Each year was named after the officiating eponymous archon. This is known as the bimodular method of approximating logarithms and can be used for other measures as well. Logarithmic Interval Measures from which this material has been taken.

Greek or 'Heptanesian cantatha ', the songs of the Ionian islands, which during the Ottoman period of mainland Greece were under Italian rule and influence. The songs known as Eptanissian , became the forerunners of the Greek modern song. Italian, literally 'equal' or eguale , in 18th- and early 19th-centuries, the music for a funeral quartet of trombones. Lyle "Spud" Murphy spent many years teaching his composing and arranging process and among the noted musicians who trained under him were the pianists Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Gerald "Wig" Wiggins, the trumpeter Quincy Jones and the flautist Buddy Collette.

David Blumberg, who wrote arrangements for the Grammy-winning Ray Charles album Genius Loves Company , teaches courses on Murphy's method, which he describes as "a simple way to deal with 12 notes by using six intervals. And that use of six intervals, when mastered, would allow anyone to write any style of music freely.

Equalizers usually contain many bands to allow the user a fine degree of frequency control over the sound. The unit of measurement for loudness levels is the phon, and by definition two sine waves that have equal phons are equally loud. Equal-loudness contour from which this extract has been taken. Tom Dent, in a contribution to the clavichord yahoo group, writes "Every equal temperament can be obtained by dividing the octave into equal intervals.

Every equal temperament including those with 19, 31, etc. A regular temperament is equal if and only if it has a closed cycle of fifths - i. Equal Temperament - basic introduction Equal-Temperament - a more technical discussion Equal-Temperament. For most scales this is the octave Equivalent rectangular bandwidth from which this extract has been taken. French m. Ahorn German m. Oboe e'raqyeh , Egypt possibly , 19th century. German depressingly, paltrily, paltry, piteous, piteously, pitiful, pitifully, beggarly, pitiable, wretched, pathetic, miserable, abject, wimpy, measly colloquial , disgraceful, abjectly, wretchedly, deplorable, pathetically contemptibly , sadly.

German merciless, pitiless, without mercy, without remorse, remorselessly, remorseless, relentless, inexorable, pitilessly, unrelenting, inexorably, mercilessly. German allodial inalienable, owned freely and is clear of any encumbrances such as liens or mortgages. German to capture, to entrap, to come into one's hands, to acquire, to attain, to obtain, to catch, to grapple, to bag colloquial , to carry off, to prey.

German amareggiato Italian , embittered, acrimonious, exacerbates, rancorous, exacerbated, rancorously, acrimoniously, desperate, fierce, fiercely, intense, hard-fought, bitter, verbittert German , aigri French.

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German to adduce, to yield, to bring, to effect, to generate, to perform, to produce, to render, to bring forth. Great Lisbon Earthquake. Goethe depicts Erdgeist as a timeless being who endlessly weaves at the Time-Loom - both in life and in death.

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In this conception, Erdgeist is the means by which the immaterial becomes manifest. In the context of German folklore, erdgeist specifically refers to a gnome, the quintessential earth elemental invented by Paracelsus.

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Erdgeist from which both entries have been taken. Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the world's foremost houses of art.

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German to learn, to come to a person's knowledge, to come to a person's notice, to come to know, to experience, to hear, to undergo, to suffer to undergo. German experienced, adept, adeptly, sophisticated, expert, practical, skilful, proficient, old hand, conversant, practised, seasoned person , skilled, versed, veteran. German empirical, empirically, experientially, from experience, empiric, as experience teaches. German to apprehend, to capture, to gather, to embrace, to grasp idea, concept , to record, to acquire, to realise, to collect, to comprehend, to conceive, to grasp, to include, to register, to account for, to cover, to hit car , to understand idea, concept , to appreciate view , to key in type in , to file, to sweep away in a stream , to strike hit , to carry away in a stream , to catch involve , to seize anguish, anxiety , to list data , to count numerically.

German to invent, to weave, to forge, to cook up, to devise, to fabricate a story, etc. German ingenious person , imaginative, inventive, originative, resourceful, innovative, resourcefully. German to meet with success, to succeed, to achieve success, to attain success, to be successful, to make a hit, to obtain success, to score a success, to make the grade, to prevail, to thrive, to work out be successful , to come off to succeed.

German failed, unsuccessful, unsuccessfully, failing, fruitless, ineffective, inefficient, negative, sterile, without results, without success, abortive, to no avail, of no avail, inefficacious, unlucky unsuccessful , empty-handed, luckless attempt , flopped colloquial. German triumphant, prosperous, prosperously, successful, successfully, triumphantly, effective, effectively, efficient, lucky archaic: successful , prolific, thriving business , palmy figurative.

German to achieve success, to be a hit, to be a success, to be fortunate, to be successful, to catch on colloquial , to meet with success, to prosper, to succeed, to be going places, to prevail. German profit-related, success-related, depending on success, profit-based, depending on good results.

German demandable, needed, required, requisitely, necessary, as may be necessary, consequential, essential, needful, requisite, needfully.

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German to please, to gladden, to gratify, to cheer, to comfort, to delectate, to delight, to regale give delight to. German joyful, beautifully, enjoyable, gratifying, gratifyingly, delectable, delightful, pleasant, delightfully, joyfully, rejoicing. German to comply, to preoccupy, to prepossess, to perform, to accomplish, to comply with, to execute a will, etc. German fulfilled, imbues, preoccupies, prepossesses, complied, prepossessed, met, replete for example, spirit.

German agent, proxy, vicarious agent, rubber stamp figurative , accomplice also figurative , accessory to a crime , subcontractor, creature figurative , willing tool figurative. German invented, contrived, fictional, bogus, phoney colloquial , imaginary, devised, made-up. German to supplement with , to recruit, to complete, to eke archaic , to complement, to add, to add to, to amend, to endorse, to make up, to replenish, to fill in replenish.

German subsidiary, complemental, eking, integrating, supplemental, complementary, supplementary, complementing, supplementing, additional, ancillary, completive, adjuvant. German acquiescent, addicted, devoted to , acquiescently, devoted, addicted to, loyal, respectfully, staunch member, supporter , wrapped up in devoted , resulting in, yielding.

German inconclusive, without result, without any result, inconclusively, sterile, abortive, abortively. German fruitfully, productive, heavyset tree, bush , yieldingly, fertile, fruitful, profitable, rich, rich in, yielding, high-yield, abundant rain, snow , economical. German to delectate, to feast, to regale, to amuse, to delight, to captivate, to enthral please greatly. German to catch hold of, to take hold of, to seize, to take, to apprehend take into custody , to capture, to catch, to clap hold of, to clutch, to grasp, to grip, to usurp, to grab, to embrace.

German affectingly, seizing, reaching, gripping, stirring, moving, pathetic, thrilling, hauntingly, lachrymose, movingly, poignant figurative. German struck, affected, gripped, stirred, deeply moved, seized, clasped, smitten, stricken, moved emotionally.


German to fathom, to comprehend, to get to the bottom, to sound, to feel out, to figure out, to plumb figurative. German sublime, lofty, noble, convex, convexly, elevated, sublimely, illustrious, loftily, raised, domed, august majesty , high-toned colloquial , exalted lofty, sublime. German to conserve, to preserve, to obtain, to receive, to get, to retain, to maintain, to achieve, to attain, to come by, to gain, to save, to uphold, to poll, to survive ancient books, etc.

German preservable, received, obtained, preserved, surviving old piece of literature, manuscript, score, etc.