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Followers of Jesus, who are in the kingdom of light, have been given authority by God to command demons. By studying Jesus' life and other passages in scripture, we can gain insights into how to respond to the influence of demons effectively. In order to attend this class, please create a free account and log in. You will then be able to enroll in the class for free and track your progress.

Spiritual warfare is basically the battle between us and the forces of darkness.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE - Put on the Armor of God - Inspirational & Motivational Video

The three dimensions of spiritual warfare are the world, the flesh and the devil. Specific passages describe the spiritual nature of these battles and help us understand how we experience them practically.

Course 2 – Spiritual Warfare

Jesus deals with demons with a single command, telling them to get out of the person. Demons are personal spiritual beings that are opposed to the kingdom of God. God has given believers the authority to deal with demons. Note: some flaws exist in the audio; parts of words are skipped.

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We are working to fix this, and if necessary will re-record the lecture. A biblical worldview describes reality differently than a worldview based on naturalism or eastern religion. Throughout the Bible, we see a conflict between Yahweh and other gods. Demons are spirits that are real and personal. There are differences of opinion about what the Bible teaches regarding Satan's origin, whether or not disciples of Jesus can be possessed by demons, and how we should deal with demons.

Spiritual Warfare

In Mark 1, one of the first recorded events is a demon recognizing that Jesus is God. The pattern for Jesus dealing with a demon is that Jesus sees the person who is possessed by a demon, makes a simple command for him to come out, there is a short struggle and the demon comes out. Jesus has opened up a way for people to come out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. Satan and the demons are created beings. Christ is above them in authority and they must obey Him.

Colossians 2 lists seven things God has done for us as a result of bringing us out of the kingdom of darkness and as a result, we should not allow demons to accuse us. We live in either the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light.

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In the kingdom of light, God's kingdom, demons have no authority and we have authority to command the demons. The model in Scripture for responding to demons is to tell the demon to "get away. Be careful about building your key theological points based on a specific interpretation of these and other passages about which there is controversy regarding what they teach. Use biblical passages that are clear to guide your interpretation of controversial passages. If we are in the kingdom of light, we have authority over demons. We are instructed to resist the devil. Satan uses deception, accusation and temptation to attack believers.

Gerry's stories of encounters with the demonic gives us insight into the application of biblical principles for interacting with the kingdom of darkness. You can download these lectures with our app and listen to them offline more information.

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  8. The Foundations program is intended for everyone, regardless of biblical knowledge. The Academy program is intended for those who would like more advanced studies. And the Institute program is intended for those who want to study seminary-level classes. In the Foundations and Academy programs, we recommend taking the classes in the order presented, as each subsequent class will build on material from previous classes.

    In the Institute program, the first 11 classes are foundational.

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    Beginning with Psalms, the classes are on specific books of the Bible or various topics. At this time, we offer certificates only for the classes on the Certificates page. Yet not one of us is immune to the consequences of spiritual warfare. Although the players fight in an invisible realm, we all face the effects—pain, struggle, defeat, heartache—of their conflict every day of our lives.

    Until you recognize that your struggle is not with man but with spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, you will never begin to live in victory. Your victory in spiritual warfare must rest on the reality that God has given you everything that you need to live in light of the truth of His victory in order to experience and become all that God has created you to be.

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    But God will not dress you in the weapons of warfare. You are going to have to put on the Armor of God yourself — everyday — in order to experience the victory that is yours. But I speak of a war that has consequences which will reverberate throughout eternity. Staff Favorites.

    Spiritual Warfare

    The Need for Spiritual Armor. The Operation of Angels. The Scope of the Battle.