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Once she starts learning how to read on her own, this will be a book she'll easily be able to sit and read by herself. With it's cute illustrations and short paragraphs on each page, Katie Woo fans will be sure to enjoy this new release. Katie is a normal, engaging and realistic kid whose reactions and thoughts seem authentic. She's not a genius or weirdly mature, or a wiseacre. She's just a basically decent kid who's dealing with stuff. I can support that and it seems likely that a chapter reader could identify with that. This book is great for those who are staring to read.

I also liked the crafts at the end of the book, each related to a story in the book. They are short and cute, so adorable. Also, I think that all children would enjoy them, as would parents, since they all have a moral and teach you something admirable. There are also crafts at the end that corresponds with each story. My favorite is how to make a guinea pig out of a sock! I remember finding each chapter, with its new scenario, endlessly fascinating, and I think young readers will feel the same way about Katie Woo.

I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are lovely, the kids in Katie's classroom are diverse, and the situations she faces ring true for elementary school. First and second graders with new reading skills beg for these books. I think that is is the appeal of this series. Fran Manushkin is the author of many popular picture books, including Baby, Come Out! There is a real Katie Woo — she's Fran's great-niece — but she never gets in half the trouble of the Katie Woo in the books. Select the product information you'd like to include in your Excel file and click [Export to Excel].

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 05, Katie Fitzgerald rated it really liked it Shelves: source-netgalley , genre-realistic-fiction , level-chapter-books. Four Katie Woo books originally published as stand-alone easy readers have been gathered into this attractive collection entitled Katie Woo Rules the School. In each story, Katie faces a different situation in her classroom.

Because they are now in a compilation, the four books included here are no longer divided into their own short chapters. In this new format, Katie Woo suddenly seems to fit into the same category as characters like Mr. The transitional time when kids move from easy readers to chapter books is a tricky one for some people - especially parents - and this new format for Katie Woo fills a real need for easy-to-read books that more closely resemble chapter books. I have always loved Katie Woo, and this book has made me excited about her all over again.

Sep 30, Katie Ark rated it really liked it Shelves: early-chapter-books. Great collection of stories for the young transitional reader - a stepping stone to Junie B, Judy Moody, and Ramona. Jun 17, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , chapter-books , childrens , for-review , turkeybird , littlebug.

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Jan 02, Elly Sun rated it it was amazing. Katie Woo is so funny. She wanted a pony for the class pet but Ms. Jojo wanted a hamster for the class pet and Ms. Winkle said we will see. Then Pedro said I want a turtle and Rodeo said I want a porcupine. At last they settled with turtle. Everybody wanted to take the class pet home, but Katie was the one who got picked.

Oct 21, Holly Letson rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. This is a cute little collection of stories, involving the Asian-American elementary student, Katie Woo, and her classmates. There are 4 stories in this volume. But, what will that pet be?

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Each student wants a different animal. What will the teacher choose? The teacher choose a guinea pig, and the class names it Binky. Each weekend, the teacher takes Binky home. But, one weekend, she cannot take it home, so one of the stud This is a cute little collection of stories, involving the Asian-American elementary student, Katie Woo, and her classmates. But, one weekend, she cannot take it home, so one of the students will have to.

Who will she choose? Of course, she choose our heroine, Katie Woo. Katie takes Binky home, and the unthinkable happens Binky runs off while Katie is using the bathroom. Will she be able to explain this to the rest of the class? Katie goes to school in tears, ready to face the inevitable, and just as she starts to tell the teacher she lost Binky, she feels something warm sliding out of her backpack and up against her neck. Guess who's back!

He teases her in the classroom. He teases her at recess. He teases her at lunch. He teases her on the way home. But, Katie has discovered a way to stop Roddy's teasing. She'll just ignore it, and act as if it does not bother her at all. And, it works perfectly! He's really sad about this, because a relative gave it to him for his birthday recently. It's obvious from the stupid excuses Katie keeps making that she took the toy. But, how will she find a way to return it to Jake? Katie gets up to use the pencil sharpener, and she places it carefully on the windowsill, then says that it must have flown in during recess.

Katie is so excited when her name is drawn to take the class pet, Binky, home for the weekend. Things start off great, and Katie takes good care of Binky. But when she loses him, she dreads telling her teacher and classmates. Career day is coming up at school, and Katie has to pick a job and present it to her class. Katie likes doing so many things, it is hard to decide. How will she ever choose the perfect career?

Katie Woo loves camping with Pedro and JoJo. Cooking with a campfire and sleeping under the stars are fun! But when it gets dark and the shadows come out, camping can get a little scary. Katie Woo wanted to help her mom, so she started dinner on her own. She was enjoying her time in the kitchen when she heard a strange noise.

Katie Woo The Tricky Tooth

Was there a ghost cooking up something too? Katie wonders what kind of Thanksgiving it will be without sweet potatoes, pie, and most of all, friends. It all starts with a sneeze! Katie Woo catches the flu. She feels yucky and has to miss a few days of school. Will she ever feel like herself again? Katie and her parents are off to the mall for a day of shopping.

While her mom looks for a new dress, her dad is checking out the lawn mowers and televisions. And Katie is nowhere to be found. Katie is happy to be the person of the day when she celebrates her birthday at school. Come celebrate with the lucky birthday girl, Katie Woo! They must have lots of pizzazz to be perfect for Katie. One day, it was cold and gloomy. But Miss Winkle showed her students how to warm up the day by using their imaginations. Who knew a gray day could be so fun?

Katie will miss her old room, and she thinks her new house seems a little weird. A mean boy always teases Katie Woo.

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It makes Katie sad and mad. How can she make the bully stop teasing her? Katie had lots of fun reading the little candy hearts that her teacher handed out. But when everyone got a special valentine except her, she felt terrible. Could it be that nobody likes Katie Woo? So after a fun parade, Pedro and JoJo join Katie for a party. It turns into a red, white, and blue day as Katie and her friends celebrate. How can a worm ever be a star? Bravo, Katie Woo! No one knows where it is, except Katie Woo. But Katie wants to keep the plane. What should she do? She tries everything she can think of to make her wiggly tooth fall out, but nothing works.

Will she ever lose her tricky tooth? One day it rains so much that Katie Woo and her family have to take shelter at the high school gym. Katie feels strange sleeping in the gym, and she is worried about her house. Will it ever stop raining?

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For Katie Woo, school is one big adventure. Join the stylish schoolgirl as she learns how to be a great classmate and friend. From the school play to the class pet, Katie knows how to rule the school! Even Katie Woo has a bad day once in a while. The Fourth of July means fun and fireworks. She loves dressing up for Halloween, and Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends.

Katie Woo loves playing with her friends JoJo and Pedro. They do everything together, from losing teeth to looking for ghosts. Even when they argue, they always make up in the end. After all, there's nothing like a good friend. Katie Woo has big ideas about everything! From how to help at dinner to how to save the Earth, she always knows what to do. Sometimes things don't quite go according to plan. But that's no problem. Katie has big ideas of how to fix things, too!

For Katie Woo, school is one big adventure after another. Her teacher, Miss Winkle, makes every day special.