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Flamsted quarries Mary E. Vol'zith the Whisperer yells: Aglathrax hig' thrixa. Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: Darkness roots.

Shrine of the Storm Dungeon Ability Guide. Overview — Vol'zith the Whisperer promises power, but only offers doom to those who would accept the bargain.

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Upon reaching power, Vol'zith begins to drown all players with [Grasp of the Sunken City]. Manifestations of the Deep created by [Call the Abyss] attempt to crawl towards and empower Vol'zith the Whisperer.

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Defeat one while afflicted with [Grasp of the Sunken City] to return to the surface. This effect increases over time. Yawning Gate — Rips open a gate to the void, inflicting 18 Shadow damage every 1 sec and silencing all players caught within. Call the Abyss — Calls the darkness from the abyss, creating a Manifestation of the Deep every 1 sec for 5 sec. Manifestation of the Deep — Manifestations crawl towards Vol'zith, attempting to power it with deep energy.

Abyssal Eruption — Explodes upon death, inflicting 3 Shadow damage to all players. This effect grants Vol'zith the Whisperer energy if the manifestation reaches it.

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