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Personally I like to run with Scatter Lasers here or Shuriken Cannons as they can lay down some high strength firepower on infantry units. Alternatively you could put them all in Wave Serpents, but the points really start racking up then, and this is already a fairly pricey Core Choice.

Because they are artillery and your opponent must roll To Wound against their Toughness 7 when shooting, they make a great unit for your Farseer to join. The Guardian Stormhost is also a nice choice here. Getting free flamers and fusion guns combined with their speed in the Warhost makes them a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, while they can gain a lot of Initiative 5 close combat attacks, their Strength 3 attacks make them less than optimal. The Windrider Host probably suffers the most of all the Core choices. Most everyone is familiar with Scatbike packs and how much of a nuisance they are on the table.

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Shuriken Cannons, however, make a great alternative in this case. The Command choices bring you the versatility to add some special characters to your army and are very flavorful, but none are optimal and all of the Phoenix Lords are very expensive. Taking an Autarch is not a bad choice here, especially if you plan on using reserve units such as the Crimson Death Formation, or deep striking Aspect Warriors as he can manipulate reserve rolls with his special rules. The Seer Council is obviously an attractive choice as well, because of the ease of gaining Warp Charge. While no longer the threat they were in 6th edition really, they are still a force to be reckoned with and make a pretty dangerous, albeit expensive, death star unit.

The Auxiliary choices are where the Warhost shines. Specifically when you include an Aspect Host. Most people are probably all too familiar with this Formation already as a way to bring lots of Warp Spiders that hit on 2s in shooting. When you factor in Matchless Agility their speed gets insanely ridiculous. Outcasts make a great way to cheaply fill in your Warhost requirement and of course Rangers make great objective campers. Keeping them in Reserves and coming in late game to snatch objectives with Outflank is a great way to use them as well.

Dire Avenger Shrines are good as well, because of their ability to increase the number of shots once per game. Hitting on 2s with the extra Bladestorm shots means you can lay down a lot of deadly firepower. Their speed with Matchless Agility also makes their threat range extremely dangerous as well. Harboring back to the Iyanden supplement of 6th edition, the Wraithhost brings in Wraith units that Battle Focus. Unfortunately the formation is way too pricey to be viable especially considering the cost of the core formations.

The Wraithlord is a big tax here as well as he is not very effective, even with Matchless Agility factored in. Crimson Death is a nice Formation, but would probably be better had it been Crimson Hunters. And gaining Preferred Enemy combined with their built-in ability to re-roll armor penetration rolls against all other Flyers makes them more than capable of dominating the air. Vector Dancer allows you to maneuver these guys all over the board too which is nice. If your meta is flyer heavy then this is a great formation to take as an auxiliary, however. Engines of Vaul is a pretty solid choice for the Warhost detachment, especially Falcons.

When taken in a squadron they can use their Cloudstrike ability to really lay down a massive beta-strike. Combine them with Fire Dragons taken in an Aspect Host or Wraithguard from the Wraithhost, and their threat ability is terrifying for the opponent.

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Unfortunately again, it is a huge point investment to your army which makes them less than optimal in the Warhost. Wraith Constructs gives you the option to add a Wraithknight to your Warhost which is pretty much an auto-take for every single Eldar army which should come as no surprise. All other rights - including, but not limited to, distribution, duplication, and publish by any means - are retained by HeavenGames LLC.

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