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Verified Purchase. Admire aurhor for his efforts and overcoming adversity. I don't agree with everything but then again I am in the fire service. Mister Larsen has accomplished a phenomenal book about the unsung heroics of Lackland Fire Department personnel. Moreover, he gave an accurate historical portrayal of the base leading up to his main discussion about "Lackland's Bravest" From a look inside one of the Fire Stations on the base to how they respond to hazardous material issues, Jordan even explored their work on the former Kelly AFB and how Lackland personnel responded to accidents in the past.

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This is a must-have book for any young person to learn about how Air Force Fire personnel are trained and respond to fires it is a must-have book for any veteran of an Air Force Fire Department to reminisce about their days in service--this is a must have book to expand one's knowledge base about Real Life and Real Heroes. Go to Amazon.

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Walt Disney made a movie about Chips, and there are several books written about Chips. Their Last Watch: September 28, The suspect fled into the woods and Officer Williams and Diogi followed him where he shot Diogi once and Officer Williams 9 times. The suspect was shot and killed the following day by the SWAT team. Officer Williams was 39, leaving a wife and 2 sons. At this point, I should say some good things or at least less bad things about King John.

He was a capable administrator, an avid reader, had an interest in law, and he travelled all across England and knew the language. He visited Nottingham on many occasions, and his favourite hunting lodge was Clipstone in Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately, the 13th century monks were the ones who first wrote John's history. And needless to say, they were annoyed about the Interdict among other things. They probably exaggerated the king's faults. But John did have a terrible temper like his father and brother , he could be autocratic, and John turned friends into enemies.

Even the famous supporter of the monarchy William Marshall broke faith with John for a time. Getting the Marshall to turn against his king was quite a feat, but John managed it. And then there's his lechery which found its way into Munday's plays. All told, John does make a pretty good villain. And in one story or another, Robin Hood was present at all the major upsets in King John's reign. Henry, the nine-year old son of King John, became king in For the next decade or so, England was more or less governed by his advisors.

When Henry grew to manhood he had troubles with the barons just like his father did. Simon de Montfort was the earl of Leicester and married to Henry's sister. In , Montfort led a baronial movement against the king. The king ruled with the consent of a council and needed to call Parliament three times a year.

Henry began to ignore the provisions. So, Montfort went to France. The earl returned in and started making some trouble. The barons won important an important battle in But in , they were defeated at the battle of Evesham by the future Edward I. Montfort was brutally mutilated and killed. He became a martyr and a cult sprang up around him. In , the Scottish chronicler Walter Bower said that Robin Hood and Little John were famous murderers that supported Montfort and set their activities in , after Montfort's defeat.

Bower was critical of both Robin Hood and the "disinherited" supporters of Montfort. But a few Robin Hood stories have tapped into the myth that Montfort helped pave the way for Parliamentary democracy. During Montfort's rebellion, the barons imprisoned Peter of Aigueblanche, the bishop of Hereford. Stephen Knight suggests this bishop may have been the corrupt bishop in the Robin Hood ballad.

Also, there was a real Robin Hood early in Henry's reign. Robert Hobbehod Hod of Yorkshire was a fugitive in Elizabeth Hallam states that Henry was pious and honest, but he also had the Plantagenet temper of his forefathers. This king was also supposed to be stupid and not a realist. Henry III's son is the first claimant to be the king of that ballad. This king had a nickname for practically every side of his personality.

Edward was tall and nicknamed Longshanks for his long limbs.

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He was religious, but this king was also devious and called the Leopard. He was a strong fighter who launched invasions into both Scotland and Wales. Edward I was called the Hammer of the Scots, and also built several Welsh fortresses. Some historians call Edward the "father of the longbow", believing -- possibly mistakenly -- that he introduced this supposedly Welsh weapon to the English army.

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Writing in , he placed Little John and Robin Hood in I don't know of any reason why Wyntoun chose this time, except for the similarity between Robin Hood and Edward I's opponent of a dozen years later. William Wallace was, according to the English of the day, "a runaway from righteousness, a robber, a committer of sacrilege, an arsonist and a murderer, more cruel than Herod and more debauched in his insanity than Nero. Many of his legendary deeds resemble Robin Hood's.

Stephen Knight suggests that the Robin Hood ballads may have borrowed from the Wallace stories. I think that's likely. Wallace beat Edward I's forces in , but lost to them the next year. In , the English finally captured him. He was quite literally hung, drawn and quartered. In one Elizabethan play about the king, some of the characters disguise themselves as Robin Hood and company. But even with that early historical reference to Robin Hood, it's unlikely that this king was the Edward of the ballads.

His main contribution to the legend of Robin Hood was probably the conflict with William Wallace.

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Edward II is known for being a spendthrift, a poor military leader, a bad ruler -- and apparently being gay. Of course being gay isn't a character flaw, and in any evident, it's a matter of debate if Edward was gay. But Edward picked cruel, foolish and powerful men for special favour. He spent a lot of money on them, and Edward's friends had a lot of influence over English politics.

So, how does this relate to Robin Hood? Well, in , Piers Gaveston became regent of England. This appointment annoyed the barons, and Gaveston was exiled.

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He later returned to England was beheaded by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Lancaster was forgiven for this, but , he once again rebelled against the king's special favourites. The Despensers, Hugh the Elder and Hugh the son, were cruel, greedy and got loads of cash from the king and the English people.

Lancaster and the barons dismissed the Despensers, but they were restored to power when Edward II's forces defeated Thomas of Lancaster in The earl's supporters fled to the forest and feasted on the king's deer. Edward II's journey through England in closely resembles the journey that the king named Edward took in the ballad known as the Gest. And it was around this time that a man named Robyn Hood is recorded as a porter in the king's service.

Historians who believe this was the real Robin Hood, or one of them, suggest that perhaps Robin had been a supporter of Lancaster and was pardoned for his crimes much like the legendary Robin had been. Edward II was a keen hunter, and did hunt in Sherwood. He was also a constant traveller, visiting over 4, places in England -- Nottingham among them.

But as the s candidate for a real Robin Hood has fallen out of favour, so has this choice for the Edward of the ballad. In case you're curious, the Despensers finally met a bad end. The Despensers were tortured and killed in public. Edward was arrested, thrown in prison, surrendered the throne and was likely murdered in One source states Orleton might have ordered Edward II's death.

This bishop may be inspiration for the bishop who Robin Hood outwits in a ballad. Edward III was called a comely king in a poem, and Edward of the Gest is also called "our comly kynge". Her coffee table books have been of enormous help in writing this page. On page , she has this to say about Edward III:. He was above all a man of action and passion, energetic, restless, generous to a fault, a lover of display and pageantry.

The swashbuckling coup by which he seized power in set the tone for his reign, and for his great feats of arms on the fields of France. He was never happier than when leading his troops on campaign, or jousting and feasting with his knightly companions in arms. In short, he was a new King Arthur, just as his subjects expected him to be.

That swashbuckling coup happened in Nottingham. Edward III created several livery guilds. And Professor Thomas Ohlgren suggests that the Gest may have been written for a cloth guild's dinner. Robin Hood stories must have been common in this king's day. Also, in the reign of Edward III, the longbow is traditionally although not entirely accurately credited with winning battles against France in the Hundred Years War, like Crecy and Poitiers Military historian, Professor Kelly DeVries notes that in the Gestthere's no social stigma in using the longbow, both the knight and the king use one.

But DeVries also points out that there's little fighting done with the bow. It's mainly used in sporting competitions between the characters. When Robin and his men fight, they pull out their swords. He says the style of archery most closely fits the latter half of the 14th century -- during and just after Edward III's time. Wallace was executed in ; Edward was born in All Robin Hood movies take great liberty with historical facts.

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But I've encountered several people who have taken the film as gospel truth. Here endeth the tangent. In his youth, Henry was much slimmer and a champion archer. Once he pretended to be Robin Hood. The Robin Hood stories had been circulating long before Henry and Catherine were born. That didn't stop writers from weaving them into the legend. Catherine, Henry's first wife, was mostly likely the title character in the ballad Robin Hood and Queen Catherin. In the ballad, the queen invites Robin Hood to shoot for her in an archery tournament.

A sequel ballad has Henry chasing Robin all over England.