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At the age of 22 she headed straight into the thick of things and became the only blonde in Basra, working at first for the English newspaper the Baghdad Bulletin. As the only permanently based Western journalist in the area, she then began to use her expertise in the area to freelance for the BBC, Reuters and The Times. After a short stint living in Baghdad, she landed an internship at the BBC in which she then traded up into a job as a researcher and producer before leaving to join Al Jazeera in Doha in In between her day job as the producer and presenter for Al Jazeera, Garthwaite has put together the ultimate survival guide for journalists working in war zones.

How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone is a practical guide listing everything you need when based in a dangerous place — from surviving kidnapping to relationship advice.

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For eight months Garthwaite researched and interviewed a wide range of people who have lived their lives in and out of war zones, piecing together a series of anecdotes and bits of advice that offer a revealing glance of close shaves and dangerous encounters. It's about creating a balance and where you don't come down one side or the other. You're just leaving it for the readers to take that information and decide what they're going to do," Garthwaite said.

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One example she cites is the argument as to whether you should blend in or stand out. People argue whether you should grow or shave your beard, buy local dress or not buy local dress," she said.

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An issue she does stamp down on, though, is whether to carry a gun for protection. That means, if you are captured, then you're no longer a journalist. There are a lot of Arab journalists who have said they want to arm themselves and I've persuaded them not to if I want to travel with them," she said.

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As the first female writer to have written a survival guide, she appeals not only to those looking for basic survival tips, but to the increasing number of women who find themselves in dangerous places for work. These are things which are not included in the SAS handbook or the normal guides you read out there," Garthwaite said.

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Garthwaite has had her fair share of hairy moments to share in the book. Another incident involved a taxi driver who, after yelling at her for being British and a journalist, revealed that he knew where she lived.

The final straw came two weeks after she left the country, when she found out that her old house had been raided and her housekeeper, Abbas, had been kidnapped in place of her. I always believed I should be in the middle of the action, not outside the action. I believed if I had done something before, I could do it again.

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I chose to stand out rather than blend in. Pretty dull, pretty run of the mill post apocalyptic Corman flick. If you want this plot but actually a good movie just watch Wild at Heart. Apparently I watched this back in June of Almost 3 years later I had no recollection of that whatsoever. Hopefully 3 years from now I'll remember that no matter how much I want an Amanda Peterson fix that it's not worth it.


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