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The book encourages children to read by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning. If you want to have a larger selection of kid stories, check out these destinations. Kobo — a very well-curated section of the popular ebookstore will let you explore kids books in an easy way.

You can browse here by popular series, popular characters, or age.

1. Toddle Waddle by Julia Donaldson

Amazon Rapids — a special subscription-based service run by Amazon, offering short stories for kids in a unique chat-style format. Feel free to share this infographic on your site Creative Commons license. To get more posts like this, please subscribe by RSS or email. Prime Day Founder of Ebook Friendly. Ebook enthusiast, technology geek, and self-published short story author.

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These affordable Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones provide long battery life — long enough to finish an entire audiobook. Be assured that no power or spirit can harm you. There is only one demon in the world whose power is greater than mine, and that is Fear himself. Be brave, keep the doors of your heart locked against Fear; be faithful, and you shall never have cause to regret your coming. S o Florian, who was by nature brave, felt ashamed of having allowed the demon Fear to knock at the door of his heart, and resolved never to let his courage fail, no matter what might happen.

And true to this resolve the lad remained during the years he spent in the service of the Enchanter. At first, to be sure, he had to struggle to conquer his fear of some of the goblins; but as time passed and no ghost or goblin ever ventured to annoy him, he grew accustomed to their presences and ended by paying no more attention to them than he paid to the great ravens who flew croaking over the mire. So faithful and courageous was the little page that, when his year was up, the Enchanter begged him to remain yet another year, promising him rich rewards if he stayed.

When this second year was up, however, Florian felt a longing to see the world again, and told the Enchanter that he must be going.

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Thou art a brave and faithful lad. Here is a purse of gold for thy wages, and here are three gifts to reward thy courage and good-will. Moreover, if you are ever yourself in deadly peril, call upon me, and I will come and help you. S o Florian thanked the Enchanter, and taking his gifts, went back into the world again. But so gentle and kind was he that he soon gave away to the unfortunate all the gold he had earned, and was forced to go in search of another situation.

At length he entered the service of the King and Queen of the Twelve Towers. T his royal couple, who were renowned in Fairyland as much for their goodness and generosity as for their wealth and magnificence, had but one son, Prince Florizel. No braver or more gallant prince ever drew breath. W hen Florian entered the service of the King and Queen, these excellent parents were sending their son on a visit to his uncle, the Emperor of the Plain, and Florian was ordered to join the gay company of lords and ladies, knights and soldiers, who were to make the journey.

N ow in some way or other, after the company had been a few days on the road, Prince Florizel, who watched over the company as carefully as a good captain does over his soldiers, became aware of the bravery, trustworthiness, and modest bearing of Florian, the little page, and promoted him to be his own personal squire. Though she fought as hard as she could against her own heart, it was of little use, and she knew herself to be deeply in love with the gallant Florizel.

Yet she suffered no word or sign of her affection to escape her, for Prince Florizel thought her only a little page, and to speak would be to betray the secret she had so long and successfully guarded.

20 short stories for kids

O ne morning, as the cavalcade was riding through a charming country, Florian, for so we must still continue to call Isabella, was following close behind his master, when the Prince caught sight of a wonderful scarlet flower, something like a scarlet lily, blooming by the roadside. At the same moment, the little golden bird that Florian wore round his neck sang a few clear notes as if it were alive. A nd he was about to dismount and pick the flower, when Florian spurred on ahead of him, grasped the enchanted flower, and tossed it into a ditch. T he company rode on a few miles more, and suddenly the Prince caught sight of a beautiful jeweled dagger lying in the highway.

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At the same moment the little golden bird sang a few clear notes of warning. A nd he was about to dismount and pick up the dagger, when Florian spurred on ahead of him, seized the dagger, and tossed it into a ditch. T he company now rode on for a few miles more, and the Prince saw by the roadside a beautiful enchanted garden. Birds of many colors sang in the branches of the trees, fountains sparkled and danced in the sunlight, and the sweetest of music was heard.

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At the same moment the golden bird sang louder and longer than ever. Florian was left alone in the garden. Night was fast approaching. Into her trap poor Florizel had walked, and the witch, hoping to bend him to her will by terrifying him, had thrown him into a deep dungeon. The ugly daughter had immediately peeked through the key-hole of the prison, and fallen in love with Florizel at first sight. T he witch was just considering what to do next, when her lion-headed servitors informed her that one of the company had resisted her enchantment, and was wandering about the garden.

So the witch put on her cloak of invisibility, and going down to the garden, found poor Florian wandering disconsolately under the trees. Haylie has many hats, some big, some small. When it's time for tea with the queen, Haylie wears the….

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