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You hear of few incidents of racially motivated violence. The vast majority of South Africans want a non-racial democracy that respects people's differences.

Though the poor and unemployed remain disproportionately black, an emerging black middle class is slowly blurring racial and social lines. Once-segregated schools and universities now include students of all colours. Even at the formerly all-white University of the Free State, where the racist video was shot and where tuition was once in Afrikaans the language of the early Dutch settlers , most students are now black. A rising majority of South Africans think that race relations are improving see chart.

Yet South Africa is far from colour-blind. People of different races often eat in the same restaurants—but at different tables.

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Peaceful coexistence, which South Africa generally enjoys, does not mean integration. People in rural areas are even less likely to mix than those in large cities such as Johannesburg. According to David Maimela of the South African Students' Congress, formerly white universities have paid only lip service to integration.

But Tim du Plessis, editor of Rapport , a popular Afrikaans weekly, says that legitimate issues to do with language have been used as a pretext to resist racial integration. Many white South Africans, both Afrikaans- and English-speaking, feel increasingly frustrated by affirmative action. Where Nelson Mandela inspired many of them with his national vision, his successors—including President Thabo Mbeki—have generally failed to do so.

Many whites think the ANC is losing the moral high ground, and are becoming more insular and withdrawn—or are just emigrating.

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At the same time, many of their black compatriots feel frustrated by the slow pace of change. Yet most South Africans, whites included, genuinely abhor crude racism. The measure of South Africa's success is not whether it manages to eliminate racism—no multiracial country in the world has done that—but how it deals with it. Her extensive training and experience in the medical field has given her the tools to heal the body in a therapeutic, professional and safe manner. Recieve a customized one hour classic facial as well as a one hour massage at a discounted price just for you!

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Jess Glynne’s no-makeup stunt at the Brits was trite, skin-deep feminism

House is unconvinced by the test results because the other symptoms fit. However, Wilson has checked everywhere.

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Despite that, the team agrees with House. The only explanation is that the patient is responding unconsciously to the anti-twitching medication. They try a placebo to see if the twitching returns. The social worker visits the patient and dismisses the abuse allegations, as both father and daughter deny it. Cameron confronts the patient, who admits that she regularly sleeps with men, who can further her career. She slept with her father because she knew doing so would allow her to do as she pleases. The twitching returns, showing the patient is actually ill.

House shows Cameron the patient's medical history, which reveals that she has never menstruated , had little pubic hair, and has undersized ovaries. They do an MRI and find the cancer in her groin. House goes to the patient and explains that "he has cancer on his left testicle". The patient has complete androgen insensitivity syndrome CAIS. The disorder prevented the genetically "male" Alex from being able to process testosterone. Since the patient could only process estrogen, the patient developed female characteristics, such as large breasts.

This revelation disturbs Alex, who is unable to believe that she is, actually, intersex, prompting a psychiatric referral from House, who remarks upon the irony that the ultimate woman is a "man". The surgery is a success. House visits Cuddy for another shot of morphine. Cuddy admits the previous shot was saline solution - a placebo.

The pain only returned after House solved the case, so it was psychological after all. House goes home to play the piano. He reaches for his Vicodin. The male patient is exhibiting a number of symptoms, including tooth pain, headaches , and nausea. House diagnoses sympathetic pregnancy ; the symptoms mirror those of his pregnant wife. He tells the patient to stop whining about it.

Later, House dodges his clinic duty by saying his leg hurts too much. While Cuddy covers for him, she meets the patient again, who is now developing breasts. Cuddy gives the patient House's personal pager number when she notes House did not write down his prior diagnosis on the patient's chart.

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Later, the wife arrives in labor , and the husband feels sympathetic pain. This leads House to realize that secondary sexual characteristics are based on hormones , like the estrogen coursing through the clinic patient's body.

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He investigates the possibility that his other patient is unable to process testosterone. Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in males. However, complete androgen insensitivity syndrome CAIS is very rare, occurring in about 1 of every , male pregnancies but also increasing the risk of testicular cancer. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.