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There was no art to it. Still, it was a good enough reading experience. Like I said, now that I know that novelizations can be great, I will be holding all the rest of them to that standard. Rounding up from 3. Especially the prologue, which was an extended fantasy sequence into what Luke's life would have been like had he never gone to find old Ben in the desert back in the first movie.

Mar 17, Jerry rated it really liked it. He wasn't my favorite character or anything, but, after hearing and reading many complaints about Chewbacca's death in the first New Jedi Order novel, I knew many fans were going to be upset. Well, even though I knew thanks to some online reviews with spoilers that Luke was going to get killed, I'm still kind of upset about his death. Granted, the Expanded Universe had him living way too long, but, I would have liked to have seen more adventures with him at the center. Despite my quibbles with the ending, I still enjoyed the book overall; now, I'm excited to see the movie I especially enjoyed the surprise appearance by Yoda; was that in the movie?

I'll preface this by saying I -liked- the Last Jedi. Feel free to ask me why, but it's too long to go into here. I'll also say that the "New Canon" have been hit or miss with me: while there's been a few standouts "Lost Stars" springs right to mind , none of them have truly spoken to me. This book follows that trend: while it expands pleasingly upon some elements of the film, it still feels a bit rushed and anemic to me.

The best novelizations can still add to it's counterpart film w 3. The best novelizations can still add to it's counterpart film while not sacrificing it's own identity- witness the "Crimson Peak" and "Shape of Water" where book and film each improve upon the other. Just because it's Star Wars, doesn't mean it can't be good, and doesn't mean you should relax your reading standards whatever they happen to be just because it's a pop culture touchstone. Dec 19, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: star-wars , tie-ins. Somehow she was certain of his presence—it was like a fleeting something captured in peripheral vision, or the tickling sensation between the shoulder blades that hinted at a presence behind you.

Goddamn, was this a good novelisation. The voice is good and varied throughout, appropriately capturing things like Luke's melancholy; Leia's grief and determination; Rey's feisty stubbornness and yearning; Poe learning to rein in his hotshot impulsive nature; and Hux's hilarious snootiness and prim arrogance. There's the occasional line of characterisation which just nails it, like: As the turbolift doors shut, General Hux tugged at the cuffs of his uniform even though he knew they were perfect.

Poe Dameron looked like he'd stepped out of one of Leia Organa's recruiting posters, but war heroes were a decicred a dozen. He needed to fail a few times to become intriguing. The long tangent on Canto Bight drags a bit here, as it did in the film, but mostly because Rey's interactions with Luke and with Kylo are absolutely electric and nothing can compare.

Fry's prose is lovely: descriptive and emotive at all the right bits. I read Before the Awakening quite early, which depicts him as one of the best and most talented stormtrooper trainees but who landed on his superiors' shitlist because he was helping his squadmates too much when they failed.

I prefer that characterisation. Poe comes across less a renegade mutineer and loose cannon; more a mouthpiece and figurehead for literally everyone's else's feelings. I love Amilyn Holdo but this novelisation made it harder for me to square with her plan. I still love The Last Jedi so very, very much, and this is a solid novelisation. Mar 07, fyt rated it it was amazing. Read Jason Fry's book for the very first time and was completely blown away.

He captured beautifully the emotions and the untouched scenes crafted by Rian Johnson. I'm glad we get a little tidbit into Snoke's mind, Hux's past, Luke's struggle on his heroic persona and Ben Solo's never ending disappointment in the people he loved who failed him time and time again. I may be the minority that loved the people Luke and Leia and Han, may he rest in peace had become. Like how Finn perceived Rey when Read Jason Fry's book for the very first time and was completely blown away. Like how Finn perceived Rey when he saw her again at the end of the book; Rey was a changed person - no longer the same girl he had met in Jakku, yet, she is still the Rey he knew.

The fact that our heroes made terrible choices, made them real. And for them to regret, to learn and to come to terms with their mistake - to me makes a great hero.

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One that learns from failure. A must read for Star Wars fan who are comfortable with the movie of course. Or at least read it for BB8? That droid deserves all the love in the world. View all 4 comments. Apr 21, Anthony rated it it was amazing Shelves: star-wars , fiction , digital.

I love the film as well, so there was a good chance I'd enjoy the novel, but unlike The Force Awakens, there's more depth here. It feels like you're reading a novel, were TFA felt like you were reading a movie made into a novel? That probably makes zero sense. But go read it anyway. Jan 15, Portia marked it as to-read. All I want is to read about Reylo all day long so this better be good.

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  2. Die Idee des Guten - die Ideenlehre Platons (German Edition).
  3. Dispelling the Myths and Rediscovering the Lost Art of Listening (Communication Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator Book 1).
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  6. Also, Reylo is like Anidala all over again and my heart isn't okay Apr 10, Scott Rhee rated it liked it Shelves: star-wars , science-fiction , movie-tie-in. I loved the film. Johnson did some things differently in this film. He kind of strayed from the basic formula. Stick with the program. Except, sometimes, one needs to shake things up a little. Doing it the same way, over and over again, gets dull. One needs to keep it real. It was a choice Abrams made, and it paid off. Now, the haters are criticizing Johnson for doing the opposite of what Abrams did?

    It separated the characters into several different storylines. The tone was somewhat darker and more maudlin. And while it left an iota of hope alive for the distant future, it essentially ended with the Resistance pulverized into a powerless shambles with very little hope for the near future. Every character in the film fails miserably in their particular mission or goal. Failure represents weakness. It also means acknowledging it, taking responsibility for it, and facing the consequences of it.

    In this Trumpian Era, that shit is scary for most people, especially when they know that they are the smartest, the strongest, and the most morally right. It was hubris on his part to believe that he could. It was, he felt, ultimately hubris that brought about the end of the Jedi in the first place. One of the more notable things Fry incorporates is an alternate opening scene, one that involves a lengthy dream sequence in the mind of Skywalker. In this sequence, Luke looks back on his life as a moisture farmer with some regrets, like the time he let the Imperial stormtroopers take newly-bought droids away for interrogation.

    He always wondered what those droids were hiding. He recalls watching the galactic news videos of Princess Leia of Alderaan being executed after admitting to being a leader of the Rebellion and then watching the Death Star blow up Alderaan and three other planets as a show of force.

    He wonders what life had been like if he had joined the Rebellion and helped fight the Empire. He had a home, a wife, security, a place far enough awayand insignificant enoughto not be bothered by the Empire. It makes me wonder if Johnson had originally planned on filming this scene, or if he had filmed it and simply edited it out for various reasons. It works well in the book, however, because it lingers in the mind like an unsolved puzzle that one continually goes back to time and again.

    Mar 07, Hara rated it liked it. This book is exactly like the movie, with a few exception. I really wanted more from this book than I got. You would assume going into a novelization that you would get more internal dialogue, maybe some important thoughts going through character's heads in emotional scenes? While you do get some of this, most notably from Luke and Snoke, its never to the extent I wanted.

    The best scenes were the scenes that weren't in the movie, clearly Jason Fry had a better time writing scenes that didn't need This book is exactly like the movie, with a few exception. The best scenes were the scenes that weren't in the movie, clearly Jason Fry had a better time writing scenes that didn't need to correlate to a movie scene, that in describing the movie. His best writing came out in the last face off of on Crait.

    I thought he did his most informative writing in this part of the book. Not only do you get some insight into how strategic Kylo Ren is when he's not a emotional mess of betrayal and rage , but also some good reflective inner dialogue from Luke, Poe, Finn, and Rose at times. Another great element of this book was Hux's perspective, and to me, it looks like he's gearing up to perform a coup of some sort. He doesn't like Kylo Ren and see's his weaknesses, and very clearly intends to exploit them to assert himself as the man in charge.

    How successful this endeavor will be who knows? I also really liked getting Canady, Yoga, and Peavy's pov, its interesting to see inside the heads of these well trained First Order officers. I also loved how Luke talked about Living vs Cosmic Force, bc Kylo and Rey are still connected even after Snoke dies y'all, how is that not the Cosmic force at work?

    Leia was also just such a badass, whenever we got to be in her mind it was awesome and I love her. Just use their names, not the pronunciation. We all know who they're talking about. We got a tiny bit of their POV's but not as much as other characters. I really wanted more of Kylo or Rey's POV since they are basically the two main characters and there wasn't a lot. There was maybe only four short instances I thought were significant.

    That just goes to show how little internalization you get from him, but maybe they're just waiting for episode IX They were kind of cute, but I just thought they were unnecessary. Idk what Jason Fry was thinking, but Finn was reduced to an annoying and clueless Rey-broken record, holding little to no personality or agency until the very end and even then it wasn't to the extent I saw in the movie. And Rose was jealous and mean to Finn for a long time. After her sister died, she was somehow reduced to the jealous girlfriend who hounded Finn by pointing out everything he did wrong.

    Later she gets much more in character, but still resides as this love smitten Finn groupie with no personality. Fry really failed in bring Finn and Rose to the page. Overall I think its a good read for the scenes not in the movie and for those small, tiny, infrequent but important looks into some of our main characters. Kylo is an emotional mess y'all, and he's had an unintentionally really fucked up life view spoiler [like the thing about his parents talking about him behind his back, and Luke saying how he's still scared and lonely Ben hiding behind the Kylo Ren mask, and just all the daddy and uncle issues hide spoiler ] , and he's still pretty scary, but I wouldn't say he's good person even though he still loves his mom.

    I'm so excited. Mar 10, Lucie rated it really liked it Shelves: star-wars. It's almost been three months since it came out, and I still haven't calmed down. I hope I won't any time soon. Like several previous Star Wars films, in The Force Awakens, we meet our heroes and they meet each other in the desert, in the wilderness. On the desert planet of Jakku, we meet Rey, a young woman who appears to be an orphan waiting for her family to return. Events later in the film give the impression that Jakku is not her original home, but she was abandoned, or exiled there as a child.

    She is by trade a scavenger struggling to survive, and that label is applied to her throught the film in an insulting way. Remember the job of a scavenger is to take old things and make them new, or use them in new and different ways. This could be a metaphor for the entire film, or at the very least for its Director, JJ Abrams, who was tasked with being a scavenger in his own right—taking the old characters, the old stories and finding ways to make them new and useful again. In that opening shot from the first trailer, the first face we see in the desert is Finn.

    In his first battle, Finn tries to help a wounded fellow storm-trooper. The two leave Jakku together and form a strong bond of friendship that drives most of the film forward. I lost count of how many times Rey rescues Finn and then Finn rescues Rey. After escaping slavery in Egypt, the Israelites wander in the wilderness for 40 years—this is where they become a people, where they receive the 10 commandments, and prepare for their quest into the promised land.

    In the gospels, Jesus goes out into the wilderness before he begins his ministry. It is a time of preparation for him, and in the wilderness, he meets a kindred spirit: John the Baptist. Their friendship, their ministries, their stories, and even their disciples are intertwined and woven together throughout the gospels. Ok, now back to Finn. Water is the usual sign for baptism, but blood is also a powerful symbol in Christianity—it reminds us of the blood of Christ and his sacrifice of his life to redeem us.

    Blood was used in the story of passover to mark the doorways of the Israelites who were to be spared or saved from the angel of death. In this sense, Finn is symbolically spared, saved, marked and set apart by the blood of his friend. As a stormtrooper, Finn is known as FN In their place, he puts on the jacket of a resistance fighter, his new life and new assumed identity.

    Sometimes good guys lie and steal, although there are consequences for their actions. And sometimes bad guys show mercy and compassion, and can be redeemed. I feel it again. The call to the light. In Star Wars, all characters—hero and villain alike—are human, fallible, vulnerable, and wrestle with their choices, with guilt, shame, but also with love, redemption, and sacrifice. The light.

    The idea of the Force, with the light side and the dark side, has its roots in Eastern Daoism, the yin and the yang, but there are many related concepts in Christianity. Jesus taught his disciples that after his departure, both guidance and power would come from the Holy Spirit, enabling them to perform miraculous feats. Another similar concept is faith itself. Submit with STAN in the title. Stayed up late to see the moon turn into a giant blurry red potato!

    Fold it! Photo it! Submit it!

    TV listings: Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of June 16 - 22, 12222

    If you missed it, you may want to unmiss it! I think it is one of the stookiest game series ever. I was wondering if you played it, […]. HEY SFs!!! First off… did you see everything that came out in ? Princess and the Pit Stop and The Mighty […]. HEY Sfs!!! But this IS a picture of him dressed as Santa at a local event!!! I miss the days when we used to communicate more directly.

    So… make a submission […]. This is a small improvement? Longtime viewers will note that this is not my beloved, messy desk. The attention to detail is amazing! For example, take a look at Kellen. ScoobyDoo shirt, embarrassing stain, pencil, recorder thingy. And […]. Actually that was before Mario was named Mario… Anyway, the cool thing is that any good 8-bit sprite can easily become a hand-crafted family heirloom. How did this happen? They trashed it repeatedly and I had to pack a lot of my stuff up. One box […]. Some of you may not have been around a few years ago when this happened.

    It still blows my mind! The Origami Yoda books have been translated into Japanese, but some of my other books have not, including the SciFi novel I wrote with Paul Dellinger […]. We may have to change the process behind the scenes, but everything should be visible in the site from now on. If you submitted something before Oct. SFs… Webmaster Sam here.

    Stay tuned and please be patient! And FelixSkywalker below as Origami Yoda! FelixSkyfolder also made the pumpkin above and OrigamiMaster53 made the one below. A very stooky origami Porg was the official 20,th post!!! Well done, Superfolders!!!! And you, too, Webmaster Sam! Happy Halloween everybody! If so, we want it in the showcase! Today we launched a new series called: Nellie Nutgraf! Ask your school librarian or a teacher if your school has Epic.

    The narrator is Koko Dodo, the cookie baker from Flytrap 1. Book 1 hits the shelves next spring! So stay tuned!! Did you know I had my own day recently? There are big things happening! Some are in the distant future but one very big one happens before the […]. We had a big Yoda folding session first, then later a smaller group got together to fold the rest of the Star Wars Galaxy!

    Always a highlight of the year! Great folding, OrigamiX! I love seeing all the cover stars together! Actually, there are lots more flavors available! But I saw these three books side by side at Target and snapped a photo. SFs, you have hopefully seen the link on this site to the End the R-word site.

    I, along with others, want to end the r-word! This is NOT politics. This is about respecting other people. To be clear, we are talking about the words […]. SF CharlotteS wrote a prequel chapter about how Murky got the pink shirt! She asked me if Kellen would illustrate it and… he did! And then Harvey commented!

    And then Tommy commented!! Ps You may need to […]. This is like one of those behind the scenes DVD extras. I came across this typed note recently while searching for an old file on […]. Can you figure out which book is not there? I can hardly believe it, but ZackB has got 23 of my books! Unless we are both forgetting one In fact, I thought I had published 22 […]. Webmaster Sam here! I just noticed that we are getting prettt close to 20, posts! Tom is mega excited!!!

    Some of you newer folks may not have read Fake Mustache! It may be hard to find in a store, but try your library!! SFs… if you get a chance, this game is a blast! Really great cockpit view of the Death Star run. Warning: I played three times and Missed the exhaust port three times. Also, they got some serious origami action! Lots of great stuff being uploaded! This Luke by FelixSkywalker really caught my eye. Bold colors and lines. Super clean folds. And digging deep into OY history to use the NW base!

    Better find his post […]. Did you hear the big news from ComicCon? More Clone Wars!! Clone Wars and OY go together like blue milk and cookies! Hey SFs!! See graphic below Hope a few of you make it to ComicCon!! At our book events, Dan Santat and I take turns drawing pictures… and giving them away.

    Get a close look at this awesome artwork by Dan Santat!! In less than a week, the Princess hits shelves and I hit the road with Dan on the Princess tour!! This is one of my biggest tours EVER!! I hope to see A LOT of you!! Note: this tour is for a picture book, not OY. But I will be signing and drawing in your OY books. And you probably know a younger kid who needs a copy of […]. SF Forcegami13 made this stoooky game using Scratch. You SFs all know and love Scratch right? A group of […].

    Maybe […]. We had a fun book launch in Roanoke! Then a great time in Richmond. Then a wild time at Poltics and Prose in DC! If you want your own, come out and see me in person this summer.

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    Webmaster Sam, prepare to housesit because I am going on the road!!!! Come out, see the show and get all your OY books signed and doodled in … and be one of […]. You know those scary attack dogs that you glimpse in the beginninf of Solo? A lot more!!! You know how Chewie talks in the movies… but how would you write it down?

    Different authors have had different ideas about this. Mine was: spell it like he says it! Finally I can start sharing some stuff with you, like the full wrap-around cover by Awesome Andie Tong above and the opening: I really really really hope you are going to like this book!!! I had a blast!!! The movie has so much stookiness in it, so we have so much folding to do!!! Hint: Chewie is a clue. The banana is just breakfast. They can be seen in […].

    The Mighty Chewbacca is about Chewie, of course. And his crate!! In one week, Solo will hit theaters and The Mighty Chewbacca will hit bookshelves! Webmaster Sam has agreed to stay here […]. Hope you all are ready to see a movie AND read a book!!!

    Faith and Film IV – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Yes, a real cave not a metaphor cave or even a man cave. Luckily, I had a great guide, a back-up flashlight and a hard hat I banged my head a lot! And you may recognize the Tooka Cat from Clone Wars … or as a relative of the […]. I am continuing the tradition of posting a new video instructions for this very special day. Hello Superfolders! First, sorry for the delay getting the Thanos origami up. It posted earlier, but not to the front page.

    Second, Tom is working on something good for you for May the 4th! Wow, look at this wild action scene drawn by Andie Tong! This is only part of it, because there is a top secret monster on the other side. No kidding! SFs, I packed this book full of Star Wars, […]. It came out a year ago and, I have to admit, did not truck all the way to the top of the bestseller list.

    I […]. This is a nice line up of Ep7 characters! And not just any rat, the rat with a human face!!! My next book, The Mighty Chewbacca, has an entry on Wookieepedia now. You are going to sprint, right? Sam just noticed that we were about to hit 19, posts!!! If you count the old site we must be over 20,! Sure some of them are memes grrrr or reposts… but there are so many truly stooky ones out there! K-2 is one of my very favorite new Star Wars characters.

    In fact, I just wrote a book about an adventure he has with Chewie. Cannot figure out how to do it with 1 sheet! This is 4 sheets of paper but no tape or […]. Howell tells kids he hated the Last Jedi, especially the Porgs. So they fold hundreds of them and hide them all over the classroom. Howell goes nuts! I enjoy seeing all your submissions and sharing them with Tom! Make sure you are hitting those comments when you see a good one! Since some of you are new here I wanted to review some rules… 1 No faces! We follow strict privacy rules here.

    Your origami should be […]. Very interesting fold here. Makes a great Minecraft Steve, but could also make a lot of other things. Some of them are too hard for me! I made […]. This is the kind of book every English teacher should have. You SFs have been making some really stooky stuff! Please note that she needs to get an email from your […]. Rebels has given us some incredible moments featuring characters from the movies and Clone Wars… But now as the series hurtles to a climax, the Lothal Rebels themselves are the stars.

    This is some good Star Wars, SFs!! But I want to so he can sign the cover for me!!! I wrote a Star Wars book! Tooka cats!! And a brand new character that I got to create: Mayv Trillick! In May Find out more about my book and some more Star […]. Stay tuned folks! News is about to hit! How big? Stay tuned!!!!!!

    In the meantime, enjoy this […]. Some very clever tricks by Cammy here! The pleat-to-ear method could be useful for a lot of creatures! I did all four Turtles! He also video instrux on youtube if you like…. Forcefolder1 has made a super simple Porg… yet it can easily stand up! SF Gryffindorigami made some great Plo Koon instrux here.

    Sort of a mashup of OY and DP! Looks like it could make a decent Nien Nunb, too! A couple comic book artists I admire — The Etherington Brothers— are doing something called Learnuary. They posts tutorials for people like me who want to be better artists. I thought we could do something similar here…. Featuring Chewie! I even did the pattern myself with graph paper and a pixel art program.

    Lots of characters and creatures to fold! I especially like this pilot! Anybody you guys are excited to fold? Answer by actually folding and submitting! First, the bad news: there will not be a new OY book in Maybe someday, folks… Now… the other bad news: I have not been given permission to twll you about the two big projects that will come out! But here are hints: Big book: About 2 characters you […]. Hope you liked it as much as I did! My friend Joseph Wu folded this incredible Porg and was nice enough to let me share it here. Note: no instrux… this is a work of art!

    If you guys will also take your origami to the theater and take a photo […]. Half the internet is making Star Wars snowflakes … and the other half needs to get busy! You can find instrux for various Star Wars characters via google, but this is the only place I assume to get a template for a Gizmo flake!

    Hey SFs… If you celebrate Christmas you might like to check out this show which was my favorite Christmas special when I was a kid. So, I can tell you that Dwight loves these chips and will love them forever even though they are probably for a limited time only. You can fire me by not reading my books anymore! We are about to hit post number 18,!!!! Of course, you can use any origami fox pattern to make your own… but this one uses Ye Old EZ Yoda base. A friend sent me this book from Japan.

    Some pretty hardcore origami in here, but the author does some amazing stuff! But I sort of like this little guy I […]. You guys ever seen books by Ed Emberley? A lot of people have learned to drive all this way and Donna want to become professional illustrators, like myself and my wife Cece […].

    Office-cleaning time!

    • Proxy War (Phantom War Trilogy Book 1).
    • Transnational Politics and the State: The External Voting Rights of Diasporas (Routledge Research in Transnationalism)?
    • Prophecy Revealed.

    So much crazy old stuff, including this sheet where I was trying to learn how to draw Rocket. As bad as the drawing in the books are, you might think I got it on the first try. A young Star Wars fan with cancer wants cards and letters? I guess jdubblesftuff2 as FoldAMort was so scary no one else wanted to be in the halloween showcase….

    Fold it big! Put it on! Get candy! Take photo! Just found out that Rocket lives across the street from me. This picture was taken with my trail cam which was tied to a tree. Hey, maybe that was Groot! Note from Webmaster Sam: Tom, that Groot joke was terrible! Basically all you have to do is fold BIG! Bad idea! You knew they were coming and here they are… With instructions! Big tip of the hat to SF Guillermo and JediFolder who both made their own Porgs before me using a different technique 2.

    Fold bottom up, but leave room for the eyes. That is a LOT of Yodas in 1 hour! Can her record be broken? This book has 40 chapters and 40 is mine! There are some amazing stories in here!!! Mine is pretty silly! Great folding, SFs!!!! You actually blasted past the goal! The Yodas have been folded and the donations have been made!! Four teenagers at a Boston-area library folded Yodas… Putting us just 78 Yodas short of the goal!

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    Racist Mario

    If you see any sort of alt-right racist, sexist, homophobic, white […]. Hey Sfs! Bossk with Tom vs. Darth Vader. Worried about the SFs and others in the path of Irma. Hello SFs! If Dwight knew these were for sale at the Dollar store, he might actually eat one. Or many. Ps I bought this to photograph but did NOT eat it! EmperorPickletine10 has created a masterpiece! Even better than I remembered! I just wish K-2SO was easier to fold! He makes a great Lego droid though! Not a commercial! Meet Polly. Now she and the kittens have taken over my office.

    Have you SFs seen this? I just got back from Brickfest and Washington DC. It was awesome and as you can imagine there was a lot of Star Wars stuff on display. One of the highlights was this incredible gigantic version of the medical forget from the end of Empire strikes back and […]. If you watch Rebels, maybe you love Loth-Cats as much as I do! Start with a 5-fold Yoda. Bend the ears up. Find a flap to make a tail, then fold the bottom back so they can stand up! I usually try not to feature the same person twice, but….

    SF Jishua has hit Ewoks! All different, all awesome! Most impressive!! Yes, I dragged out my PC above and fired up the word processor. And then I had to see if I remembered how to write. Note: despite […]. Yes, Harvey, there is a Johnny Appleseed! You may have heard about this book before, but you may not have seen this beautiful cover yet!

    The book is NOT out yet! But it is available to pre-order. A real honor to […]. Look at this picture! Can you find me? Recognize any other authors? Mine may be the worst of all of them!!! The Muppets Take Manhattan! Use this one: Tom […]. Turns out we missed a bunch of your Videogame submissions! Head on over and join the Superfolder Celebration! But they just keep coming! There are now more than 50! Up […]. Great folding! It was really fun seeing what videogames you youngsters picked! I was seriously hooked on those games back in the day! Webmaster Sam, of course, is a Pokemon maniac.

    In fact, he […]. Fold any character from any game. And do it FAST!!! The […]. Hey SFs!!!! I am back from my trip to Ireland and England! Then on the flight home, I played Legend of Zelda for about 6 […].

    Krath Holy Crusade | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Have fun! Have you guys seen these bags of Doritos featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy? No, that would […]. If you only read one Guardians of the Galaxy book this year… you know which one to pick! It would be so cool to meet SuperFolders from the UK! By the way… as with most of my trips, Webmaster Sam […].

    Of course, there are hundreds more examples already posted on the site! SFs, I have to say that I think […]. Sam is working on the Showcase and it should be up soon. May the 4th is coming up soon! The theme of this showcase: A Tribute to Dave Filoni! Filoni is the guy behind both The Clone Wars […]. Stay tuned! Some of you were still in diapers when my first book came out on I think April 10, That was just me, of course. No relation to […]. Well, I was on a book tour and a cool kid named Nick somehow convinced me to add it to the book.

    Stuff like that used to happen during the wild and wooly days of writing […]. That squashed photo at the bottom Is me visiting Marvel for an interview. But are YOU ready for it? Rocket, Groot and Veronica land on a planet where all the cars are self-driving cars… that have gone insane!!! Thousands of vehicles — […]. Hey SFs… I was cleaning up a bit the other day and found some stuff I thought you might be interested in.

    Up top is the eraser used for Art2D2! Here is a scratch-n-sniff pickle-scented sticker of Emperor Pickletine. And this page of scribbles appears to be notes for Jabba […]. But […]. Take a look at the pictures. Sorry for not posting for a bit there, I was at the Virginia book festival with my friend and fellow Disney author, John Claude Bemis.

    John is a lot of fun and has a huge imagination. IF you feel like it, you can go vote for Fuzzy by clicking this link.