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Edge of Fear

Zhu Zhu. Robert Crayton. The plan involves them extracting their friend before driving to Mexico, but a plucky prison guard thwarts their efforts by firing blindly, hitting their getaway car and rendering it useless. With his medical knowledge, however, Patrick realises he still has time to save his wife from the intruders as the knife essentially acts like a cork, stopping him from bleeding to death.

Outnumbered, overpowered and gravely injured, Patrick must think outside the box to save Laura — before time runs out and he ends up in one. Edge of Fear reminded me of the Jason Statham action movie Crank , but without the feverish excitement. Writers Scott Barkan and Gregg Zehentner almost stubbornly keep Patrick down and very nearly out, not resorting to him gaining superhuman strength to subdue the obviously more dominant henchmen.

As the film wears on, Patrick understandably gets weaker but the film still continues to be devoid of any real urgency, seemingly slowing the pace simultaneously to his deterioration. The only time Edge of Fear accelerates in momentum is in its closing moments, where it had the potential to be truly great. For a few seconds, it defies Hollywood convention and if it were only a couple of minutes shorter then the poignant mark it leaves would have been exponentially more impactful.

Unfortunately, Edge of Fear does not commit to such a refreshing conclusion, instead settling for an overused and quite frankly disappointing way to wrap up proceedings. His wife Laura, played by the wonderfully named Zhu Zhu, frequently holds her own in silent protests against her captors although I do feel that more could have been done with her character. The rest of the gang are stereotypically boorish, but they do admittedly have solid chemistry between themselves.

Overall though, Edge of Fear patiently keeps you on your toes with its measured pacing and uncommon premise. Refreshing take on simple premise Robert Patrick continues to be menacing A few seconds of the ending. While the outcome confirms the film only peeks over the edge of greatness, Robert Patrick's enduring ability to be intimidating and a novel premise make Edge of Fear a worthwhile look nonetheless.

Started watching it. Bored and irritated almost instantly. Same old thing. So overdone. No wonder parts of the population are messed up. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Entertainment.

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More filters. Sort order. I loved this book! I believe, a person could read the trilogy--in order--as they really stand on their own. If you enjoy them, could decide to back up and read the rest, but the Edge Trilogy are the only ones that have paranormal-suspense, so far.. This I loved this book! This one started off like an explosion. Things get going right away I can't say a lot without posting a spoiler alert, but if you enjoy a good wizard romance, funny, intense at times, suspenseful, terrorist stuff, pregnancy stuff, you'll enjoy this one.

I laughed at Caleb's pregnancy symptoms and Heather's statements to the other wizards, and things the other wizards said and did. Caleb's wizard skills allowed him to TiVo back in time to redo events I enjoy this authors writing style. She has a way of writing that makes me laugh: Example, when describing how bad someone looked she wrote " View 2 comments. May 05, Jessica rated it really liked it. I read this book in one day so obviously i must have liked it. There were some scenes involving terrorists that were too brutal for me.

If i were in one of my more sensitive moods, they would have bothered me more. Other than that, i thought it was an entertaining read. The characters were very like-able including view spoiler [ the unborn baby and i don't usually like babies in books. Wish i could do that. Jan 26, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. Caleb is sent to Heather to find her father. They are combustible. Heather is on the run after her mother is killed.

Caleb's powers get wonky and they make stupid decisions that end up getting her kidnapped. May 22, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: action , wizard-witch , fantasy-other-world , romance.

Edge Of Fear

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Caleb Edge - the middle brother He is sent to check out Heather Shaw hiding as Hannah Smith - her father is a rich banker - who did the banking for Caleb Edge - the middle brother He is sent to check out Heather Shaw hiding as Hannah Smith - her father is a rich banker - who did the banking for multiple terrorist groups, and a year ago, he embezzled billions of dollars - interfereing with the groups ability to be effective Heather has been in hiding for a year Caleb scopes her out with binoculars He asks her how big the baby is, and she tells him he's the size of a bean Heather is pregnant Caleb has morning sickness and cravings doesn't know that Heather is pregnant When he gets to Heather, she tells him she is pregnant He takes her to see her father, the bad guys also find her father, her father wants to know where the stolen money is She gets kidnapped at the airport and is tortured Caleb's protections did her no good because she is his lifemate Lark explains to her about the curse Caleb is kidnapped Lark has seen that Bean will be a powerful wizard Aug 12, Alex is The Romance Fox rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , romance-reading-challenge , paranormal , authors-a-h , series , favorites-books.

In fact their sexual attraction for each other is …amazing…combustible. Okay before anyone thinks this is all about sex.. And the dialogue had me laughing so many times especially the scenes where Heather meets Lark the Goth boss and some of the agents who teleport — shriek… Fast paced story filled with suspense, thrills, twists and turns, fabulous locations, strong, engaging and sexy characters well some of them — the good guys naturally!! Synopsis He would rewrite the past to save the woman he loves. It's decided that the quickest way to that end is through Shaw's daughter.

Heather Shaw has had no contact with her father for a year; she is still learning how to live under an assumed name and take care of herself in her lonely existence as she continues to grieve over her mother's death. Neither Caleb nor Heather are prepared for being so insanely attracted to each other when they meet. Caleb is convinced that falling in love with Heather could keep the family curse intact though he and his brothers have vowed to end the curse by not falling in love. The storyline of Brian Shaw and the different factions felt thin and predictable making this a not so easy read for me.

Although I liked Heather, I thought her character was also thin. I never really connected with Caleb during this outing and his character was no more fleshed than his cameo in the previous book.. Also the pacing was a bit slow for me, however when the pace picked up during the second half of the book for this reader things went very quickly. However it was a matter of too little too late especially within the last 5pages or so.

Everything was included, just not necessarily to this reader's liking. Action, adventure, magic I first read this book years ago in hard copy. This series of three books is one of my favorites because characters have depth and there is action and romance. Add magic and author does deliver some unexpected plot twists. I like that this book is a stand alone read but for the most fun I re-read the series beginning with the first book.

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Nov 22, AndreaH rated it it was ok Shelves: military-romance , paranormal , fiction. Liked this way better than the first in this trilogy it truly stands alone.

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Maybe because the suspension of belief needed to buy into Caleb's ability to travel back and rewind time makes every else so believable. Maybe because Caleb doesn't fight tooth and nail against falling in love. Maybe because he is a hero with clay feet: he's hurt, he's bored, he can be a pain in the butt, he doesn't balk at a one-night stand. Maybe because when he finds out he got the girl pregnant, he want to try to do th Liked this way better than the first in this trilogy it truly stands alone. Maybe because when he finds out he got the girl pregnant, he want to try to do the right thing.

It doesn't hurt that the heroine is scared but full of bravado, either. Heather saw her mother murdered, and her dad, banker to terrorists, disappear. Now she's trying to make it on her own, honestly, by redesigning her jewelry into more affordable pieces and selling them. Caleb is sent to meet her by the antiterrorist group he works for and find out where dear old Dad is.

He's not so lucky getting the answer, but is lucky with Heather aforementioned one-night stand.

Several months later he's craving nights and goes back to see Heather. She's pregnant and he's not the only one looking for her.

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Yes, he takes her into danger, but she doesn't balk at going where angels fear to tread. But what might have made this so appealing, is the way both leads approach the pregnancy -Bean. He's a character in his own right. Yes, Adair can get repetitive, but I didn't feel bludgeoned by it read "Leopard's Prey" by Christine Feehan for a taste of that , and this book is just fun.