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Shadow Of Your Wings. Under His Wings. Open Hymnal. Also, notice that the 99 are righteous people who do not need to repent. This is the opposite of the Gospel. Did Jesus care about the consequences when he willingly died for us? You need to consider the rest of the passages surrounding leaving 99 to find the one in order to comprehend it correctly.

Leave no man behind. I think the writer explained what he meant when he wrote the song. He was conveying the thought that no matter the mess we are in He loves in the midst of it all. I understand and see it from both points of view. But I also believe that the Most High knows our hearts when we sing this in a worshipping spirit.

Maybe priceless would have been a better word. Simon the zealot tried to buy the Holy spirit from Peter in Acts. Also only 2 syllables. I see it differently. I do not think that it necessarily means that it is reckless on His part. In Our or the Pharisees perception of his love, we might find him to be somewhat reckless. Risking reputation while dealing with the woman at the well…risking reputation at Matthews House with the tax collectors and sinners…Leaving his 99 in someone elses care while searching for the one.

Just a thought.

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I believe that the word reckless fits the entire song, so as to describe how God love and will love us. I take it personally. The same way I want to describe His love as unconditional. World view. God warns us about this. The first definition at Dictionary. I loved that he used the word Reckless, it fits in perfectly and he described it perfectly.

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When you truly feel Gods love and cannot understand the logic in him loving sinners you will also understand exactly what this song means with the exact words used. The world may view loving sinners as Reckless yet he gives himself away over and over again for the off chance that we may love him too but never forcing us to.

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Always giving us the free will to decide, yet loving us anyways! If the word reckless were to take on a new meaning this song sure does explain it to the T?. I love this song just as it is and Jesus loves us just as we are. Not God at all. They knew, and still Christ went to the cross for us. Where did you get the Spurgeon quote? I am writing a final paper on envy and love and that quote would go perfect in there somewhere.

Thank you so much for this post. I went online in search of an explanation for my thoughts as it is difficult toget this song out of my head. Although I always get stuck after saying reckless. I enjoy searching for definitions for better explantion, especially when reading the bible. I think that has heightened my discernment for words in general.

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  • And like you said people would say its just a word, but words carry so much weight especially when we try to express and share the Sovereignty of our Lord. I think of Gods love as reckless in the sense He loves with out regard for the outcome. In that while we were yet sinners He died for us. Knowing not all will respond to His love yet He loves without reservation. Qualifies as reckless in my book. He absolutely regards the outcome. He absolutely considers the cost.

    He absolutely was concerned with the price he must pay. The beautiful truth, that the author so well described, is that He paid that price anyway. Deliberately, consideringly, intentionally, with full knowledge and purpose…on purpose. I agree with everything Brian says here. Those things are not exclusive of each other! You could even say that it was because of the final outcome that outweighs the temporary, but horrific, consequences that Christ would endure.

    That still leaves the immediate action and consequences reckless. Deliberately and intentionally reckless. For me, the writer is totally right! We were slammed for our sound, songs, and look. Levis, long hair, electric guitars. Oh youth! I am certainly biased. God is the Judge.

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