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PS Seriously. Don't get on my bad side. View all 4 comments. May 30, Kristin rated it it was ok Shelves: ya , supernatural-horror. I won a copy of Black Beast from Bookshelf Reflections. Thank you Inge and Nenia Campbell!! You are both beautiful creatures and I adore you. And Nenia, I apologize in advance for anything negative I say here or comments I have made while reading.

You really do have a talent and I look forward to reading any except for maybe the erotica one lol of your other books in the future. Characters: Catherine: The MC. Honestly, didn't really care for her. She kind of reminds me of Bella Swan with a bratish, self-inflicted shell around her that makes her come off as an asshole but also shows how weak and immature she is emotionally.

Sharon: Girl needs to be bitch-slapped. That is all. David: Typical cocky popular kid. I question his emotional age as well though. Karen: Underdeveloped character. Finn: Creep extraordinaire. If I met this guy in person, I would think he had a small shrink dink based on persona. With a little psycho thrown in I mean seriously, I couldn't have said it better.

The first few chapters are the worst. Not only are you trying to keep track of everything all at once but there are no smooth transitions. Basically, Book 1 feels like an introduction into the series. I like it.

The story doesn't flow easily and is often quite choppy, losing the weight and context of the story. I think with more time taken and some revision, this novel would be fantastic. Editing is a process that cannot be rushed. Not sure that that is the case here, but that is how it feels, in my opinion. Looking forward to checking out Shadow Thane 2! View all 11 comments. Mar 11, Nemo The Moonlight Library rated it it was ok Shelves: kelly-s-project , source-author , read. You should pity her. The plot is a bit of a mess, and the climax of breaking into the school to rescue the crickets was decidedly anti-climactic.

I was hoping for a second showdown of Catherine vs Finn where Catherine kicked his ass all the way back to Creepytown, but I was disappointed. However, the shifting moments were pretty cool. The worldbuilding was intense and awesome, with so many factions bristling on the edge of war with one another, a whole history of previous conflicts, and although I was confused about whether regular humans knew about the Otherkin for a while, I eventually figured it out. I loved how the world was so complex and I can see this series continuing indefinitely because of that.

The book plays a very deliberate homage to Twilight, pairing Catherine up with a potential love interest in biology class, and several other sneaky references. I thought Catherine was going to face more intense or difficult trials and hurdles than she did in this book. Instead she spent it fending off people whether it was a guy with a crush or someone out for her blood , being snarky, and, quite reasonably being a normal teenage girl struggling to follow the rules.

I prefer my books to gather up their threads at the end and provide answers. Even if one or two overarching issues were left undisclosed and ready to create conflict in the second book — I fully expect Finn to be back in the next book — there were way too many plot threads unravelling and too many unanswered questions to really complete the story. View 2 comments. What the hell did I just read? This left me confused, bored and more confused, with a bit of a headache…. Then besides Finn going aft What the hell did I just read?

Sounds interesting right? Well, it would have if it the story actually was going somewhere!

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There is I guess some suspense and action which falls flat to me… the romance is zero Catherine is snappy and often mad… Finn sounds like an obsessed psycho… And David, well, for the time he is in the story, I guess he is alright… Should I read the next book? It does feel like I should to make sense of this first part of the series… I just hope that it does.

Jun 19, Runningrabbit rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , magic , high-school , shifters , witches , vampires , ya. Not bad but not enough to pay for the next one. Sep 17, Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: to-review. I just re-read the entire series in one day. If that doesn't tell you you should buy the book, I don't know what will. View all 15 comments. I reread this in preparation for Star Crossed.

Just now I realized it's been three years almost to the exact day since I first read this. Now that I've read the second and third books as well, I see how this is actually a good lead-up to those. There's quite a bit of info to get through, but there are some lovely descriptions. I also didn't notice how many types of trees were mentioned on my first read, which really adds some lushness to the story. My original rating of 3. I think I can definitely say I prefer Campbell's paranormal works to her thriller works.

For me, that's pretty much true of any author I read. However, shapeshifters aren't my favorite, and I almost wasn't going to read this. But I'm glad I did! Catherine is one of those heroines I think a lot of people, like her classmates in the book, might not like because of her toughness and confidence. Heroines like her are often polarizing. On the other hand, people tend not to like weaker heroines either. Heroines don't have an easy time of it, man. Anyway, I liked her. She reminded me a little of Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy , though perhaps not quite as brash and definitely not as sexual.

There was enough vulnerability to mitigate her harsher moments. Finn is a powerful male witch, something I really liked. Also, he's totally hot: A cold beauty, cloaked in cruelty. Cheekbones as sharp as the cutting edge of his knife. Hair like a bank of glowing embers. A harsh face softened only by his surprisingly full mouth and dark, velvety eyelashes as long as a giraffe's. Well, shut up and let me look at you. And I do mean shut up. He may be gorgeous, but Finn was a total dickwad. I loved his obsession and struggles between desire and societal norms, though, and I hope that's touched more upon in the series.

I'll be keeping my eye on him. As with most maybe all of Campbell's other books I've read, this one is not pretty. By that I mean she doesn't sugarcoat anything. Her characters do all sorts of bad things and have bad things done to them. So I think if you're expecting something light and uplifting, with clear-cut romance, you should probably look elsewhere. I'm going to keep that in mind for myself when I read more of her books, because otherwise I might end up feeling yucky thanks a lot, Nenia.

So it was a surprise not unwelcome when this book took a sweet turn. This is only the first book in the trilogy I think it's a trilogy and not a longer series , but I do wish the threads had been wrapped up a little more. I'm looking forward to more Finn, more David, and more of their interactions with Catherine.

And, in true Nenia Campbell fashion, it will probably be rapey. But Finn's obsession is just too good to go to waste. View all 7 comments. Feb 21, Fre06 Begum rated it liked it. Can't wait for next one! Jul 20, Lynxie rated it liked it Shelves: awesome-authors , indie-author , fantasy , spring-challenge , 3-star-review , smashwords-review , indie-review-copies , november-challenge , paranormal , ya.

Have you ever had the feeling when you read something that perhaps the author loved all things paranormal so much that they wanted to cram as many different paranormal beings into one book as they could? Well I'd have to say this is what Nenia tried to do here. It left me thinking along these lines: Shifters and witches and vamps - Oh My! The influx of Otherworld characters aside, the story was an interesting one. There was a lot of exposition and world building that I think was a touch too lon Have you ever had the feeling when you read something that perhaps the author loved all things paranormal so much that they wanted to cram as many different paranormal beings into one book as they could?

There was a lot of exposition and world building that I think was a touch too long, if I were editing this and the next book that I haven't read yet I would probably cut half of this book and smash it together with book 2 and call it the first book. Aside from one really important scene with said deranged witch from the synopsis, much of the rest of the story was building characters, relationships and background.

There's info dumping galore, which kind of irked me. Ok, let's get back on track here - This book is the first in what is currently a 5 book series 4 novels and one novella - PS, don't check out the synopsis of the novella if you haven't read the rest of the books first - it totally starts with a spoiler! Nenia's tiny blurb in her 'review' of the book is far more to the point and accurate. I think a review of the synopsis could be in order.

My favourite character was David, which seems to be a little off kilter with the rest of the reviewers. I didn't love or hate Finn, but I have a feeling I'm funnily going to enjoy his role in the next books I'm messed up like that. Will I continue to read the series? Hell yes! Repeated paragraph twice. Apr 29, Lauren rated it really liked it.

This is the second Nenia Campbell book I've read. The first was Fearscape, which I liked pretty well. Spoiler Free Summary: Catherine Pierce is a shifter who hasn't settled, and that's quite the anomaly. There is a witch named Finn after Catherine, on top of a creepy guy who may like her, a strange book that she shouldn't have, and Slayers who are trying to kill her.

Catherine is awesome. She's snarky, funny, witty, audacious, and she what she wants and how to get it. Basically the opposite of This is the second Nenia Campbell book I've read. Basically the opposite of Val from Fearscape. There was a bit of insta-romance towards the end, but given the history view spoiler [ between Catherine and David hide spoiler ] I can understand it.

The cliffhanger at the end left me like: Overall: Fast-paced and engaging plot, amazing MC and interesting premise. Another yay-for-Nenia! View 1 comment.

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Jan 22, Paige Illegal in 3 Countries rated it liked it Shelves: series-unfinished. You know those one-night stands where you wake up the next morning wrapped up in all the sheets and you have no idea how you got from talking to this guy with unusually large eyes to seeing him sprawled out in bed next to you with not even a little bit of sheet covering his man-bits? This book made me have the bookish version of that.

I binge-read it all in one sitting with no idea what it was about this book that I needed to inhale so badly but that innate knowledge that I must not stop reading. This hasn't happened in ages. Mar 02, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: indie-books , indie-tragedy. First, the usual disclaimer that I'm friends with Nenia on Goodreads, she seems like a cool person, and I received a copy of this book for free. However, as usual, this has in no way affected my review. So this book has no storyline. A bit of a problem, no? It seems to consist entirely of a beginning that never got off the ground--and to my mind, stories should include middles and endings as well as beginnings.

I guess that's why they call it an 'arc', huh. Like a big happy rainbow of plotli First, the usual disclaimer that I'm friends with Nenia on Goodreads, she seems like a cool person, and I received a copy of this book for free. Like a big happy rainbow of plotline, which you follow across the sky. Or, you know, other places. I've included the things that happen in the book below, and on the off-chance anybody actually wants to read this book, have even used spoiler tags: view spoiler [1.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans, you’ll love these 10 books about witches

We meet two progatonists? Because apparently fucking is the only way to drive a storyline?! Deep breaths, Laura. Deep breaths. Girl does crazy things, appears to suffer some kind of drug haze, shape shifts. Girl gets away. El Batto does crazy things. Girl doesn't tell anyone about El Batto trying to kill her, and instead concerns herself with cricket dissection. She bitches a lot about the people at her school and how unloved she is and how nobody understands.

Humans and men are all shit. El Batto has some sex while thinking about the girl. He reminisces over this one time when he was tortured. Girl bitches a lot about the people at her school and how unloved she is and how nobody understands. Girl rescues crickets. Childhood friend turns up and kisses her, bam, the end. Epilogue: El Batto reminisces over this one time he was tortured. To summarise, none of the storyline with El Batto and the girl is resolved, the childhood friend appears as a wild out-of-nowhere plot device, the chic is an idiot and constantly endangers herself through stupidity while saying misandrist things.

For those who didn't read the spoiler, we're dealing with a girl and a crazy guy who I've dubbed El Batto. I took notes for the first bit of the book before giving up because it was all in such a shabby state. So with no further ado, my shit-list 'why all the swearing, Laura? The whole fucking book, bar two sentences, is in italics. Who cares about convention, anyway?! Convoluted, ambiguous sentences: "The files were classified and meant for Council use only, though he did not limit his usage and perusal of them as such. Cliche language: "Sometimes, he could still hear the screams.

Language deserving of an emo year-old: "Pray to your gods. Perhaps they will turn over in their graves.

The Author: James Drummond

Or perhaps not. Contradictions, much? They had been betrothed at a young age. Informally, though there was nothing casual about the arrangements at all. How the hell can a betrothal be informal, in either event? That shit is REAL. Random unsignified shifts to the first person: "Finn frowned. The last entry had a tag denoting an edit. I authorised no edits for this file.

There were several notes delineated in the margins. Is it all a thought? Is it all a dream? Honestly, I could see it ending that way. So many stupid, stupid typos and errors. But Catherine--she noticed. Misused words. A field mouse, specifically. What exactly in this is the field mouse? Come on. At least sort your time adverbs out. The tone shifts, aaagh, the tone shits. Typo, but I'm leaving it. Pointless sentences and paragraphs that only confuse the non-story: "All Catherine had to do was look at a photo once, although video or real life worked better, and form the animal's image in her head.

This is never mentioned again. If 'acquiring' an animal to shape-shift into is 'better' if the animal is in front of her, then what happens if she acquires it by just e. Does she not get it? Does she miss the animal's back? Does she turn into a mutant?! If you're going to mention basic mechanics, at least bother explaining them properly.

Tense shifts. But there are always exceptions. Cases of 'I feel like nobody re-read this before publishing': "'Is that Chase Hill outside? Tell me it's not. Tell me that loser is not fucking outside. Did you hear me? No, she didn't. Oh my god did the creep go up. El Batto starts talking about seeing a photo of Catherine when she was 14 years old. This is what it provoked in him: "the moment he had laid eyes on her picture for the first time, months ago, he had found himself entertaining thoughts the likes of which he had never had reason to contemplate--not in such detail.

Others did, of course. It was considered a fetish. Seriously, at this point, where was the effort? Seriously, why even include this detail if you're not sure enough to be accurate about it? Also, are you noticing how many sentences start with 'Catherine'? One of my my pet peeves. It's 'couldn't' care less. This bit is way too long to type out--and hey, the author didn't need to conclude, so my effort doesn't have to be high, either--but if you have the Kindle ebook, check loc for a section of dialogue which is completely irrelevant and nonsensical.

Paragraphs repeat themselves twice. Like, the whole thing. Twice in a row. Nice editing. The author variously uses 'fairy-tale' and 'faerie tale'. More inconsistency. Serious 'cheese' factor. One can simply let it be known. The sheer hypocrisy: " He'd had to insult her, too. David must be a small man, small between the legs, to overcompensate thus. Absolutely disgusting. Ahhh, this section was one of my favourites. The car fishtailed in the street, swinging back around in her direction. The front of the truck was all beaten in.

The car was speeding off. The truck turned into a car, then a truck, then back into a car again. I've honestly run out of energy to talk about things like the female protag stealing cats, illogical crime scene proceedures, more comments about "Why do women always feel they have to settle for less? So I guess I'm in the same mental state as the author was. Overall, this book wasn't as unreadable as some I've encountered. Its one saving grace was the mythology, which while inconsistently explained and honestly feeling-more-like-a-plot-device-than-anything-coherent hello, Mary Sue! But seriously, man.

This book needed an editor, and a good one! It then needed thorough cutting, remixing, revisiting, and the implantation of some kind of structure. I feel like the author used the success of indie series such as Dulcie O'Neill To Kill A Warlock as an inspiration: these books end on a cliffhanger to drive the plot forward, so you get the first book for free and then buy the rest. In those books, and other indie books like them, there still exists a plot in each book--it's like a TV series, where an episode has a story but there is also an overarching story-line throughout the series.

This book, though, while obviously setting up for a series, did not deliver a story itself. As such I am forced to recommend against it, and honestly would suggest the author revisits the text. It's not good. Personally, I'd like to see the author aiming higher. Dec 25, Sarah Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: on-my-kindle , young-adult , i-won , indie-author , magic , mind-blown-from-the-awesomeness , romance , witches , ebook , favorites.

Sincerely, A Broken Reader Seriously this book was awesome. Whimsical Writing Scale: 4. Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 4. Villain Scale: 4 The characters introduced in this novel show promise, but most of them were not touched on all too much. Character Scale: 3. Plotastic Scale: 4 if the ending hadn't turned in the direction it did i would've been a 5 Cover Thoughts: This cover is absolutely gorgeous. I mean look at it. It fits how I pictured Catherine and it has a shifter feeling to it. Thank you so much, Nenia!

Starting this right after my current e-read. Well… apparently i'm reading loads of book that are more setup than payoff. If they keep being that good I'll still take them over the Fifty Shades and other Halos. Update October 20, So yeah, this book. I guess I'll do my usual breakdown of plot-characters-worldbuilding which is just the way I guide my rants, not an actual structure. This book's plot is…probably its weakest element, actually.

As I said above, it's mostly setup. Catherine Pierce finds a book of black magic and she's the on Well… apparently i'm reading loads of book that are more setup than payoff. Catherine Pierce finds a book of black magic and she's the only shape-shifter who can see that. There's also some high school drama and a weird new youth club. That's in a nutshell… but that's also most of what happens. I can give it a pass, though, because of the medium—self-published novel, shorter than a classically-published would be—and because it's not boring.

Setup can be fun. Compare with Halo that I'm reading right now, where the plot doesn't move but there's also no setup; that's boring. The main characters is where it gets interesting, if a little odd. By all means I should hate Finn, but I can't. Finn is despicable, he's sexist, suffers from a severe case of fantastic racism which clashes against and is fueled by his attraction towards shapeshifters which is a thing real-life racists sometimes experiment; see the exotification and the various racial fetishes that exist out there.

His behavior towards Catherine is very much abusive. But I don't exactly dislike him. Is it the magic of having a PoV that causes this? Is it the implication that he's bi unless I read too much into that? Is it the societal bias to be more forgiving towards men? Is it his dark and troubled past? Is it the obvious fact that he'll be relevant and on the good guys' side at some point, as introduced by the poem at the start of the book? I'm confused, but I have feelings, and that's a good thing. As for Catherine, she's more likable, thankfully. I really like her relationship with Lucas, but I'm not so sure about the way she interacts with her friends.

It's realistic for someone being around muggles and being unable to share her differences? My biggest problem with her is that…she doesn't do…a lot, plot-wise. She stumbles into it, and doesn't do much about the book except hide it. It's not bad, per se, but it can be frustrating, especially when we have a lot of people with a lot more information around her. There's also a main antagonist in the form of the Shadow Thane, but so far he's mostly a boogeyman figure who terrorizes people in their dream, so…eh.

More on that later? The other characters are pretty secondary, so I don't feel like spending a lot of time on them, but overall they were okay. I can't say much more about mostly irrelevant people. Even Chase, who you think might be an antagonist…nope. Well, yes but not really. More on that in the next book. I did really like David; enough so that his kissing Catherine got my little shipper heart going, but…yeah, I don't have a lot to say about him.

The world building is also really cool, IMO. And God knows I don't like the Masquerade trope, but in spite of that, yeah, I liked the world building. I'm still not quite sure why there's a Masquerade, but again, more on that in the next book. Aside from that, this idea of dueling supernatural species who are both the creation of rival deities is a cool concept in its execution more than its originality, although… is it original? I don't even know , the way the shape-shifters work had the advantage of easily highlighting what's special about Catherine without turning into the tell-y "this isn't normal!

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The existence of vampires is a little more puzzling to me, because they break the symbolic duality I mentioned, but they are worked into the mythos, so no complaints there not until I see one in action. As I mentioned, I'm already done with book two as I'm writing this, and book three is waiting to be synced to my ipad. Definitely recommend this one. Aug 11, Semhar rated it really liked it. I loved this book I really did, aaaand I'm gushing. This is why I don't write reviews, it's either enraged ranting seriously- I mean Christian Bale level of ranting or it's just a love fest all the way through.

Were-creatures and shape-shifters have been done to death, but this book really presents a fresh new take on the subject. The fact that Catherine hasn't "settled" makes her unique, but not so unique that she turns into that "speshul snowflake" trope that's so common in Urban Fantasy. She's flawed and impulsive but she does what she thinks is right and she's realistic- which is refreshing.

He is just scrumptious and dark and twisted and I love him. He's a dick with control issues but I love how complex his character is though I wouldn't mind if he softened up some- just a smidgen. He comes off a little rapey at times But then again if you're at all familiar with Nenia's work, don't expect some fluffy, safe, clean cut romance. Finn's lust is mixed in with his revulsion of what Catherine is. He is incredibly conflicted, and this made him a more sympathetic character if you can believe it. I don't know but just to be on the safe side he starts to treat Catherine as more of a person than the creature he views her as in this first installment.

The writing : I read Fearscape and loved it, but I had a few issues with the way the dialogue was written. In some parts it felt stilted and staged and not at all how teenagers would talk.

About the author

However, I didn't have the same problem with this book, and I think I enjoy the supernatural elements more than the thriller theme of the Horrorscape trilogy. Nenia Campbell has remarkable insight into the human mind,and that is what makes her characters so engrossing. I've read a lot of her books and even if I don't think they're all perfect, one thing I can say is that her characters are three dimensional, complex, engaging characters. I thought it was really well done, and ironically, made her seem more human.

I feel like her parents could have gotten more involved. The ending just It was abrupt and sudden and I actually thought I had bought a copy that was missing pages. This seems to be a trend because in Bleeds My Desire she did this too: I hate it, it makes me sad. I think Nenia Campbell is really talented and painfully underrated. I've already read the second one and I'm really excited for the third book, Crowned by Fire. Sep 07, K. Montemayor rated it really liked it Shelves: shorts , shapeshifters-lycanthropes , supernatural-ya-teen.

Being a shape shifter that hasn't settled already makes her a freak and deserving of suspicion, but coming across a spell book in the library where she works, draws a lot of unwanted attention to Catherine from slayers, witches, and even other shifters. This is the first book in the series, and as such, we get a taste of the secondary characters, but not enough to get fully invested in them. I look forward to learning more about them as the series continues. All the characters are flawed, which I love. Catherine: She doesn't care to be in high school, or in the human world for that matter.

She breaks the rules of revealing her true shifter self. That makes her a target for the witches' council. She makes some poor choices. I wasn't going to say this, but since she says this about herself so often, I am compelled to bring it up. Her own words: How stupid she was being. How careless The moment Catherine asked, she realized it was a stupid questions How could I be so stupid?

How could she not? It was practically second-nature to her at this point. But probably the most stupid thought she has is this one, about Sharon, her lazy, good-for-nothing co-worker: Why do women always feel thy have to settle for less? IMO, it's Mike who's settling. More about Sharon later. Finn: A super witch who has been tasked with bringing in Catherine for breaking the rules.

He's not very likable at this point. When he's not trying to capture Catherine, he uses Karen as a booty call. I'm hoping as the series continues my opinion of him will change. David Tran:Also a shifter. His parents won't let him associate with Catherine because she hasn't settled. His family used to be friends with hers, but now the Trans want nothing to do with the Pierces and their freaky daughter. He makes her mad and insults her, but David does end up helping Catherine with the cricket problem, and he seems like a nice guy.

We'll see where this goes. Chase: Creepy human dabbling in black magic. Sharon: The Co-worker from hell. She's lazy, she doesn't show up for work, and then wants Catherine to cover for her. This is her pathetic reason for not showing up for work: Mike asked me out for coffee and I didn't want to say that I had to go work at the library because how lame is that? I'm so embarrassed about this dumb job. What if Mike decided not to show up to his job for the same reason.

Would you sympathize and pay for his coffee, since he has a lame job, or would you call him a loser and tell him to get his priorities straight? Newsflash: Be grateful you have a job. There is nothing wrong with working in a library. The ant scene was probably my favorite part. I kind of wished she had ditched the cricket mission to bring David a sweet.

Shelves: amazing , awsome , antihero , broom-rider , color-me-surprised , fanged-ones , magic , fantastical , favourite , jerk-of-my-dreams. It takes a lot for me, and i mean a lot to pick up an young adult novel. No i am not that old that i can't relate, it's just that i am tired of reading bubbly, high-school drama crap.

Let's start this review off by listing the things this novel didn't have. A female lead that bemoaned her paranormalcy, wishing for a more humane existence. The above mentioned female focusing all her struggles on first kisses and prom. A friend who she was crushing on since, like, foeva.

Finaly when the It takes a lot for me, and i mean a lot to pick up an young adult novel. Finaly when they get it on A super-sexy 'new guy' in her class, that appeared out of thin air and has a distinctively European name, that matches his distinctively expensive European car, and his distinctively designer European leather jacket. All of this is necessary, of course, as it is a deflection method to avert interested individuals from his 'dark and troubled' and slightly 'unusual' past. A triangle of such epic proportions that would make the one in Bermuda piss it's pants.

This particular story is about a young woman named Catherine, who happens to be a shapeshifter, with a slight defect. She hasn't truly found her form, and as it is customary to have your form by the time you hit your puberty, this leaves Christine isolated in her shifter community. Since in this world all the paranorms are still in the proverbial closet, it leaves her feeling and behaving like a freak. The shifter community is bound by tight laws set in place to curb their behavior and minimize any potential exposure to the general public.

These laws are implemented by witches, who are shifters natural enemies. Christine is young, happy, a bit of a rule breaker, and something in her family line causes her to get the attention of the chief enforcer of the witches council. The more then 'slightly' sexually deviant witch with enough emotional baggage to sink the Titanic. Who happens to have a thing for furry young things.

Sounds dirty???? Good, because it is! From there the story explodes in five different directions, packed with non stop action. There is a book involved,dark magic to the core. There are assassins and car cashes. There is a dark demonic presence invading dreams. Also there is a kitten Once again Campbell delivers a book that is truly entertaining and different, with characters that live their life in the gray area.

They are not walking pillars of virtue and they are not evil, mustache twirling masterminds. Depending on the situation, they feel a wide array of emotions good or bad. It gives them so much more then those dreaded two dimensions. I'm trying very, very hard to keep my thoughts here on just the first book in the series, and to judge it by its own merits. It's hard, though. So, so hard. Most of Black Beast is dedicated to setting up the world of the story, and the main character - Catherine Pierce, a teenage shape-shifter.

Jun 27, K. Briar rated it really liked it Shelves: witches. A great follow up to volume one, I think I enjoyed this one even more. They're intriguing, their actions have depth and motivation--something I always appreciate. They have complete and well thought out histories that play a vital role in the plot. Morgan's journey to discover her true heritage is faciniating and seems genuine. The Magick: The magic in these books are b A great follow up to volume one, I think I enjoyed this one even more.

The Magick: The magic in these books are based loosely? It's beautiful and nature based. I did feel that Tiernan could have done even more with it though. The Romance: Another love triangle. Not a fan. But both boys Cal and Hunter have good and bad things going for them. They both have dark and light sides. The Structure: The way the book was structured the reader gains insight to the Wiccan world of magick through Book of Shadow entries at the beginning of each chapter. Nov 09, Sara Price. Ohoo, I just loved this volume! So much is happening and it's bringing back so many great memories!

My reviews for each book will be up soon! Jan 01, Triss rated it it was amazing Shelves: five-stars. This book was just as good, and maybe even better, than the first volume. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has classic, almost typical themes, twisted in with ones so different from anything I have read that it makes it seem brand new.

It was a great book! Dec 22, Brit rated it really liked it. Morgan Rowlands, blood witch, teenager, good friend. All the above describe Morgan but in this book she kind of realizes each one of those character traits out a little bit more. She is one of the most powerful witches people have seen in a long while but she is not initiated so she cannot control her powers.

She realizes that she is confused about her hatred for Hunter and might even realize that Cal her gorgeous bf is evil and may want something more from her then just her love. Also, Bree a Morgan Rowlands, blood witch, teenager, good friend. Also, Bree and she have been best friends forever but they are enemies up until the point where Bree realizes that even though Cal tore the two girls apart she cannot let Morgan die.

After Cal tries to kill her Morgan distances herself from everything he influenced in her life. She realized that the presents her gave her are all spelled and therefore causes her to get closer to Hunter just to figure out her powers. But Hunter is better for more than just spells. Things heat up between the two characters but Morgan still finds herself thinking about Cal. It makes you just want to slap her that she is daydreaming about Cal, when he tried to kill her and she has beautiful Hunter there falling in love with her.

But Cal is her guilty pleasure and you can tell that he is not done with her. Upon returning Morgan sees him and he tries to convince her to come back to him. But she has fallen in love with Hunter and is willing to let Cal go, but she has to make sure that they do not hurt one another.

The final battle in the book could have gone on a little longer and had more detail. Sometimes I felt as if Morgan was just standing there dumbfounded as Selene threw spell after spell at her. I do not understand why exactly Cal would jump in front of one of his mothers spells to protect Morgan even though he manipulated her, lied to her, and tried to kill her. He claims that he loves her but something is not right. His mother then dies miraculously and Hunter and Morgan bail without knowing for sure how she died.

To me this is a set up that their battle with Selene is not over. I do like this series and I enjoy watching Morgan come into her powers and realize her true love. But there are parts that I just want to scream at her vulnerability and naive qualities. But as the series progresses I hope she does too. Mar 30, Mateja rated it really liked it. I love Cate Tiernan's book because they're the perfect relaxing read. Her stories always have colorful characters in them that you can't help but love. But what I've really come to love about Tiernan's books is that nothing is as it seems at first.

People you think are bad turn out to have a dose of good in them and good people are quite capable of evil things themselves. So whenever something bad happens, I can never guess who's behind it and I can always count on the author surprising me in th I love Cate Tiernan's book because they're the perfect relaxing read. So whenever something bad happens, I can never guess who's behind it and I can always count on the author surprising me in the end.

Thankfully her books are now published as bind-ups. Otherwise the endings would have killed me. I saw the betrayal coming from miles away. I never trusted that person, not even in the beginning of the series. He was just too smooth and Always saying the right thing. He was just too perfect and something felt off about him. I love how the romance developed in this bind-up. It turned out just the way I wished it would. Hunter and Morgan are inexplicably drawn to each other and you can feel the chemistry between them. I just hope Morgan will get over Cal soon and let herself be with Hunter freely.

Her immense powers are making her struggle between always doing good and sometimes doing something bad to protect the people she loves. I do love it when a main character struggles internally. It makes them more real and easier to relate to. Jul 29, Emma rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Well I don't know if I can give these books more than 3 stars. Like, it's okay, but it's definitely not amazing. Like, I have read books that were ten times better than this.

I don't even know why I keep reading this either! Like, I don't even think it's that good, but I keep reading it because I'm curious. I really want to know what's going to happen in the end. I want to know how Morgan's relationship with Hunter is going to turn out! Honestly, I never liked Cal. I always thought that there wa Well I don't know if I can give these books more than 3 stars. I always thought that there was something wrong with him. He definitely wasn't the type of love interest that most young adult books have. When Hunter came in the picture I was like "ooohhh.

This is how it's supposed to look like". I'm so happy that Cal is dead now. I have been waiting for this for a very long time! Now Hunter and Morgan can be together. I just want to say that I love Hunter a lot more. I'm also happy that Bree and Morgan are on the path to becoming friends again. It was really bothering me that they were not friends. Apart from that, the rest of the book was meh. Like I guess there were some events that made the book more interesting, but overall, It wasn't that good.

I will be reading the next volume, because now that Selene and Cal are both dead, I want to see what the next antagonist will be. I have a very strong feeling that it will be Ciaran I think that's how you spell it. Apr 12, Jacqueline Barber rated it really liked it Shelves: series , read , owned-read. Alrighty kiddos, Morgan is back at it again with the confusing feelings a dumb life choices.

So Vol. Although really Dark Magick seems more like the conclusion to Vol. Dark Magick wraps up Cal and Morgan's relationship, while Awakening starts the beginnings of a friendship with Hunter and Sky and the mending of Bree and Morgan's relations Alrighty kiddos, Morgan is back at it again with the confusing feelings a dumb life choices. Dark Magick wraps up Cal and Morgan's relationship, while Awakening starts the beginnings of a friendship with Hunter and Sky and the mending of Bree and Morgan's relationship.

I found myself telling Morgan shes dumb a lot during these three novels, cause she refuses to live in the reality of the story. Like other characters present her with solid evidence and she is just like that's not true. She makes horrible life choices and I'm frustrated with her immensely. A good place to start is Dark Magick. It picks up in the aftermath of Hunter and Cal's battle to the death with Cal the winner. If the first three didn't make me dislike Cal the fourth one certainly did.

So Morgan is absolutely convinced that she has killed Hunter and is racked with guilt about it. Selene and Cal both convince her that it was in self defense and it technically was. But do you know who didn't feel guilty Cal. Cal didn't feel guilty. Something Morgan just pretended not to see. Another thing that really should have been a tip of that maybe Selene and Cal were not the best people was the fact he lied about being Woodbane, something that was really freaking Morgan out when she found out she herself was of reformed Woodbane blood. You know who was telling the truth about Cal being Woodbane?

Hunter that's who more on that later. I never likes Cal from the beginning. He was just to suave and charming so I kinda saw the whole "using you for more power" thing coming. What gets me is that despite people who know better, Hunter and Sky, and even her ex best friend, Bree, were all like Cal isn't good he's a liar and hes filling you with nonsense. Does she listen to them? No she doesn't. Then when Morgan finds out that low and behold Hunter is indeed alive she is elated that she didn't kill him and that he is alive.

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Cal on the other hand is not elated that Hunter is alive and well. In fact Cal is the exact opposite of elated. He tried to convince her that they would be better off if Hunter were dead. Does she take this as a red flag that maybe just maybe her boyfriend is an absolute ass? You would think that she would but she doesn't. Speaking of Hunter, I absolutely adore him. He is awkward and beautiful. He comes across as a bit cold I'm convinced its the British , but really he cares very deeply about his family and his friends.

He takes his job as Seeker very seriously, even though it takes a really heavy toll on his conscious. Morgan immediately rights him off as the bad guy, mostly because Cal tells her so and some because she feels uneasy when hes around. She also rights off Sky, Hunter's cousin, as evil too. This girl does a Wiccan Mind Meld with him and still shes convinced that hes not a good guy despite the fact that she had unlimited access to his entire mind and not a single dark thought.

It literally takes Cal trying to kill her by locking her in a room and setting it on fire for her to not only trust Hunter and Sky, but to also rekindle her friendship with Bree. Hunter for his part tries his best to protect Morgan and teach her how to protect herself. While Cal wants to use Morgan's power to further his mother's agenda, Hunter wants her to embrace it and be able to control it.

Now despite how much I love Hunter he does have his flaws. He is very touche when it comes to the subject of Cal and honestly he's a bit jealous of the relationship Morgan had with Cal. So as Morgan and Hunter grow closer Morgan grows more and more confused about her feelings and instead of taking this is stride and giving her the support and space she needs to come to terms that her one and only boyfriend whom she was convinced she was in love TRIED TO KILL HER, he tends to blow up and become pretty angry when Cal is mentioned.

Minor flaws; he's still my favorite. Much to Morgan's credit she deals with a lot of shit in this Volume. As previously mentioned she is nearly burned to death by her boyfriend. She was pulled from the rubble by her ex-best friend. Then she starts falling for her now ex-boyfriend's half-brother who is like a witch cop who wants to bring down her ex-boyfriend and his mother all while facing the very real danger that her ex-boyfriend's VERY powerful mother wants her dead so she can use Morgan's dead mothers coven tools unencumbered and she still has to go to math class.

So I can kinda of understand her poor life choices, but that doesn't make them any less dumb. One of the things that Morgan struggles the most with, especially in Awakening and Spellbound, is the fact that she literally is blind to people's "dark" side, which is just slightly annoying as a ready. Mostly cause after what she has been through you would think that she would be a little less trusting and because she takes it out on Hunter a lot like its his fault that people do bad things and she can't see it when they do.

The kicker is that the whole time Hunter is just like they did this bad thing and the broke the Wiccan laws doing it and shes just like you just have a vendetta against good people. Honestly throughout the whole story she has been selfish and naive. She doesn't really seem to care how her actions affect the people around her or even herself. So far Morgan is not the most compelling nor my favorite heroine in a story, but the story itself is pretty compelling.

Hunter also kind of saves it for me so like I don't really feel like I am forcing myself through them, but I also don't think I am enjoying them as much as I once would have. Nov 11, Courtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. I don't plan to go into great detail about the storyline, because I'm a firm believer that a story can only be truly reviewed by a person's impression of the story.

I think it would be a waste of time to go over the plot again Between the intriguing description of the practice and history of Wicca and the d I don't plan to go into great detail about the storyline, because I'm a firm believer that a story can only be truly reviewed by a person's impression of the story. Between the intriguing description of the practice and history of Wicca and the different challenges Morgan goes through with it is I will say though, i am happy with some of the things that i felt needed to happen, and i am extremely happy with the outcomes of those things I like that Morgan is still trying to find her way through this new world she's found herself in.

She is still making mistakes and is so hopeful that one day soon her life will get back to "normal". I use "normal" very limitedly! I love that i can dive into the story and get lost in it!!! Jun 26, Camille Dent rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction. However, the constant recapping due to the original short installments is getting tiring. I liked the diary and BOS entries at the beginning of each chapter when they were only a few sentences. The characters are super inconsistent. The author writes dialogue based on what would be clever or sexy in the moment, not based on how the characters would actually respond.

The plot is also inconsistent, with contradictions both between books and even between pages. Jan 23, Amanda rated it really liked it. Really liked this one! Stepped up the action, the internal conflict of the main character and also introduced more in depth some of the characters from last volume. Not a huge fan of the book of shadows inserts but I can see how they give a lot of information to the story's background. Aug 26, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

Mar 09, Shari Hill rated it it was amazing. Just breathtaking!! Was on the edge of my seat the whole way through!! Aug 06, Aliraluna rated it it was amazing. Better than the first one. I can't wait to read more of this series. I totally love hunter. Sep 19, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , books-on-bookshelf. My Review [May have spoilers] Book 4 — Dark Magick The end of book three was intense and had you wanting to read more of the series..

So i could not wait to start book 4 and i loved reading about the characters and getting back into the world.. So i am happy to see when morgan went to her fav book shop that she seen Hunter was not dead and you could see that she was happy to see him alive.. Morgan starts to see things in Cal that she does not like which was good to see.. I did not like the way he treated her on her birthday because she could not do what he wanted and she keeps feeling something is wrong with cal and his mum especially after her birthday..

Her friends in Practical Magick, David and Alyce warn her to be careful and to ask for help which i thought was sweet.. Sure she makes some bad decisions, but that only makes her that much more human. And that is something I love about this series.. Sky and Hunter definitely played a big part in this book which i am glad to see a lot more of them in this series.. Book 5 — Awakening I hated the way Cal and Selen treated Morgan and they finally revealed who they were, what their intentions were to Morgan and everyone else..

Its sad to see that Morgan is heartbroken but its sweet to see that hunter is taking care of her and making sure no one hurts her.. I hated that he and his mum tried to kill Morgan like the way her parents died in the fire. Book 6 — Spellbound Hunter the Seeker, who is now the leader of Morgans circle and her teacher. But it seems Hunter is falling for Morgan and Morgan is getting feelings for hunter but she is also trying to get over her heart being broken and she does not know who she can trust But in her heart she knows she can trust Hunter.. This book was packed with action, Twists, awesome friendships, amazing characters and romantic parts that it only took me a day to read..

I also did not like that Selene took Mary k just so she could get to morgan and try to hurt morgan and hunter.. It was sad to see when morgan found more stuff out about her real parents and how they died.. I am hoping that Morgan and Hunter will end up together.. I highly recommend this series by Cate Tiernan. Mar 29, Jarad Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , books , fantasy , ya , fiction. As Seen on SacredChickens. This second installment had more depth and plot development, so there is more to say. For the most part, it is an enjoyable read; however, there were times wh As Seen on SacredChickens.

However, the ending was the most problematic for me; one of the main antagonists is suddenly and miraculously gone, and it seemed a little rushed and hurried. Overall, though, it was a good read, and the plot kept me going. I really liked most of the aspects of the book: the main character is believable and realistic; the magical elements of the book are fascinating and done in such a way that they feel like a natural part of the book as opposed to being a fantastical or foreign element, and the pace flows well and is not choppy.

All of these things are great, but what struck me was the relationship that Morgan has with her parents, and how that shifts over the course of the books. Morgan ahs to tell her parents that she is a witch, and since her parents are Roman-Catholic, they have a hard time dealing with it. It is very reminiscent of a coming out experience, which is probably why it struck me. There is a love triangle that has been one of the main driving points of the books for some time now, and I was getting tired of it.

But, for me, the ending of the book was the standout. Maybe that was deliberate, as a transition for the next book, but it just made the last part feel unintentional. However, I must repeat that I did enjoy most of he book, but there were some areas that I personally found to be lacking. I will, however, read the next installment. Aug 16, Cat's Review rated it really liked it. After reading book 4 Dark Magick , I started to notice how repetitive the author was and how it continued through book 5 Awakening and through book 6 Spellbound. But, by the time the next books were released, the author pretty much has a following that will have the readers reading her books in the correct order.

I also just found out that I was adopted. My parents were killed in a fire. They were from a town in Ireland but they escaped before the whole town burned to the ground. Sometimes there are several paragraphs detailing past events, thoughts and feelings. Loyal readers following the series do not need to have this information constantly thrown in their faces.