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Benutzt die Hashtags! Am oberen Rand des Bildes steht die Aufschrift 'when you put on a costume to check if it helps you getting more votes' ]. Er will doch nur ein bisschen spielen Ein Bentley trifft nicht oft auf ein Nashorn Der bekannte W12 oder der neue V8? Foto: Markus Bach. This Summer our animal prints are cheetahs and rhinos. Credit: lelusinio.

Short trip serengetiparkhodenhagen. Great night masai-mara-lodge with a wunderful view over the safari park. Coaching mit Nashorn Lasst mich schlafen Ja, ihr seht richtig. Ich habe Poledance ausprobiert. Und das auch noch in Highheels! Ich werde es bleiben bis zum Ende! Ich kapituliere nicht! Infos und Tickets: www. Wer das schon einmal erleben durfte, der stimmt mir sicher zu. Zoo Berlin. South Africa. Tierpark Hellabrunn. Leipzig, Germany. San Diego Zoo. Ibiza, Spain.

Zoo und Aquazoo Schmiding. Magdeburg, Germany. Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge. San Francisco, California. The innovative non-profit school offers young people an opportunity to grow and learn in a culturally diverse and respectful environment. Here, the students are not only encouraged to discover their own individual identity, but their journey is also shaped by the wealth and beauty of the different cultures and traditions our world has to offer. If you are looking for an uplifting outlook into the future, BBIS may be just right for you.

The boarding school of the Berlin Brandenburg International School BBIS, for short does not just promote a culturally diverse philosophy, but truly lives it every single day. The list of different nationalities that live and study together under the roof of the boarding school is an impressive one. Currently, over 60 students live at the boarding school, and they come from over 25 different countries.

Whitney Sterling, is originally from the US, but made Germany his chosen home a long. It is located just outside Berlin, conveniently close to the airports yet far enough from the distracting hustle and bustle of the city. Due to the generous. Various after-school clubs and weekend excursions ensure that there is always an exciting activity to join in on.

The boarding facility has been recently refurbished and is now close to hotel standard.

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Each room has its own modern bathroom and students can either share a room or apply to have a room to themselves. As Mr. Helping the students to adopt a healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition, overall well-being and exercise. The kitchens on each of the five levels are open to use for students wanting to explore their own cooking skills and the boarding school has its own modern fitness room as well. Of course, another key aspect for the boarding school staff is to help the students develop their full academic potential.

It incorporates three two-week internships at different companies and allows students who are more practically orientated to explore their individual potential as well. Whenever there is a problem, a question or anything else to share, the students have someone to turn to. Preparations are already in full swing. During those nights we enjoy authentic food, listen to music from that particular culture and learn about local traditions.

With around 80 to 90 people attending, these are big events and we genuinely look forward to each and every one of them. They are a lot of fun! Intercultural competence, collaborative and inspiring learning, respect, social responsibility and tolerance characterise the spirit of this accredited IB World School. MacBooks, science and technology laboratories, art and design studios, sports halls, theatre spaces, an auditorium and an extensive extra-curricular programme. English is the language of instruction, while German language classes are offered beginning in grade one for all levels of proficiency.

Mother-tongue learning is currently offered in 17 languages. Pupils and parents alike regard the multitude of extracurricular activities on offer as an exceptional feature of BIS. In all of these activities, social engagement, interdisciplinary collaboration and exploring new horizons play a particularly important role, according to Dr. The IB Diploma is recognised by the best universities in the world more than universities in about 70 countries including Germany. PTO welcomes new families and helps them to settle in.

The Newcomers Centre offers students arriving with little prior knowledge of English, intensive language support in a safe and supportive environment. These services make BIS a vital factor for the economy of Greater Munich, serving as both an instrument for business promotion and location marketing. Future through innovation Development, innovation and the future, all drive the curriculum and teaching at the BIS campus in Haimhausen, to the north of the Bavarian capital: and to this end, the management team of the Bavarian International School has set the goal of building.

BIS has launched a special fundraising and sponsorship programme to realise this major project; as well as to recruit and promote excellent teaching staff; and to create a scholarship programme to enable highly talented students that are in need of financial assistance. Chrissie Sorenson. The portability of the IB curriculum is a key factor for international families who relocate often. For globally mobile expat specialists and executives who relocate on average every three years, the smooth transition of their children from school to school is an absolute priority.

On spring fever and happiness What a joy! The warm days of spring are coming up, and soon, you will not be able to stop yourself from smiling when you go out for lunch without a jacket for the first time this year. Many of us long for these heartwarming rays of sunshine and suddenly, before you know it, the parks will have started to fill up with people rejoicing at the temperature and the first white crocuses pushing their way through the ground.

Spring is arriving and the whole country breathes a sigh of relief: but there must be more to it than what we all think. Discover Germany searched for the biological reasons behind spring fever and the best ways to fall under it — even if the sky is still grey where you are.

The seasonal changes of emotions have only really been in the focus of science since very recently, whereas poets have described the restlessness, the deep desire for a new beginning and the passion, which arise in many humans in the months of March, April and May, for centuries. The psychiatrist, public speaker and bestselling author, Dr. Norman Rosenthal,. As days are longer in spring, many people tend to wake up earlier and stay out longer at night - thanks to the internal clock in the human brain which helps to measure the length of a day.

Melatonin, dubbed the sleep hormone, is only released in darkness, so with an increase of sunlight less Melatonin is discharged; with the consequence that many people feel more energetic in spring. It is not surprising that many of us feel the need to arrange the house and the garden, buy new clothes or start to feel more alive again. Does spring fever, as Tennyson indicated, really stimulate the human sex drive?

The lowest testosterone levels occurred in months with the highest temperatures and longest hours of daylight, whereas the menopause more frequently sets in during winter than during spring. So, according to those studies, we can deduce that there is no real biological evidence of a higher sex drive in spring season.

Instead, we can probably conclude that the higher energy level, and with that the resulting good mood, might well be more responsible for our passion in spring. After a friend introduced him to One Art by Elizabeth Bishop, he felt a mood change in himself and suspected that a similar change might occur within his patients — and with great success, it turned out. Now, he provides a blog to let people share their own experiences of the healing effects of poems.

Finally, what does happiness mean for Dr. So, the next time you experience a sunny day, for example, make the most of it — even if it is just to take the opportunity to enjoy a short walk after lunch. To learn more about Dr. What to do to get in the mood But what if it has been raining cats and dogs for the last few weeks? How can we hope to feel spring fever?

Poems can help you to feel better, too. People are gathering on deck seven outside, and starting their day. They do that by praising the Lord and singing worship songs. The African day-crew have their own way of worshipping. They have drums and dance. There is rhythm, there is movement, and there is joy. A devotion follows and the chief engineer talks about the Sermon on the Mount and what it means for the task of running a 16, GT hospital ship. In the background, some fishing boats pass by, giving their own contribution to the soundscape.

Flynn is not as strong of a believer as other volunteers on the hospital ship. We are in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, West Africa. And the ritual above is the beginning of a Thursday, when the deck and engine room departments start their working day together. Amongst the workers is Flynn, from a small town near Hamburg. Cologne based Sina, one of the receptionists of the vessel, finds herself fortunate and perhaps blessed because she grew up in Germany in safe circumstances in a stable and loving family.

I never had to deal with existential worries. Therefore, I joined Mercy Ships in Congo about five years ago for the first time. That is why she returned to the ship. The fascinating thing about serving with Mercy Ships lies in the sustainability. MCB Medical Capacity Building — what the vessel leaves behind after leaving a country does all the magic, according to the two Germans. In Conakry, for example, where it is the fourth time that one of the Mercy Ships is doing a field service, it has been mainly cleft lips and palatal surgeries that the volunteer doctors from all over the world have been doing in previous years.

While bringing medical aid to the people of Guinea, the surgeons, nurses and other personnel always educate local doctors and nurses to be able to do the job once the vessel has left. So, when coming to Guinea in August last year, they were happy to see. Angelique is one of the many that spend their holidays on board to help people. As a nurse dealing with orthopaedic surgeries, she has seen one of the local surgeons doing cleft lips also being trained to combat another big problem in West Africa: curved legs. Asked about the possible highlights of their stay, the answers are as different as the people.

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For Angelique, it is the fact that Don Stephens, the founder of Mercy Ships, visited the Africa Mercy during her four weeks on board and she had the chance to meet him. For Sina, one of the reasons why she came back to the ship, was that she is able to live and work together with about people with of 42 nationalities. Everything should be absolutely perfect on your holiday: and so we have a whole new recommendation for you. Gerade im Urlaub, wenn der Alltag weit entfernt ist, sollte alles stimmen.

Wir haben einen Vorschlag. Newly opened Chalet zum Steinbock in the picturesque Tyrolean Alps leaves nothing to be desired. Self-contained Chalet zum Steinbock is a real gem that includes everything up to a bread roll delivery service. As well as Chalet zum Steinbock, Michaela and Christian own an organic farm where children are welcome to marvel at sheep, cats, chicken and a Bernese mountain dog called Diana. Welcome to Chalet zum Steinbock! Willkommen im Chalet zum Steinbock! Modern charm, relaxed luxury and an unrivaled location. The Hotel Altstadt Vienna is a model example of unique hospitality which simultaneously features contemporary amenities, world-class art and architecture, and thoughtfully designed rooms and suites.

Located in the heart of the city on Spittelberg, in Vienna's fashionable 'Boboville' — the 7th district, this hotel first opened its doors in It features 61 rooms and suites designed and furbished by various artists, architects, designers and celebrities. Another characteristic is the considerable collection of contemporary art. Mitten im Herzen der Stadt gelegen, am Spittelberg im angesagten 7. The award-winning hotel is designed to meet the needs of individual travellers, tourists, and business executives. Hotel or museum? Both, actually!

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Hotel oder Museum? It is a museum, a monastery, a journey through time, and a hotel with a difference. The year-old structure was renovated and turned into a hotel, featuring eclectically designed rooms, maisonettes, tower suites and serviced apartments with kitchenettes for long-stay guests. Es ist ein Museum, ein Kloster, eine Zeitreise, ein etwas anderes Hotel. Mit seiner klassizistischen Fassade war das ehemalige Stadthaus aus dem Heute hat es eine neue Bestimmung gefunden.

City break or longer business project? The De Medici is a unique gem in Dusseldorf, suitable for either. In the lobby, the atrium and throughout the premises, guests will encounter European art dating back to the 15th century. Living Hotels are not just located in Dusseldorf, however. Two typical features connect all 17 hotels, however: a central location and a passionate personal hour service.

A luxurious piece of home abroad. Jahrhundert reicht. The outdoors is calling us. The perfect location in which to completely relax and really indulge in the blossoming nature around us. Especially during spring, the awakening nature attracts visitors to the resort area Salzkammergut. For those who prefer it a little more comfortable, yet want to see the landscape, the carriage ride is a great option.

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At the authentic herb kitchen, exclusive bath essences are being handmade from herbal distillates, as well as soaps and creams. The elegant four-star Superior Romantik and Wellness Hotel in Tyrol looks back over a colourful year legacy and is managed by fourth-generation hoteliers who know how to spoil their guests. The elegant, comfortable and inviting hotel is located in the idyllic village of Pertisau. And in early July 3 July , the hotel hosts its annual Wiesenhof golf tournament. Guests can soak-in the blissful atmosphere by taking advantage of the numerous wellness offerings.

In the evenings, creative chefs spoil guests with their takes on modern classics and culinary delights. Wandern, Radfahren und das Wiesenhof Golfturnier am 3. Ihr Alltag war noch nie so weit weg! Pack your bags Wondering where to head this year, which city to explore or which new things to try on your next holiday? Discover Germany takes a look at which travel trends to know in , to get you inspired for your next destination.

Pack your bags and you are good to go! If you have not already made holiday plans for this year, it is about time you do so. To get you inspired, we have done some research and have collected some of the most popular travel trends of for you. Solo travel Already a hot topic in , solo travel and solo holidays are becoming ever more popular this year. When travelling alone, one can meet like-minded travelers, make new friends and see exactly what you want to see without making compromises, while learning more things about oneself.

Surprise travel Sick of planning so much before a holiday? Does searching for the perfect hotel bring a general downer on your holiday plans?

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Well then, we suggest trying surprise travel. Companies like srprs. They then do the rest and send you on a surprise trip. You only learn the destination when you arrive at the airport, but you will get a packing list the week before, so you will be prepared for the weather and local conditions. Exciting, right? Rio de Janeiro! Online searches have been up by per cent on Pinterest and who does not like the look of long beaches, Brazilian joie de vivre and the glistening sun shining in the sky almost every day?

Sustainable tourism More and more people try to opt for conscious and sustainable tourism. What does that mean? A third of travellers are currently looking for travel companies and activities that are deemed sustainable. This could be sustainable whale-watching tours, finding a zero-waste hotel or helping a local incentive. After all, the world needs more travellers to be ethical, sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Urlauber, die Ruhe, Entspannung und kulturelle Erlebnisse suchen, sind hier genauso gut aufgehoben, wie partybegeisterte Wochenendurlauber und Pauschaltouristen.

Discovering the world from high on horseback Getting away from your daily life and making new friends: holidays on horseback are more often than not holidays in which you will be among like-minded people. Even the most remote areas can be explored by horse. More suitable for inexperienced riders, however, are holidays in Portugal: 60 kilometres from Lisbon and a few kilometres from the beach, lies the horse ranch with Lusitanos horses.

Next to riding lessons, here, holidaymakers will find a vineyard, tennis court and outside pool, so that even fellow travellers not so interested in a riding experience will be able to enjoy the holiday. Many of the most beautiful African wildlife and nature reserves can be found in Botswana, among others the Okavangodelta, a unique biotope with rich flora and fauna.

Experienced riders can get very close to nature and an-. All our team members are riders and with great enthusiasm, knowledge and joy, they make sure. One thing in particular applies to equestrian tours: whoever travels by horse, gets into close contact with the land and people. A drink or a meal together will often follow that first chat. After all, there is nothing better after a long day on horseback than letting your day come to a close with some local food and a good glass of wine.

Auch die entlegensten Gegenden lassen sich zu Pferd erkunden. Erfahrene Reiter kommen Landschaft und Tieren hier ganz nahe, begleiten Zebra- und Gnuherden oder galoppieren mit Giraffen durch die weite Landschaft. With his indepth knowledge and a team of 15 travel experts, Caspar Venter, a South African himself, offers individual, tailormade tours or group travels in 13 African countries.

For three days, guests can explore the area with all-terrain safari vehicles and solar-powered boats. The journey continues with a small aircraft to Savute, an extraordinary place to spot animals, and then onwards to the fascinating Okavango Delta. Southern and east African countries are the favourites amongst tourists travelling to Africa. Elephants and buffalos, lions and hippos roam the landscape of the Chobe National. Since its foundation 15 years ago, Venter Tours has focused on sustainability and nature conservation.

Botswana is a frontrunner when it comes to nature protection in Africa. Instead of mass tourism, the focus instead lies on individual encounters with animals and people. Whoever has the opportunity to experience one of these very special moments, will always want come back to this wonderful continent. Ohnehin ist Botswana ein Vorreiter auf dem Gebiet Naturschutz. Massentourismus gibt es hier nicht, stattdessen individuelle Begegnungen mit Mensch und Tier.

Now, it is possible to spend your holidays on two islands where you can experience this fascination up close like never before. Watch the unique sunsets on the west side of the main island, formed of red sandstone. Our guests are always taken with a visit to the dune where each year between November and February, grey seals give birth to their pups.

We are particularly proud that our. A stay on Heligoland relaxes its guests and puts them in touch with themselves and with nature. Heligoland can also be reached by plane, but the sea passage prepares them best for what to expect. Once on the boat, as they take a deep breath of the clear sea air or listen to the splashing waves, they start to forget about their everyday lives. Seating areas and sofas invite guests to relax or have a chat.

From here, guests can also reach the Wohnzimmer, a day bar with a fireplace and library. The rooms have been furnished with great taste too, and impress with modern furniture combined with warm colours and wood. All rooms are air-conditioned and either have a balcony or a terrace, and therefore a view of the surrounding golf courses and park-like landscape. The hole East Course, for example, offers incredible views of the surrounding landscape, while the nine-hole Academy Course is designed for athletic variety and, among.

The hole Old Course still reflects the aesthetic of a park landscape with a great variety of trees as a back-drop. All three courses lie in a European bird reserve, which makes playing golf here a truly unique experience. People searching for relaxation after a long day on the golf course can find it in the more than 5,square-metre spa with its four themed areas, spacious indoor pool, infinity outdoor pool and a typical Japanese Onsen bath.

A highlight here is the square-metre gym — an activityplayground for adults with training areas both indoors and outdoors. Sitzgruppen und Sofas. It is an injury-free workout alternative which is a form of exercise that is slower than jogging and perhaps even slower than the average walking speed too! Unlike during conventional jogging, one has to consciously run slowly. Jogging: many people have tried and tested this endurance sport but not everybody has been entranced by it on a lasting basis.

And sports physicians agree with them: people that have to fight with chronic problems of the ankle, knee and hip joints should actually not go jogging. But there is a new way for us all to keep fit: a healthy alternative for young and old has recently been introduced — Slow Jogging.

Who invented it? Slow Jogging was developed from the renowned Japanese exercise physiologist Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka, at the University of Fukuoka, and has been extensively studied over decades. The small, wiry man practises this running style himself, too. Since , the German Wellness Association has also supported the qualified dissemination of Slow Jogging. Through this method, even people who would call themselves unathletic will get the chance to burn calories, to lose weight and to also do something for their mental fitness.

The small, flat steps can also be mastered by heavier or older people. On the flip side, going or walking is less effective in counteracting these developments. It is hard to believe but studies have proven that Slow Jogging burns twice as many calories as walking and just as many calories as quick running would do across the same distance. At six kilometres per hour, it is far more pleasant to run slowly than to walk quickly. Slow Jogging trains the gluteal muscles and the large, frontal. If you are interested in trying this new wellness trend, you should get some proper footwear first.

To support the right running technique, running shoes that can be easily bent in the area of the ball of the foot should be chosen. Speaking of technique: the right way of doing Slow Jogging also needs to be learnt. You could. Or, if you prefer some real coaches, certified Slow Jogging coaches are already taking care of teaching the right technique in some territories. Slow Jogging facts: - Invented by Prof. Customised printing solutions for individual requirements Medium-sized businesses, organisations and big companies have very particular demands when it comes to printing solutions.

The right answers, however, are often just around the corner. Established in and based in Wiesbaden, Germany, DTM Print today has more than 40 employees who work with more than regional partners and whose services reach way beyond the European boarders. Next to automated duplicators and printers for optical media CD, DVD, BD the wide product portfolio of DTM Print also comprises printers, finishers and applicators for labels and cassette and slide printers for medical laboratories. This, however, does not mean that we give our clients only ready-made solutions.

All in all, we can look back on more than 32 years of working experience in developing individual printing solutions. We and our partners therefore have the know-how needed to reach our selfset goal, i. Plus, we give a 24 month guarantee on nearly all our printing systems. And our service specialists are available via chat if help is needed urgently. We also want to expand our volume of projects and help even more enterprises to integrate individual printing systems into their production and selling processes. Oft liegen die Antworten ganz nah.

Straight from the airport to the meeting, to the hotel and back again. A business trip often means we do not get to explore our destination — and that is particularly unfortunate in Vienna. In order to change exactly that, the experts of the event agency Himbeere developed special concepts so that visitors can experience the fabulous capital: for example, with modern tablet rallies or retro riddle rallies with Polaroid cameras.

Mario Stoiber founded the successful event agency Himbeere 15 years ago and his concept, Vienna Riddle Rally, made him a true pioneer for city tourism and leisure. What started with just a road book and map has turned into a large portfolio of rallies and games. Was damals mit Roadbook und Karte begann, ist heute zu einem breiten Portfolio gewachsen. The innovative riddle rallies focusing on team building, incentive and sightseeing are particularly popular in the B2B-sector.

The smart rallies also incorporate interactive elements such as videos and photos, so there are plenty of digital souvenirs to take home. If the weather turns, the new indoor tablet games are a perfect alternative. Neugierig geworden? Local estate agents with a wider view Professional handling, honesty, discretion and a wider perspective are mandatory for the trustful handling of real estate projects.

Discover Germany talks to the professionals. Amongst the three of us, we share nearly 20 years of professional experience in the real estate market and, as locals, are very well connected. Our sound knowledge of the neighbourhood has many advantages for our clients. Aurum offers property in all sizes or categories. Small garconnieres as well as luxurious residences, and large property developments as well as investment properties.

Interested parties who wanted more than sound advice have found the right partner in Aurum Property. We do not simply sell them property, we want our clients to feel truly at home in their new dwelling. We therefore give them insider tips about, for example, the best restaurants, shops or ski slopes. We are working on some very exciting new cooperations, which will be hugely beneficial for our clients and which shall help us to advise our clients even better than before. We are really looking forward to it! Was sagen die Profis dazu? Diese fundierte Kenntnis der Umgebung kommt unseren Kunden zugute.

Interessenten, die mehr wollen, als nur exzellente Beratung, sind bei Aurum Immobilien genau an der richtigen Stelle. Bei uns kaufen sie nicht einfach nur eine Immobilie. Daher geben wir ihnen gerne Insidertipps, wo sie beispielsweise gut essen und am besten einIhr Aufstieg nach oben: Gaisberg Residenzen, der exclusive Neubau in Kirchberg, Tirol.

Wir freuen uns darauf! Immobilienmakler mit Weitblick. Das Team von Aurum Immobilien v. The top three reasons why companies need to invest in design Design and business success are inextricably linked. Matthis Hamann, co-founder of Munichbased design and innovation agency FLUID, notes that the majority of companies do not yet understand design as a business growth factor, missing out on incredible opportunities as a result. Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why successful companies invest in design to gain competitive advantages.

First of all, focusing on user needs at any stage of a product or service development opens up tremendous opportunities for innovation. Secondly, companies who iterate and conduct user testing continually during the development process are able to change course at any stage. This minimises risks and reduces costs. It also provides certainty as the company gains a real understanding.

The third reason is that products and services are always more than just that — they are a user experience. Understanding this means consistently involving all departments in shaping that experience to its best across all touchpoints. According to Matthis Hamann, implementing design in this way is highly complex and takes years of leadership commitment to establish: but it is definitely worthwhile. The biggest plus, however, is the internal database.

The name Lux Design Living LXD reflects the overall approach: interior designer Astrid Gorella creates luxurious living spaces, combined with smart furnishing and intelligent design. Looking into the future, LXD develops co-living and co-working solutions. Clients often have their own ideas, but need someone to show them their options and develop their plans. One of her recent clients, for example, is a passionate coffee connoisseur and owns a professional espresso machine that needs 20 minutes of warm-up time.

It switches on the coffee machine in the kitchen. Great accuracy when choosing colours determines a good interior designer. Treffsicherheit bei der Kombination von Farben macht daher einen guten Interior Designer aus. LXD has made it its mission to develop concepts for better use of scarce inner-city living space. After years of planning, the team will finally realise the first co-working and co-living projects, and is currently looking for investors.

Eclectic approaches and the long-lived language of forms Modern architecture has the power to surprise. We take a closer look at one of the top designers in the field. Founded in by Professor Hans Rollmann, award-winning architectural office RollmannArchitects is widely known for the high quality of their exceptional designs. Ranging from unique family homes to inspired office spaces, designs by RollmannArchitects are thoroughly in tune with modern times and the demands they put on the residents in particular. At the same time, we are also specialists with a view of the bigger picture: Our designs are not limited to the outside, but also include the interior if the clients so wish.

This makes our designs holistic and functioning as a whole. Discover Germany takes a look at which buildings should be seen on your next visit. There are many reasons to visit Switzerland, including great museums, the natural surroundings, enchanting old towns, bustling city centres, exciting exhibitions or the wonderful food think chocolate, cheese, wine.

However, what many visitors overlook is the wealth of impressive architecture from past and present. After all, in addition to many medieval buildings, the country has a vast range of contemporary architecture on offer. Let us take a look at some of these. Built by the famous pair of architects. The star architects replaced two of the older halls with an extension that stacks three new ten-metre-high halls on top of each other.

The brushed aluminium clads make this extension a real eye-catcher not to be missed. Monte Rosa hut. Not only looking impressive, the Monte Rosa hut also has a stainless-steel foundation, an aluminium outer shell and a computercontrolled energy-management system. In other words — it combines cutting-edge architecture with sustainable technology. It needs to be seen to be believed! Sustainable urban development with architecture that uses the space Employees are the most valuable assets for the Zurich architectural office Dachtler Partner AG. The six board members are all recruited from the employee base and the wide age span — from 34 to 64 years — unites experience and innovation.

For more than 15 years, sustainable architecture has played an important role for the company. In once neglected areas, new urban quarters are established. Urban development and spatial planning are important factors that architecture has to take into consideration, says Pelizzari. ROY in Winterthur umgesetzt. Die Rasterfassade ist zwar schlicht im Design, zeitgleich aber ausdrucksstark.

Die modulare Anordnung erlaubt eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Wohnungstypen. Natur und Architektur bilden hier eine Einheit. Nach der Finanzkrise von sei das Thema etwas in Vergessenheit geraten. New life for former industrial quarters Dachtler Partner architects have implemented this principle, alongside many other times, between and , when building the living and commercial space ROY in Winterthur.

The modular set-up allows for a great variety of flat types. In Zurich, the architectural office enlivened an unused area at the Sihlbogen as well. Next to the buildings, the architects created a generous square that is used for different markets and cultural events. A court building alleviated the cramped gate situation which existed beforehand, and marks the entrance to the Leimbach village.

The two apartment buildings, on the other hand, disrupt the linear lines created by the tramway and offer glimpses and insights into the landscape zone. Nature and architecture form an entity. Nature and sustainability in focus, the site as a source of inspiration The Sihlbogen is additionally a flagship project for the Watt-Society, where environmental impact and sustainability play an essential role. After the financial crisis of , the topic fell into oblivion a bit.

There has to be a change in the way people think. The three interwoven buildings interlock beautifully with the green space. Similar to the project in Horgen, the apartment building. The architecture should be substantial, understated and timeless, if possible. Tivoli Garden, in the new centre of Spreitenbach, is certainly the most complex and challenging one: next to a DIY shop, retail and service space and about flats, it contains a station for the new Limmattalbahn in its base. Die unterschiedlichen Nutzungen sind hier aufeinander gestapelt, was sich in der leicht versetzten Metallfassade spiegelt.

Zurzeit bearbeiten Dachtler Partner Architekten rund 20 Projekte. The overall aim for most of us is a good quality of life. Our built environment — no matter whether city, building or interior — is mainly responsible for this. The team at Dost Architektur GmbH reduces what is at first glance a very broad range of relevant aspects to its absolute basics, and puts the resulting formula at the centre of its work.

Personality, location, time and value — no planning task can be successfully mastered when these points are not made clear. Who is the developer, what are their dreams and where are they coming from? No matter if a single person, a cooperative or a community, it is necessary to learn and understand their ideas. Even if they are completely different, there are always common overlaps.

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Multiplied with the location, this creates the first part of the formula: considering the location is the stage which shapes and determines the design. Selbst wenn diese unterschiedlich sind, gibt es immer Schnittstellen. It also covers the lifespan — considering the interior of a shop is planned for five years, while the planning of the city has still to be relevant after years. Clarifying all these aspects is the base of every cooperation.

Formulating them allows developers and planners to interact at eye level and is therefore the cornerstone of a trustworthy and honest collaboration. Einen weiteren Faktor bildet die Zeit. Their specific approach of dialogical designing gives rise to an architectural quality that generates a strong identity and uniqueness in every project.

Luca Deon in The company puts special emphasis on designing and developing high-quality architecture that complies with the latest technical findings. DEON plans and realises architectural and urban development projects in building construction and civil engineering and creates various structures as general planner and contractor. That is why it is no wonder that the architectural office has realised numerous award-winning residential projects, has come up with various industry and trade project ideas and has implemented innovative infra-.

New living environments. New construction of green residential tower, Rotkreuz, Switzerland — , socialisation in the vertical city. Comprising 15 floors, this impressive metre-high project was completed in. While the lower four floors house retail, commercial and office spaces, the top nine floors were reserved for 26 flats. A receding access marks the main entrance on the ground floor, while a wider office wing was visually connected to the surrounding development.

A stilted living space and the attic, with utility rooms, complete the unit. The design thereby meets architectonic and aesthetic, as well as technical and economical standards and reflects the understanding of a building as a complex system. On its ground floor, a spacious lobby with reception, bar and lounge was proposed, while the gastronomy finds space in the western corner. The overlying office floors can be easily organised and the living floors are characterised by classic and contemporary floor plans with high degrees of variability.

The project impresses with its orthogonal, open structure, while the outer appearance seeks to show a contemporary residential building with highquality housing technology. An example: the new headquarters for the Nolax AG in Sempach Station, which reflect an interdisciplinary symbiosis of architecture, support structure and building technology.

Completed in January , the project impresses with its unique design approach that contradicts every image of a typical office building. The outcome was a transparent working world with short distances and with open, transparent rooms. This means that the building and room structures foster internal communication. Furthermore, the modular structure enables conversion and expansion possibilities for technical flexibility, while concrete columns and solid wooden beams dominate the interior. Another example of impressive work environment architecture are the headquarters for the Foundation Marburger Medien in Marburg an der Lahn.

Completed in , the media house fosters random encounters in the workflow and impresses with innovative energy efficiency. In park-like surroundings, the building impresses with a sophisticated, energetic and technical concept and with contemporary aesthetics. The large windows enable a maximum utilisation of the sunlight whereby geothermal probes guarantee heating or cooling depending on the season, while the needed energy for the geothermal probes is made available by a photovoltaic system on the roof. Thanks to its central positioning right next to the paper factory, transportation kilometres for deliveries can be saved, which is good for the environment and overall costs.

As a modern power plant, the. It produces energy for around 38, households through the incineration of waste and delivers the heat that is needed for the round-the-clock paper production next door. Another new incinerator that turns waste into energy was planned in the middle of a residential quarter in Freeport, New York. Even though the choice of location might seem odd at first, it makes sense when you take a closer look: it is a logistically intelligent choice when thinking about the fact that the waste is burned where it accrues, and that energy is produced where it is needed.

But how does a huge industrial building with dimensions of x metres and a height of 70 metres fit into a suburban area? Inspired by the linear crystallisation of Bismuth metal, steppings with different functions cover the entire building structure. This three-dimensional accessible surface covers the entire plant and has many technical functions like ventilation openings, as well.

Like this, DEON turns a seemingly unattractive object like an incinerator into a magic place for work, sport and relaxation. Besides designing impressive architecture, DEON is committed to teaching, as well as vocational and continuing education inside and outside their architectural office. That is why Luca Deon has had a professorship at the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture for 15 years, for example. New construction of media house — headquarters of Marburger Medien, Marburg a. Lahn, Germany — We offer spaces for others to adopt. Philipp Husistein, who stems from a family of craftsmen, understands the connection between creativity and the base of solid craftwork on which it can thrive.

He has always been interested in the reproductive element within a larger sphere. This has led him towards planning. Having worked in building and planning for 30 years now, he says that every day there is still something new to discover. Light is no standard product Licht ist kein Standardprodukt Light is at the centre of our daily lives, and Bartenbach GmbH strives to demonstrate just how comprehensive the subject of light actually is. Based on modern research, the company develops complex lighting designs in powerful conjunction with architecture.

In a nutshell: Bartenbach turns lighting into an experience. So entwickelt sie auf Grundlage der neuesten Lichtforschung komplexe Lichtplanung im intensiven Zusammenspiel mit Architektur. Kurz: Bartenbach macht Licht erlebbar. Lighting design has a major influence on our quality of life. Christian Bartenbach already knew this a few decades ago and founded a company for individual lighting solutions in Today, the well-known enterprise is a global player and employs a team of approximately 90 architects, physicists, psychologists and designers.

Regardless of whether for private buildings, modern offices and infrastructure projects, energetic modernisation projects, museums, shopping centres or lighting designs for the healthcare sector: the undisputed impact light has on humans remains at the core of Bartenbach. Egal ob Privatbauten, topmoderne Verwaltungs- und Infrastrukturprojekte, energetische Sanierungsprojekte oder Lichtplanungen aus den Bereichen Gesundheitswesen, Museumsbauten und Shoppingcenter: die unumstrittene Wirkung des Lichts auf den Menschen ist und bleibt das Kernthema.

Creative Director Ralph Kellenberger explains what is behind this concept. Their success proves them right. Storytelling designs Rich in modernist architectural tradition, Althaus Architekten today lies in the hands of the third generation. The office aims towards a conscientious approach, with an emphasis on the interplay between space, structure and light. Althaus projects are marked by an impartial search for specific answers to each and every task. Their designs take the uniqueness of a site, with all its aspects, as well as the individual demands of the builder and programme, into account.

Longstanding co-worker Michael Zwygart became partner in and, as of this year, Nicolaj Bechtel has also joined the management team. The compact team of ten allows the office to take on challenging conversions of historically significant and listed buildings. Furthermore, unique new family and holiday homes, as well as projects for the public and clerical sectors, form recurring tasks. Althaus Architekten clients appreciate a powerful yet sensitive design, adapting well to both the environment and their personal needs, while being executed conscientiously to the last detail.

Scharnachtal family home This former holiday home, designed by office founder Willi Althaus in , shows an impressive, simplistic and modernist levity, transforming the traditional theme of the mountainside chalet. It has now been refurbished to meet modern standards for year-round habitation, assisted by a north-facing expansion. Modern, large-format windows provide an expanded view of the valley and the high mountains.

The well-organised layout was only slightly adjusted. Im Anschluss einige Beispiele. Einfamilienhaus Scharnachtal Das ehemalige Ferienhaus, entworfen von Willi Althaus, zeichnet sich durch eine beeindruckend einfache, moderne Leichtigkeit aus, welche das traditionelle Thema des Bergchalets weiterentwickelt. A subterranean expansion houses the guest rooms and an atrium at the front rotunda, as well as a sunken courtyard to the back, allow access to the gardens from the adjoining rooms, creating spectacular lighting moods. State-of-the-art ventilation and sealing techniques, as well as outstanding craftsmanship on all levels, unify the spatial diversity of the building.

Seidenweg Studios, Bern Cut into an old, nondescript carpentry workshop, the new architecture and photo studios are subject to an exciting lighting structure, leading from the calm, dark environment of the basement to an illuminated space with light streaming in from various directions. Without disturbing the overall quiet atmosphere, the old and raw building parts stand opposite the new, precisely detailed elements and depict the history of the building, thereby allowing for a direct emotional access. The constantly changing lighting situations throughout the day are a much discussed subject for both users and visitors.

Nicolaj Bechtel, who joined the office as of this year, sums up the value of the new-. Various floor-overlapping spatial references were created, and the double-story dining area becomes the new central point of family life. The original flooring was kept or newly revealed, while damaged parts were filled with cement. Walls and ceilings, including fractured areas, were painted white, resulting in a calm, unified surface. The original structure remains visible through the changeover of materials, the demolition scars, as well as the new support structure of steel beams.

The doubly radical handling of the existing structure, uncompromising in both demolition and conservation, honours the house in its original power and makes it fit for a new life. Althaus Architekten Bern is currently in the process of a new development and, with the office being in the hands of the third generation now, they aim to make their work even more accessible to the outside world.

Der auf zwei Arten radikale Umgang mit. More than just planting trees… The Swiss landscape architects from Westpol go beyond your average landscape design and create clever visual highlights using elements from the world of plants. He quickly realised that this was where he needed to be. But we are also interested in superordinate projects such as defining the edges of residential areas or integrating infrastructures into our landscape. Working with evolving natural materials and various layers of vegetation, it often takes many decades until a project has reached its final look.

A fascinating process, which is very different to, for example, designing a building. Leutschenpark, Zurich. Top and middle image: Private garden, Basel region. The area Leutschenbach was going through an urban transformation, from industrial use to residential and service quarters. In order to create a new iden-. Part of the park is a small hill with a little forest. But due to its former use as a bullet trap of the shooting facility Leutschenbach, the soil was massively polluted by projectiles.

The second option was to deny access to the public. We integrated the latter approach into our design. The result is a large tree pot, which encloses the hill and its trees. The location of a former bonded warehouse was opened to the public. During those early days, it was all about temporary installations and ensuring that all safety requirements were met. Later on, the city of Basel launched the project competition of the School of Art and Design, which would tie this important institution and around 1, students and lecturers to this unique location.

Within this new context, it was possible to realise various additional building projects. They work successfully with private building owners as well as with the public sectors. No matter the project, the team always tries to get the feeling of any given location. They research morphological properties, history and local stories, topography, function and use, as well as what emotions a certain place triggers.

Building this comprehensive bigger picture is the first step for the development of all designs. Taking location and specific requirements into account, the creative heads of Westpol have designed a colourful range of unique projects over the past two decades, and there is certainly a lot more to come. No project is too big or too small There are so many other unique projects worth mentioning that it becomes hard to pick just a few to highlight. Westpol designs speak for themselves. As the interior designers and architects. The task at hand, the central points of what their client tries to achieve, as well as the timescale and the economy of the new building, further form the design, posing the question: how will the future inhabitant experience their living environment?

Rene Arndt and Thomas Geiger were founders as well as pioneers. A studio set in an old window. Nowadays, a team of 30 works here with the help of state-of-the-art computer equipment: everything is being created and drawn in three dimensions. The office is led by four partners, but the studio has kept up its year-old principles of sculptural design and location, resulting in a timeless, modern expression. The architects also look after largescale projects such as a new training centre for a leading bank, a hotel included.

Each and every project is an ongoing, mutual process between client and architect which, as Rene Arndt and Thomas Geiger explain, in some cases can take up years of close collaboration. Many new and exciting projects are in the pipeline for AGH this year. The office is proud to have helped improve BIM building information technology and three-dimensional designing. Viele neue und aufregende Projekt erwarten die Architekten auch in diesem Jahr. Only the very best… In our fast-evolving world, businesses often have to face many new challenges.

A strong partner can make all the difference when trying to navigate through corporate changes. Aber es gibt noch immer den Weg der klassischen Initiativbewerbung. Hier geht es um Positionen, die. Ein Entscheider muss in max. If you wish to be independent from banks but lack the time to manage your assets, look no further. The multilingual team individually supports international clients with their investment management, but also helps during conversations with banks, with legal and tax advice, or when optimising the hand-over to the next generation.

When a new client is taken on, the process usually starts with the independent autonomous investment management of liquid assets. Individual preferences as well as other assets are factored in to avoid cluster risk. Building bridges between international investors and real estate opportunities With more than 50 years of experience in international real estate financing, Walter Klug is a household name in Germany and abroad. As an expert with connections all over the world, he brings together investors and real estate developers for interesting new real estate projects — mainly in Germany.

After having worked for two major German and American banks for 40 years, in , Walter Klug was actually ready to retire. But many former clients and partners got in touch, asking for advice on investments in real estate and housing markets. Klug decided to establish his own consultancy and today sees himself as the connecting link between investors and companies with real estate opportunities.

Klug mainly focuses on the German property market, but works with clients from all over the world. Klug knows which fund or investor might be interested in which project and connects both sides. Modernes Einfamilienhaus, das mit Hilfe der pwm Finanzmanagement finanziert wurde.

Wir stellen einen von ihnen vor. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Europace finden wir schnell. The pioneer in digital investment management fintego offers standardised ETF-based investment management using the latest technology: the robo advisor. But if you think that you will only be looked after by robots, think again. Since its launch in , the focus has been on a comprehensible and transparent investment strategy. The concept works: happy clients and an impressive track record stand testimony.