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Takae has been posting her original technical content on her blog for more than 10 years and the total number of blogs has reached 2, and gained 19,, views so far. Last year, she published 30 posts on her blog and gained 2,, views. His feedback has been or will be incorporated into many Microsoft products. The feedback he provides is high quality and critical for us.

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Because of all that, we do ask for his feedback, and we take it seriously. Always the first to try things, and gives us candid, actionable feedback whether it be positive or negative. He also contributes to the community by uploading samples and libraries he built on to Yammer and Git. Home Explore.

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That will require fundamental changes in our organizations. I have spent the last seven years, first at The Boston Globe and most recently at McClatchy, working with teams dedicated to making this transition. This report is intended as a brief guide to the technical and strategic challenges that arise when building a subscription program. Every organization is at a different stage in the effort to become data-centric and reader-focused.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos These are the benefits of space exploration.

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See video from Apollo 11 like you've never seen it before. Watch the countdown to Apollo 11's liftoff.

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NASA astronaut captures stunning timelapse. How space influenced decades of pop culture. When President Nixon called the moon.

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  • Hear them sing 'Strolling on the moon' while on the moon. Watch Buzz Aldrin step onto the moon for the first time. This is how being a dancer makes you a better astronaut. This is what life on Mars could be like. These women are designing spacesuits of the future. NASA plans to return to the moon by Jeff Bezos unveils his big plans for the moon. NASA captures images of shockwaves colliding in flight. Space travel altered Kelly's chromosomes.

    It was set to be the first space docking in history between two spacecraft, Gemini 8 and the Agena, during NASA's second human spaceflight program. The astronauts were stuck in a loop, spinning faster and faster.


    We're disengaged from the Agena. Despite the wild rotation, which would be enough to potentially cause a blackout, Armstrong was able to think quickly and use re-entry control system thrusters on the spacecraft's nose to regain control. The mission was aborted, but Armstrong and Scott landed safely back on Earth.

    It's not unlike the harrowing failed launch that astronaut Nick Hague went through last year during what would have been his first trip to space. Two minutes after he launched in the cramped quarters of the Soyuz MS capsule with Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchini, there was an anomaly with the booster, and the ascent was aborted, resulting in a ballistic landing.

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    Brad Meltzer: Why Neil Armstrong is making news again. I hear the alarm sounding and see the red light where the engine has had an emergency.

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    I had the vivid realization 'we aren't making it to orbit today. We've been pulled off rocket, and we have to land. Upon re-entry, the two men faced an onslaught of G force, or the force of gravity, so strong that it pushed down on their chests. They had to breathe by using their abdomens to open their diaphragms. The astronauts also had to gather loose items so they didn't become projectiles during landing. And they had to complete their landing checklist, speaking with Mission Control, as alarms blared around them.

    On the flight recording, Hague can be heard speaking Russian, a language he learned as an astronaut candidate.

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    Both men sound extremely calm throughout the entire process. Astronaut recounts harrowing failed space launch. The thing you can do to give yourself the highest chance of success is focus and stay calm and do the things you were trained to do," he later said. Hague chalks it up to so much time spent training, going through every possible failure scenario -- including one similar to what actually happened. They weren't prepared for the physical sensations of a bounce-and-roll landing on the ground, yet Hague emerged from the capsule with a smile that surprised everyone.

    It's the ability to adapt, react quickly, knowing when to lead and when to follow, communicating effectively, remembering training and expecting the unexpected. In the beginning, NASA didn't know what the qualifications for an astronaut should be. It needed people who understood risk, who could work under pressure and who could succeed in a dangerous environment full of unknowns. There were fears that a man would look out of the capsule window and see the Earth and freak out or that it might be impossible to swallow in zero gravity.

    The very first astronaut class of was for the short-term Mercury program. In NASA's plan for human spaceflight, one of the many issues that came up included security clearance. Although pilots were on the shortlist as potential candidates for the astronaut program, people with adventure experience had also been considered, like deep-sea divers, parachutists and even circus performers, according to NASA historian Bill Barry.

    Sanjay Gupta. It's a vacuum. It's dangerous. We ought to get someone who's accustomed to perils. We'll get a bullfighter. It was suggested to President Dwight Eisenhower that requiring candidates to be graduates of an accredited test pilot school might cover all of the bases, Collins said.

    Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins mocks Trump's knowledge of Mars. Seven men were selected for Mercury, all test pilots. The astronaut classes after Mercury would provide candidates for the Gemini and Apollo programs.