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If you took Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters at DCA, swapped the cars for these little hovercraft things, and filled the area with about 6 inches of water, you'd have Aquatopia. Aboard your hovercraft you'll enjoy a small adventure around the tide pools of Port Discovery. What you're looking at are Green Alien Mochi, which are strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ganache-filled bundles of perfection. Oh ok. White chocolate popcorn. I'll just gain fifty thousand pounds on this trip from all of this epic junk food.

No big deal. By this point it had started to, like, for real rain pretty hard. With another 45 minutes before my Tower of Terror FastPass, I decided to just wait in standby and ride twice. The queue was over an hour long, but I really didn't feel like going anywhere and then coming right back.

Besides, look at this amazing lobby! Like the TOTs before it, the Hightower Hotel has an elaborate lobby-themed queue that begins to tell the story of a fateful evening in which something went horribly, horribly wrong. Harrison Hightower is the owner of the Hightower Hotel. He's a fearless explorer and avid collector of antiques. No sooner was the tiki thing added to his archives did Harrison come crashing down the hotel's elevator shaft.

His body was never found.

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Harrisson Hightower's disappearance was used as a marketing ploy to attract visitors to his archives. The archive is this Tower of Terror's version of the boiler room. Every holding bay has different themes reflecting the artifacts found inside. During my 2nd ride I got some pics of the preshow. Notice the tiki-thing on the left. The preshow is in Japanese, of course,. Different holding bay!

This one is all suits of armor and weapons! Still not quite the crazy trip-fest that is the Orlando one, but the unique story of this installation really makes it stand out. The Hightower Hotel is captivating to watch. Full-sized ocean liner. Inside is a fancy restaurant and Crush's Turtle Talk! Scrooge McDuck owns the pawn shop and the department store on the American Waterfront.

Coming back around to the entrance of the park, we enjoy Mt. Prometheus at night. The windows you see above the shops of the Mediterranean Harbor are actually rooms inside Hotel Miracoasta! Yes, there is a Disney hotel literally inside of DisneySea! There is just nothing more amazing to me than this view right now. It's short, overly gentle, and apparently requires a 3-point seatbelt. Journey to the Center of the Earth is only outside for, like, a microsecond.

But it's still worth a night ride! Now that I've ridden every major ride in the park at least twice, I'm kind of in the mood for some coaster action! Lines for all the major rides were pretty long throughout the day hrs , even with the cold weather. Even Raging Spirit's single ride line was almost a half hour earlier today!

But thanks to this amazing rain, everyone has cleared out! Time for a Raging Spirits nighttime marathon! As surprisingly good as this ride was during the day, it was even better at night! And in the rain! It's downright LIT, fam! It took DisneySea almost 5 years to bring an adult-sized coaster to the party, but the wait yielded a ride worthy of the park's already flawless lineup. It's worth mentioning that, while the Paris Indy has basically Intamin shoulder restraints, Raging Spirits has custom harnesses with fluffy pillows on the shoulders!

Such luxurious comfort! The super cozy harnesses are very important, since everyone here is Headbanging would be a problem for a lot of people if this ride's harnesses weren't made out of clouds. Alright folks! Time to pack it in! Goodnight DisneySea. See you again in two days. With better weather. Almost as awesome as this collection of character popcorn bucket-themed keychains. God I love Japan. My last "new" Disney park for the foreseeable future.


Thanks to Tokyo Disneyland's unique wagon-wheel shape, you can take a hard left or a hard right on Main Street or "World Bazaar", as they call it here and be immediately in New Orleans Square or Tomorrowland, respectively. No hub passage necessary! This one is a must-FastPass. The ride is lit and capacity isn't the greatest. The furthest distance between any two given points in the park is no more than a 10 minute walk, making for remarkable crowd flow and accessibility!

More on that later. My 6th and final Disney castle. Bad weather? Egregious photo altering. Tokyo Disney's Fantasyland is the oldest Fantasyland to not yet receive a major overhaul, making it the most "old school". Tokyo also has the last of the old Dumbo configuration. It's quite quaint compared to the elaborate Dumbo presentations at all other Disney resorts.

Old-school Peter Pan sign! If you feel at all nostalgic about how Fantasyland used to be in the U. Not a lot has changed here since Do you miss Orlando's original Snow White ride? Tokyo's Snow White draws primarily from the opening-day Orlando version, with some elements of the Anaheim version.


To better prepare riders for the ride's frightening nature, the Anaheim ride's name was changed from "Snow White and Her Adventures" to "Snow White's Scary Adventures" the Orlando version received the name change and substantial overhaul in that replaced many of its original scenes with happier scenes. Both U. Updates of the U. The Tokyo and pre Orlando version consist almost entirely of scenes inspired by Snow's frightening run through the forest and scenes featuring the Evil Queen.

The ride abruptly ends with Evil Queen's death. There will never be better park merch than this right here. Delicious snacks have been procured for our wait! Molten chocolate and sweet potato stuffed churros! When time came to give Tokyo Disney a ride based on arguably the region's most beloved international IP, absolutely no shortcuts were taken.

Disneyland, Disney World, Hong Kong Disney, and Shanghai Disney all share a very similar Winnie the Pooh ride that, while popular, isn't exactly star status at any park. The simple tracked dark ride that calls every other Disney resort home except for Paris, which, despite its proximity to Great Britain, apparently doesn't care about Pooh certainly gets the job done, but wasn't going to be enough for Tokyo.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt is a bonafide E-ticket attraction in the truest sense. When it opened in , guests were dazzled by the way hunny pots seemed to "dance" their way through the ride independently. Classic dark ride elements and several 4D-esque incorporations elevated the attraction well beyond its Fantasyland contemporaries. Later dark ride implementations of the LPS dark ride Paris's Ratatouille and Hong Kong's Mystic Manor as well as outdoor, flat-ride-esque implementations DisneySea's Aquatopia and California Adventure's Rollicking Roadsters have amplified what this technology is capable of, but many still consider its original incarnation to be the best.

Ok guys. Sad time now. But man, this is an end of an era. Arrow Dynamics car rides are quintessential Disney. This is the 2nd of Disney's 5 Tomorrowland car rides to retire, following the quiet departure of Hong Kong Disney's Autopia last June after a mere 10 years of service. They must be very sad at the ride's departure. Had my trip been a few days later, I would have missed it! The landscaping is a lot more like Anaheim's Autopia, and the queue and station are quite substantial compared to the bare-bones Orlando ride whose days are also rumored to be numbered.

It takes a veritable army of cast members to operate this ride. That's part of the problem. As iconic as it is, there's nothing futuristic about driving a race car or in the case of the Anaheim, Paris, and Hong Kong Autopias, there's nothing futuristic about driving on the freeway. At least, not anymore. Nearby, a soggy Space Mountain plays host to a national "coming of age" holiday. The throwback element of Tokyo's Fantasyland can also be found on Space Mountain, which still features a moving incline entrance and a low-tech interior, where the only stars come from some strategically-placed disco balls.

Next up! This is one of the 10 best rides Disney has ever built? This ride is genius. It's rooms full of countless passenger-activated animatronics you trigger with a flashlight. Back to Fantasyland for some grub. Anaheim may have the only Alice in Wonderland dark ride, but Tokyo has the only Alice in Wonderland restaurant.

The local fascination with Alice in Wonderland is on par with that of Winnie the Pooh. The Brits have definitely struck a chord in Japan! The Asian practice of displaying delicious-looking fake food samples at restaurants is something I miss greatly when I return to the states. Lots of commotion in the Queen of Heart's royal kitchen. Today's special is severed head.

Just kidding. Today I'm having steak, caesar salad, and strawberry mousse in the shape of heart with a side of white rice obviously. The sun came out just in time for Tokyo Disney's daytime parade! The parade is called "Happiness is Here". As the name suggests, the parade is both here and also happy. This parade is big on carousel horses. Or in Lilo and Stitch's case, carousel sea horses. In general, Happiness is Here seems to have a toy theme. Leave it to the actual toys to roll up in a tricycle. Well ok this just looks like a typical over-sized elephant.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Documentary

Maybe it's not all toy themed? The Star Jets sort of look like toys. Here comes Rapunzel! I bet she likes roller coasters. And Parachute rides. The other princesses are on a giant toy? They have to stand up while Rapunzel gets to sit for the whole parade. Here comes Tinkerbell floating upon a toy flowerbed. I really appreciate that the King of Hearts is an especially small character actor and the Queen is Here's the Mad Hatter towing a likeness of himself.

I guess you could say he's got multiple personalities. Rabbit seems like the least likely character to ride on the back of a Woozle, and yet here we are. Hunny Hunt float! Hey, can you guess what's on this float? Carousel horses. The Star Jets look awesome! The last float is made of lots and lots of Mickey balloons.

Quicklet on Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis (eBook, ePUB)

Well ok actually this is technically the last float. The sponsor! Look at the time! It's time for it's a small world. This is all so familiar and yet so different. The inside is very nice. Unique to Tokyo Disneyland and true to Mary Blair's style. Yeah, so they take their popcorn very seriously out here.

The park map even shows where you can get each flavor. One of the gift shops in Tomorrowland has unique Disney Gashapon. What's Gashapon, you ask? Capsule toys! The Gashapon machine in Tomorrowland is actually its own attraction. People line up for it all day to buy one of 4 mini toys dispensed randomly. I wish U. Disney parks took merchandise as seriously as Asia. Cookie tins. The glass roof over World Bazaar seemed kind odd at first, but I bet it really comes in handy during wet weather!

Marching entertainment at its finest. When you take that hard left out of World Bazaar, you end up in a nice little spot of Adventureland that's kind of a mix of the two areas. New Orleans Square! It's listed as part of Adventureland. When you walk into the entrance of Pirates, suddenly it feels just like Anaheim! Though a key difference is this indoor overflow queue. Just like Anaheim! There was a time when Anaheim's New Orleans looked just like this! At some point in the 80s, the current bridge configuration over the Pirates entrance was added to improve traffic flow.

It's Rapunzel! You know, we've only just met her today, but I feel like we've know her for a while.


Look at that lovely afternoon sun! Oh yeah. This is some prime Cinderella's Castle lighting right here. Here it's almost hard to tell we're not in Orlando. Hi Walt. Forced perspective photography in progress. These people are such nerds! Just like me! Back to Adventureland! Tokyo Disney's railroad is quite interesting. As mentioned before, it doesn't actually encircle the park. It's a roundtrip ride with just one station! Leg room for the win! The oddness of the Tokyo train continues; it has a western theme, a western name, and is, for the most part, located in Westernland Frontierland and Critter Country.

Its station, however, is located in Adventureland — directly above the docks for Jungle Cruise! The Western River Railroad threads itself through these and other attractions, making itself generally more visible than similar Disney railroads. Wrapping the railroad around Big Thunder makes so much sense. Both attractions benefit from an elevation of atmosphere. If you're lucky, you might find yourself racing the Mark Twain on one side But before the ride ends, you may find yourself in a race with the Jungle Cruise as well!

Disney railroads make an appearance. Enchanted Tiki Room Orlando? Nah fam! Adventureland has a nice, seamless transition into Westernland. The stretch from Tiki Room to Big Thunder is a relatively quiet place in the park due to its lack of attractions. The entire rest of the "wheel" is literally caked with rides although the Country Bear Jamboree can be found here, for what it's worth. Bearing in mind haha When you look at a map of this place, it really is astounding the amount of care that was taken to arrange all of these rides in the most space-conscious manner.

While the word "sprawling" is a good way to describe Disneyland Anaheim and Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disney is the antithesis of sprawling. While this makes for a highly efficient experience overall, the coziness and quaintness found only in the smaller tendrils of Disney parks is totally nonexistent here. And, with major attractions lined up so uniformly together, it's hard for any one ride to have any particular presence.

The Haunted Mansion closed for its transformation from Haunted Mansion Holiday into regular Haunted Mansion is a good example; an attraction this iconic carries a great deal of presence in its other respective locations, but here, in the interest of space conservation, the ride is squished between Splash Mountain and the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. Blink and you'll miss it. It can be inconvenient at times, but there's something to be said for the more Even without them, a shot of small world from as far back as possible literally inside the station of Pinocchio's Daring Journey is only about 50ft away.

With Tokyo Disneyland's immediate near-completeness-and-perfecness is the double-edged sword of things changing very slowly. Only a handful of attractions here — Splash Mountain, Toontown, Pooh's Hunny Hunt, and Monsters Inc being the most notable — came after the park's initial planning stages. The Grand Circuit Raceway closing was especially big news out here, since very few attractions have left Tokyo Disney Resort especially compared to the U. When the resort made their first ever ride removal Tokyo Disney Skyway in , Pooh's Hunny Hunt followed in short order.

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  • Like Tokyo's incarnation of the Disneyland Railroad, Tokyo's rendition of the iconic Skyway ride was rather peculiar; it, like the Western River Railroad, was more form than function. The entire length of the Tokyo Skyride was only from Space Mountain or just in front of it, rather , to roughly where I took this picture; much shorter than the Anaheim Skyway and close to half the length of the Orlando Skyway.

    The Lost Continent - Jason Colavito

    Only a few small chunks of land were set aside for future development within Tokyo Disneyland. Those spots became Critter Country and Toontown, thus capping out the space-premium'd park just 10 years after it opened fortunately a whole 'nother theme park would soon show up right next door. I'm used to Disneyland's Toontown being a far-removed area of the park branching off the already far-removed it's a small world midway. It's pretty much the same as Anaheim's, although some things are moved around. I have literally gone all day without riding a roller coaster so far.

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    And in a park with three new credits! Sheer insanity! Despite the PGesque nature of Who Framed Roger Rabbit , Anaheim's Toontown has a reputation for being the kiddie area in an already kiddie-oriented theme park. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Als Download kaufen. Jetzt verschenken. Als Download kaufen 2, Jetzt verschenken 2, Sie sind bereits eingeloggt. Klicken Sie auf 2. Rp, Rp, Fantastic novels 2 for the price of one! Rp51, Rp73, The short story is often viewed as an inferior relation to the Novel.

    But it is an art in itself. Rp36, Rp52, Even for those who have never read Jules Verne , the author's very name conjures visions.. In the Year was first published in the Forum, February,