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However, the central region hosts a population of relatively young stars of just a few billion years in age; these stars are thought to have formed in a late burst of star formation , likely triggered as Messier 85 merged with another galaxy over four billion years ago. Messier 85 has a further potentially strange quality.


Almost every galaxy is thought to have a supermassive black hole at its centre, but from measurements of the velocities of stars in this galaxy, it is unclear whether Messier 85 contains such a black hole. Open Menu.

Machine Head - Darkness Within - Live Rock am Ring 2012

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The Darkness Within

Large JPEG 3. And yet, it had a dark underbelly to it that ran through her streets. Heroin use was open and rampant back then, and having dabbled in that, and having had friends who did more than dabble, I was all too aware of it.

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But there was something about that that charmed me. That there could be that dark side within such a beautiful, religious place. I said right there and then, 'I want to do a video here someday.


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