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They searched all day when it got dark they went home. The next day the search continued Mady the Magpie had found it and added it to her collection of shiny objects. Mady wanted to keep the cog every one tried to get her to swap it for some thing else lipstick holders made from brass shiny copper bullets but she would not give up the cog. Once she had the cog she looked at how to put it back the gap was so small she was scared of breaking it so she set off to see Abby, Abby was a mechanic fairy always building new machines.

Binding An Air-Element Leatherbound Spellbook

Abby worked all day and night to fix the frog eventually he could croak again and to her surprise talk to. The fairy community decided to meet the professor on their terms in a small cafe used by all races. It was soon the morning of the meeting the Professor found the cafe hidden in the trees just as he was told he was followed by Geoffrey his butler carrying his bag. The Professor sat down and ordered some tea.

Elemental Masters Series

Shannon walked in and sat down placing the excited hopping frog on the table. The professor smiled and thanked Shannon dearly for reuniting him and his golden frog. I know we're settled into now. Shaken off our collective hangovers and begun to pretend to work again until Spring. With so much everything available all the time, navigating through the muck and mire to find he gems can be a tricky business All of my favourite things these days mostly come from recommendations from friends, so it seems right that I should return the favour to you.

Plus I've added some of my my favourite reads in there for kicks. Oh and I was going to add links to websites and stuff, but it takes ages and life is too short. I trust you'll be interested enough to do a google search for the things you like. Multiversity DC briefly returns to greatness with Grant Morrison showing the world quite how much fun the Multiverse can be in the right hands. Loved every panel of it. Bizarro Marvel remained firmly on top this year, killing DC with a selection of fine monthly books albeit many of them on hiatus for that awful Secret Wars nonsense - but Bizarro was wonderful.

A genuinely funny book that made me giggle like a loon.

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I put this incredible, superbly drawn and perfectly written book after Bizarro. That's the kind of guy I am. This was a really good horror comic. For some reason, comics and horror rarely actually scare- but this book with a genuinely freaky tone and unexpected ending really hit the mark. Groot Lovely art and warm, silly storytelling. Right up my street.

Fire (The Elementals #1) by L.B. Gilbert

Starry Eyes Classy horror- Strong female lead and a great twist on a classic horror trope. I loved every atmospheric minute of it. Bait This was a nasty piece of work. Recommended to me by the excellent horrortalk website. It gave me and my friend a a small whitey. Creep I admire any movie that manages to pull off horror and comedy without ruining the horror- it's a rare treat.

Creep managed it nicely with strong performances and a simple and effective story. Bone Tomahawk I've seen a fair bit of death in the movies over the years, but nothing quite like what I saw in Bone Tomahawk.

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Dirty western filth. What we do in the shadows More comedy that horror, but it's a beauty- well worth your time. Honorable mention: The Borderlands Yeah, this didnt come out in It's from , but who cares. The elementalists by JD This book is more of a spinoff but written my way. Aurora thought she was the only person who "isnt normal" but she finds there is many more like her. Glacial - Elemental of Frozen Fire by LoreleiSkye Nature is alive, self-aware, 'other', aloof, and differently amoral.

Set in the world of Elemental Magic and Masters created by Mercedes Lackey; at the turn of the last century bridging historical events and Fantasy.

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Inspired by description of the antagonists encounter with an Elemental of Cold, discovered while exploring a glacier in "Wizard of London" book 4. No spoilers.

The Origins of the Elementals by gumptiousGriffin reviews A story of my own about four people affected by an explosion that causes each of them to be able to control one of the four elements. Happy Anniversary by erica. One Shot. The Laboratory to which the discovery has been assigned is invited to propose a name and symbol. IUPAC will then review the proposal, and if agreed, after an additional 5-month public review, will formalize the name.

For a reflection on the experience of the naming of elements, see Chem Int Apr , pp. Both the root and the ending must be consistent with the agreed recommendations. The detailed recommendations were published in and a revision published in to better accommodate element in group 17 and Actinoids include Ac to Lr. The question of precisely which elements should be placed in group 3 has been debated from time to time.