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A list of examples for browserlist integrations with other tools can be found over here. That being said, for sake of clarity, in our test project we will set the options for both tools in those files. The functionality of Babel is split up in different npm-packages, so you can pick the parts you need for your project. The configuration for Babel is defined in a. Go ahead and install the packages we are going to need for this project.

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This package, as the name would suggest, is the core package. The package is responsible for compiling javascript code and outputting usable code. By default it uses your local configuration, but we will get into that later on. This package will enable us to use new features of javascript in our Webpack config.

So not only the code we are going to output runs through Babel, but our javascript config files for Webpack will run through it as well. Knowing what browser supports what javascript feature is essential in transforming your code. Here is where preset-env comes in. It handles what transforms should be applied, based on your own input. Sometimes the browsers you want to support need a little extra help for certain features.

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Since we will be using Webpack, this package allows us to transpile our code using Babel and Webpack. Do note that the packages all share the same namespace. Babel 7 moved to a monorepo structure, meaning that all packages share the same repository. The packages used to have their own repository, so if you are installing them, make sure you install the right version.

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Next up, create a. Babel will look for this file as a source for your configuration. There are a lot of options you can set there, but for now, we will go with these:. This will tell Babel to use the preset-env -package to look for what browsers to support. The easiest way to tell Babel what browsers to use it to make a. Create a. This file contains a list of the browsers you wish to support.

Browserlist has a really nice tool that you can play around with to show you what browsers are selected based on the query you write. I want to support every browser that has more then 0.

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The cool part about the browserslist is that you define your browsers in one place, and other tools like postCss will use that same resource. So your supported browsers are defined in a single source of truth, which is a best practice. Your javascript has been transpiled by Babel so it is now usable by older browsers. If you do so, the Webpack configuration will overwrite the options in your. You can also use new javascript features in your webpack.

The only thing you have to do, is change your name from webpack. Now change the name of your config to webpack. You will see no more errors in the console and we can now use new javascript features in our Webpack configuration. The first line just states that we are using the debug option, which is true if you look in your. Next up, the list of all the browsers Babel is targeting. Remember, this is defined in the. Then, we get a list of the plugins Babel is using.

As you might notice, the list pretty long, while our code in main. And if we inspect the main.

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The easiest way to import the polyfills provided by Babel is by including it in your entry point in Webpack. Change your webpack. What we did here, we created an entry point main , with multiple entry-files. Restart the webpack task, and have a look: This approach works! Multiple-instances of polyfills : If your code would have multiple entry points, you will be pushing the same polyfills for every entry point, resulting in even more network traffic.

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Babel also advises against using multiple instances of the polyfills on the same page. A better way is to use the useBuiltIns -option. This option is a way of telling Babel what kind of polyfilling it should be doing. The possible options are:. Adding the import to the source-file. Ronald Isley James Brown Ms. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. The Basement Eric Hutchinson. Nos avise. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas.

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