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It can be formal or informal. I have compiled a selection of examples from which you can choose a text that suits your needs. Here are the main criteria for an Acknowledgement of Country:. Tip: Get the Acknowledgement of Country cheat sheet for a handy cut-out acknowledgement already prepared for you! To include an acknowledgement on a printed document, ideally it should be placed on the inside front cover, standing alone, in a place of significance. An increasing number of businesses affix signs to entry areas of their premises. Here's a sample wording:.

Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory

Government, organisations and even small groups are adopting the practice of acknowledging the traditional owners. Source [6]. Jonathan Hill is a poet living in New South Wales. Some politicians have voiced concern that the 'Acknowledgement of Country' was an "empty" gesture of political correctness and looked "like tokenism" if it was performed too often [7].

The Victorian Premier decided to scrap a requirement for ministers and departmental staff to acknowledge traditional owners in May [8]. Government policies which force departments to do 'Acknowledgement of Country' and have 'Welcome to Country' ceremonies performed undermine the genuine gesture and make it "feel false", argues Sue Gordon, a retired West Australian magistrate [7]. David Ross, director of the Central Land Council, feels that one should not ignore the "existence and ownership of this land by Aboriginal people before European settlement" and acknowledge the black history with the ritual.

Opposing 'Welcome to Country' ceremonies would encourage racist elements within the community. I think it's fantastic [to do Acknowledgement of Country ceremonies], ten years ago we weren't even acknowledged. It says to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fellow Australians that we are all in the future journey of our country together. It also depends on the location of the event and the practice of the Aboriginal community which can vary greatly according to region.

Welcome to Country & Acknowledgement of Country - Creative Spirits

During a 'Welcome to Country' the elders welcome those in attendance, guests, staff and students to their country. It might be just a simple speech or a performance of some sort, like a song, traditional dance, a didgeridoo piece or any combination of these. Despite the absence of fences or visible borders, Aboriginal groups had clear boundaries separating their country from that of other groups.

Welcomes [to country]… are what traditional owners give—if they so desire. There should be no expectation or demand for this to be the case. In , for the first time, Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks were ushered in with a huge Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony, putting local Gadigal, Wangal and Gamaragal traditions front and centre in the global new year celebrations.

It is often delivered by an Aboriginal person who has themselves been the victim of government policies. These are the same people who have had their children taken away , or been removed themselves. They're the same people who had their wages stolen by successive governments. For us, country is a word for all the values, places, resources, stories and cultural obligations associated with that area and its features. It describes the entirety of our ancestral domains. Across Australia, Aboriginal families are reviving the tradition of welcoming new babies to country.

They smear the baby's face with ochre, fit a headband made by aunties, and gift them an animal skin, similar to one that would have been used generations ago to wrap newborns. The purpose of this ceremony is to kick-start a cultural understanding for their children, to start a sense of identity which was denied to many Aboriginal people. Culture protects families and individuals and, so the hope, can reduce the number of children who are removed from their families, a government practice that continues today.

The ceremony has the support of First Days Australia , a movement that aims to strengthen Aboriginal families so they can support their children from pregnancy to two years of age in health and wellbeing. Just enter your name and email and I'll send the link to your free Acknowledgement of Country cheat sheet instantly!

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Get key foundational knowledge about Aboriginal culture in a fun and engaging way. Stop feeling bad about not knowing. Make it fun to know better. Fact In , for the first time, Sydney's New Year's Eve fireworks were ushered in with a huge Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony, putting local Gadigal, Wangal and Gamaragal traditions front and centre in the global new year celebrations. Traditional welcome: Entering country the proper way Read how a Ngarinyin tribal elder explained a traditional welcome to country [17] : "Before whitefellas came, it was the tradition of Aboriginals that when strangers came into their particular country to hunt or to gather, or to just pass through on their way to other places, that the host Aboriginals would go out to welcome them.

Whilst during the day, the visiting tribe would be taken and shown the sites of significance and be told the stories of the spirit of the land they would be passing, In this way, the hosts believed that by the end of formalities, when the strangers were ready to move on - they would not be considered strangers but friends who now had the spirit of the country in their hearts—they carried the Wunggud with them—just like the people who lived there.

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Welcoming babies to country Across Australia, Aboriginal families are reviving the tradition of welcoming new babies to country. Thirsty to learn more? Understand better. Join a new generation of Australians! First name. Join more than 13, Smart Owls!

Join more than 13, Smart Owls who know more! This website is using cookies This site uses cookies to personalise your experience. Yes, that's fine Privacy policy. In , India sent more immigrants to the U. Indian Americans are the most successful ethnicity in the U. Up to a fifth of all startups in Silicon Valley were founded by Indians. As a minority, we are the model. Most of the immigrants who come here are substantially better educated and richer than the countrymen they left behind. We do not come empty-handed, mine host!

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