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Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Wolfsblut View Profile View Posts. Here is how you do it: Catch a hyaenodon and throw it in your taming pen. Now place a wooden cage and herd it into it. Since it is now frightened and wants to flee, move outside of its view distance so it calms down. If you accidently spook it just leave the render distance again to calm it down again.

Now put your ghillie suit on and approach the cage in a crouched position.

1. Assess the Track's Function

At first it will move and turn around in the cage, but it will not take long untill it gets itself stuck. Take some time, since it will only get percent for each cuddle. The hardest task is to not fall asleep, because it is rather boring. As you can see in the following pictures, it never moved away from this stuck position the entire process, so it is really easy to do.

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How to tame dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved

Originally posted by Boomer :. Boomer View Profile View Posts. I plan to wait to see if they get tweaked. I pet one, leave the area, come back 10 minutes later and the bastard is still freaking out. I'm just not going to bother with a I will have to take a look. I only recently got Scorched Earth so there are a few things I am not familiar with there. K View Profile View Posts. Ok, good. Any way of doing this on PVE? Originally posted by mrpili23 :. I got an even simpler method, I just spam e and read a book while taming.

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I recorded my screen with a phone, so sorry for the crap quality, but I just did it off the fly. Last edited by TheGreatHsuster ; 3 Jun, pm. Spazegamer View Profile View Posts. Hyaenodons aren't worth it. Their turning radius is so bad it makes them very difficult to use for killing things. Dolomite83 View Profile View Posts.

The quetzal is another flying mount worth taming. If you have a platform saddle, you can transform it into a flying base, arming it with turrets and taking resources to wherever you go.

ARK Trader Rating

The quetzal is also able to transport farming animals across the map, like the ankylosaurus and doedicurus, which the argentavis cannot. This makes it perfect for bringing on mining adventures. Just build a few forges on its back and you will have your very own portable smeltery. Its only real downside is that it is spectacularly difficult to tame, as it never stops flying. You either need to use a flying mount to keep up with it and then shoot at it from the ground, or use a tapejara and shoot tranqs from the passenger seat.

Once down, it will need t-rex kibble or raw mutton. Remember to pack one of these as, otherwise, all your hard work will be in vain. There are several big predators in Ark: Survival Evolved, but the t-rex is arguably the best. Because it is one of the most dominant creatures on the island.

The t-rex has a tremendous amount of stamina and health when compared to other predators. It can also be taken into all boss arenas, unlike the giga. A good method of taming a t-rex is to build a platform to shoot tranquilizer darts from, or find a ridge nearby. Stay out of reach, and then, when you get it down to the floor, start feeding it pulmonoscorpius kibble or raw mutton. The mammoth gets a place on this list for being one of the best animals in the game for gathering wood.

Found in the snowy north of The Island, it is surrounded by many dangerous animals, so taming can be a real problem. Nevertheless, it is worth the risk. It is a great tank, being significantly faster, and more portable, than the brontosaurus or diplodocus.

Allosaurus Utility Tips | Dododex Taming Calculator | Ark: Survival Evolved

A spiky dino with a club for a tail, the ankylosaurus is capable of gathering lots of metal, crystal, and flint, making it invaluable for mining. It is also extremely easy to tame due to its sluggish pace. All you need is dilophosaur kibble for food, and a means of knocking it out like a slingshot, tranq arrows, or tranq darts.

If successful, you will soon find collecting ore far less of a chore.

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A great mid-range predator, the carnotaurus is fast and inflicts significantly more damage than a raptor. It also yields a substantial amount of prime meat, so you can use it for collecting food for your other tames if necessary. They are most commonly found on the Dead Island, but you may also find them around the Northeast Shores and Redwood Forest. It is tamed with ankylosaurus kibble and can be knocked out quite easily using tranq arrows. Just make sure you are in a safe spot, as they can quickly overwhelm you in the wild if you are not careful.


A lot of players tend to go for the megalodon over the ichthyosaurus, as the former is much more formidable in the water. However, we have decided to be different and have gone for the latter due to its remarkable speed. The ichthyosaurus is exceptionally fast in the water, allowing it to escape most underwater predators unscathed.

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It can also take you to the bottom of the ocean and back in mere seconds, meaning it is a superb pearl farmer. Just put some dodo kibble in the last slot on your hotbar and feed it from there.

Dinosaur Levels

You should have one tamed in no time at all. The last creature we are going to recommend is the beelzebufo — a large amphibian that is native to the swamp biome.