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Try and think of ways that information, description and setting can be interwoven, instead of overloading the reader. The best short stories are the ones that are tight; they use a small word count to pack a giant punch. So many short stories have an explosive beginning, a middle full of fireworks, but the end is like rain on a bonfire; boring and a huge disappointment. The mark of an amazing short story is one that keeps the reader wanting more. You can leave your reader hanging on an unanswered question, an explosive cliffhanger, or a classic happily ever after — but always put as much care into your ending as your beginning.

You can be as creative as you like, so feel free to submit multiple stories that you have written. Remember : Closing date is 28th February Writing Romance fiction is all about tapping into our subconscious and bringing worlds that we could only have ever dreamed about to life. Good Luck Everyone! Submission Guidelines In order for your entry to be considered, it must adhere to the following guidelines:.

Students can a number of different stories, but they cannot submit the same story multiple times. If it becomes apparent that a work has been plagiarised, the entrant and every entry they have made will be disqualified. However, by entering the competition, the entrant grants Write Romance Fiction the right to publish their story on their website. Exciting News!

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Write Romance Fiction Writing Challenge! Competition Details Your flash fiction competition entries must hold no more than words, and should be based on the following prompt by Nora Roberts…. Submit Your Entry. We want excitement, risk, adventure, danger, passion, raw emotion, something that makes our hearts race… Instead, why not focus on what romance is all about?

Consider: Desire, betrayal, sabotage, heartache, lost love, interfering outsiders. Will love over-come all obstacles or not? We want to read stories that hook our interest and leave us wanting more.

Exciting News!

Tips and Ideas: Keep your creativity flowing. Here are a few ideas to help spark your imagination…. Idea Three A day of romance makes the whole world feel like falling in love, but not everyone is warm and open-hearted. Can a heart still be held together? You only have one real limitation — your imagination!

Tips and Tricks for Writing Flash Fiction. Get right to the heart. Keep Up the Pace So many short stories have an explosive beginning, a middle full of fireworks, but the end is like rain on a bonfire; boring and a huge disappointment. Every single sentence should tell us something, drive your story forward, or do both.

Rules: You can be as creative as you like, so feel free to submit multiple stories that you have written. Great topic, Randy! Sorry, I had to come back and say 1. I have also been reading your blog recently with only one eye, through a blog aggregator. But, this definitely got my attention.

I have been extraordinarily busy lately, and I want to know how to maximize my writing time. I know that I always write better when I plan things out in advance. When I know who my characters are, what they want, where the plot is going, and how it all ends. Things may change, but that structure keeps me going and at it because I have a big picture. But might I also suggest Purpose?

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