Manual Fundamentals of Robotics (Robots For Children Book 1)

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Obstacle Avoidance Mode. Line-follow Mode.

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Manual Control Mode. One Click to Control.

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Factory Preset Controls. Block-based Programming. Gamification makes learning programming endless fun. Find out more. Add-on packs are available for limitless fun. Learn More. Guard the blue planet as an envoy of justice.

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Make X Travel the world with mBot. Organizational Purchase. Get a Quote. Shop for Your Family. Learn More Guard the blue planet as an envoy of justice. The MakeX Robotics Challenge [1] allows children to compete alongside other young makers from around the globe. During the MakeX Blue Planet Competition, participants must combine their skills in using sensors, programming and rapid robot modification, to design an mBot that will eradicate global pollution and complete the mission of protecting the blue planet. In the competition season alone, more than 2, competitors and 1, instructors participated in the MakeX-Blue Planet Competition.

They came from 17 countries and regions, covering 4 continents! Add-on Packs. Buy Now. Entry-level educational robot kit. Children can use a variety of add-on packs and more than parts on the Maker Platform to build a variety of imaginative shapes.

During construction, they will learn about the principles of electronics and mechanics and lay the foundations for understanding robots. With 3 intelligent control modes, controlling mBot is easy. Obstacle Avoidance Mode. Line-follow Mode. Manual Control Mode.


One Click to Control. Factory Preset Controls. Skyfi Labs Project Based Courses serve as an effective platform for the school students to take their first steps in robotics.

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You can get your kids started in Robotics in a very cost effective manner. Following an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, these courses engage your kid through practical learning while teaching them the technical concepts and physics that move the world forward.

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There are also a number of quizzes to keep their brain working, thinking and asking right questions. With all the things in the right place, our school level robotics courses are sure to give a great start to your kid's journey in robotics. Robotics is one of the most promising technologies that is going to find its place in almost all the applications of future. From industrial manufacturing and space exploration to driving your car and preparing food in your kitchen, all activities are going to be done by Robots. Robotics was never more important than today.

Robots bring a lot of efficiency, accuracy and reliability at low costs, making them ideal for applications all over the world. Students should start learning Robotics and develop an understanding on the technology from school level.