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How small can the naked eye see? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Nadlinger noted that he's not the first to photograph an atom in this way; Nobel laureate Hans Dehmelt photographed a single barium atom in That aside, it's a great photo that literally brought an impossibly small world to light, and Nadlinger is one of the few people that could pull it off. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up.

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The Alan Parsons Project - The Naked Eye (Demo)

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It's a game-changer. The macroscopic objects in question are two microfabricated vibrating circular membranes.

Quantum entanglement demonstrated at a level visible to the naked eye

Basically, they're tiny drumheads that measure at about the width of a human hair. That might still seem small, but it's huge by quantum comparisons.

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It's also something we can see with our own eyes, albeit strained eyes. Researchers were able to bring the two tiny drums into a state of entanglement through the careful driving of a superconducting electrical circuit to which both were coupled. They kept the noise from the great big world at bay by cooling the electrical circuit to just above absolute zero, about minus degrees Celsius minus Amazingly, the two drums remained entangled for almost half an hour.

The implications of this research are monumental.