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How To Cold Smoke Salmon - Delicious Salmon Bagel

Also, here is a hot smoking fish guide , or how to hot smoke on a gas BBQ Guide. When I did some work in Scotland for a year, one of the businesses was a fine dining celebrity restaurant. The family also owned half a mountain with wild venison red deer running around, handy for the kitchen. It was an awesome place, though this was quite a few years back now.

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Oxygen is to blame for any decline in quality when you store foodstuffs for longer periods in the refrigerator or freezer. A marinade or a thin layer of olive oil protects the meat so that it keeps a little longer.

Guide to Cold Smoking

Any layer of fat also protects the meat. This is where the curing chamber or a consistent temp and humidity helps.

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The issue with trying to long term cure in a fridge is 1 contamination from other foods 2 drying out too fast and going hard. But for short term dry curing, I have worked out a successful method, if you want to know more — please find it here. Duck hunting season is something I have got excited about since I was about 8 years old.

Wild duck and also farmed duck works well, this is pure and simple cooked in fat duck or goose , then packed into sterilized jars.

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If not opened they will last months possibly years in the cupboard. Once open, we would generally consume it within a month. My friend was pretty proud as punch about this recipe, so he distributed jars and printed recipes as a gift to a select lucky group, including myself. Vaguely related to smoking for preservation. Some Jerky or Biltong is hot or cold smoked to give flavor.

The initial process of drying the meat out already preserves the meat for a few days to a few weeks.

Cold Smoking Vs. Hot Smoking Meat – What You Need To Know

It does tend to dry out more and more due to exposure to oxygen. It coagulates protein.

With continued exposure to acid, the unraveled protein strings eventually bump into each other and form new bonds. Meat such as pork, beef, fish, seafood and poultry are all popular.

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Many types of vegetables can be smoked also. Hot Smoking is cooking with the addition of smoke for flavor. A century later, the family remains faithful to the original principles of using the freshest salmon shipped from Scotland within 48 hours, little salt, and just the right amount of oak smoke to create their London Cure smoked salmon. After salting, with the bones left in to enhance flavour, whole sides of salmon are hung by hand to allow the smoke to permeate the flesh. Smoked salmon became the first British home-grown gourmet food, and if done properly it still is that today.

Salmon with 'beurre d'escargot' and spinach recipe. Smoked mackerel with a beetroot salad recipe. A n easy to use, portable cooker to smoke fish wherever you may fancy.

Your Complete Guide to Smoking Fish

Simply light the meths burner on this airflow deluxe smoker cooker, sprinkle oak chips on the base, place your chosen fish inside, pop the lid on and wait patiently while your dinner is infused with wonderful, deep smokey flavours. A ll you need is a sealed metal box to use this smoke generator. Anything from a barbecue with a lid, to an old filing cabinet or a dustbin will do the trick. The generator produces ten hours of smoke so you have plenty of time to experiment.

A Guide to Smoked Fish

F or a bit of theatre, more than for a serious smoke, this hand-held smoker produces cold smoke so that you can quickly add gourmet flavour to cheese, meat, fish, salads, butter, chocolate and cocktails. S moke foods on your stove with this stainless steel stove top smoker. Larger pieces of meat and fish can also be smoked by creating a lid with aluminium foil.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. S ix packs of extra fine wood chips to infuse wonderful flavours into fish, meat, cheese and vegetables. From rich oak and hickory, to sweeter cherry and maple, you will be sure to add a gourmet and mouthwatering touch to any dish.