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Found in GIS , Engineering. Never miss a course! Add as "Interested" to get notified of this course's next session. Go to class. Start now for free! Sign up. Overview Syllabus Related Courses Reviews. Overview This Massive Open Online Course MOOC is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn about the special capabilities of spatial data analysis.

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Section 2 Understanding and Comparing Places Watch brief lectures about fundamental topics like queries, scale of analysis, descriptive statistics, and projection. Section 3 Determining How Places Are Related Learn about vector overlay, the modifiable areal unit problem, and normalizing data for choropleth mapping. Section 4 Finding the Best Locations and Paths Discuss topology, site suitability, cost paths, and other key concepts.


Section 5 Detecting and Quantifying Patterns Lecture topics include density surfaces, spatial autocorrelation, and spatiotemporal analysis. Section 6 Making Predictions Learn about spatial interaction, regression, surface analysis, and interpolation.

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Tags gis. Browse More GIS courses. If this kind of courses will be continuously conducted, the world in populace will get to know much about the importance of Geospatial and the people in key position of authorities to consider it in their Government activities and decision making unlike in my area few people knew about the term GIS or its importance. I really advice that ArcGIS GIS should be made popular to Politician by creating a general invitation to the whole world leaders in a conference especially in the third world countries to educate them and make a new world order to include all GIS aspects in makin….

I really advice that ArcGIS GIS should be made popular to Politician by creating a general invitation to the whole world leaders in a conference especially in the third world countries to educate them and make a new world order to include all GIS aspects in making any political decision. This online MOOC course that i really found handy might not be handy to those out of computer literacy or mobile devices functionalities. ArcGIS Sensitization should not be limited to www. Was this review helpful to you? Every aspect of this training was highly informative.

The materials were very detailed and very easy to follow. The short preceeding videos by Andrea Bell greatly helped to set my intellectual operating environment at the start of each topic. Specifi areas I found very interestion inclue, Determining a suitable location for a specific social infrastructure or a business enterprise. Using a variety of spatial and non-spatial data and a combination of geoprocessing tools to manipulate the data sets in order to arrive at a pre-determined set of criterial.

I am particular…. I am particularly fascinated by the robustness of 'Use Proximity' and Analyze Patterns' tools. I have also learnt that the success of any meaningful spatial analysis strongly depends on two parameters: a Ability to frame the question simply and succinctly b Ability to clearly define the analysis criteria. I thank you all in the training and development team of ESRI for this wonderful opportunity.

While I think this course is aimed at teaching some of the basics of GIS, it was still a hugely helpful introduction for me to some of what you can do with ArcGIS Online. I really appreciated the real world approaches of the exercises that featured things like competing client interests and that the data was not all clean and canned.

Great course, I'm confident knowing that the spatial analysis techniques learned will help me tackle common environmental and technical problems in the world of geography and its relation to other practical issues. Easy to follow with the videos and exercises, that you can download and view later to help guide future projects. Wish there was a video explaining the last topic on the various modelling techniques but on the positive side, this gives me a good opportunity to further advance my self-learning abilities. And hey! I got a certificate which is super awesome. This is a well thought out course with excellent production quality.

Videos include transcripts and are well done.

Assignments are detailed and easy to follow. I am already familiar with GIS in general, so I can't speak to how things would go for a complete newcomer, but I believe they would be fine.

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Because the assignments are designed to work on ArcGIS Online there is no software to install, no operating system or hardware requirements beyond a browser and an Internet connection. If you have any interest in how GIS can be used, take this course. Fresh air and lots of sunshine to slide down the snowy pistes on your skis or snowboard and to discover the cross country ski tracks, the true home of which Val di Fiemme is. The perfect place in between sun and snow for doing winter sports with others.

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