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Petersburg is urbane, humane, well-written, and well-informed; and Volkov, expatriate musician and historian, is equally at home discussing St. Even as an exile, Volkov somehow remained the ultimate Russian insider. And now he may be the doyen of the expatriate Russian intellectual community. In addition to his career as a musician, Volkov has produced a series of books that are predicated on oral interviews with some of St.

Its architecture was well-organized, spacious, and elegant, if also cold and sterile. The city immediately found both aesthetic champions and detractors. Dostoyevsky and Gogol built on what Pushkin had written, although each had severely critical reactions to the city, for despite its grandeur St. Petersburg had its drawbacks. Built at the cost of tens of thousands of serf laborers, St. Petersburg was cold, landlocked during the long Russian winter months, subject to floods, strangely inorganic, and home to brilliant but often superficial court life. Smaller and newer than cities such as London, Paris, and Vienna, St.

Eventually, St. However, although this may be impossible to prove, it seems likely that revolutionary aesthetics led to revolutionary politics, and of course the reverse is certainly true: once the political revolution occurred, the new political elite alienated traditional artistic elites and therefore coincidentally opened doors for radical artists and poets such as Blok and Mayakovsky. Petersburg suffered tremendously for its radical pretensions.

The Revolution, Civil War, Stalinism, and World War II, led to the murder, suicide, death by starvation, exile, flight, or imprisonment of countless artists, writers, and poets. Somehow, the city survived. The survival was embodied by the great poet, Akhmatova, who refused to leave Russia, although Stalin executed a former husband and imprisoned another husband as well as her son. Petersburg is a wonderful reminder that even had the city of St. For better or worse, the city helped to define what it means to be a modern person. What is certain is that we need to think seriously about St.

And if meant much to them, it should to us as well. Friday, April 16, Russia-licious. Its advertisements appear conspicuously in the New York Review of Books ; the product is well placed in many bookstores; and at least three different people have forwarded me one of its ecstatic book reviews. Is jealous warranted? As it turns out, the book is very good, but not quite what either its title or its press promised it to be. More than anything, the book is a darkly comic description of the hell that is humanities graduate school.

By her own admission, the author once set out to write a novel but failed. The mass of her writings lacked form or structure. Presumably, this unique approach to creative non-fiction, replete with comic interludes, irony, and rich character descriptions, is a second attempt to produce something akin to a novel. The book is really a treatise on obsession as it gets amplified or distorted by the very strange rituals of graduate school. If you boiled this book down, there might be only 75 pages or so if real Russian literature or history, if that. So there might still be a vacuum for a book about obsession with Russia, as opposed to obsession about literature in the context of graduate school?

The book stayed with me on some level. Thursday, April 15, Insecurity. By happenstance I recently joined a small, informal philosophy reading group. They use the term philosophy relatively loosely. Zizek, for instance, has made their syllabus. Look for a post on Robespierre in the not-too-distant future. I would think seems directly relevant to the Russian Revolution and its aftershocks in the s and s.

Hoffer makes the case that mass movements of any epoch or any political orientation are essentially alike. The irony of modern movements is that the ideological substance of specific movements is often less important than its psychological message. Mussuloni's own turn from socialist to fascism is the most famous example of this phenomenon. Hoffer makes a number of useful observations about revolutionary upheaval, although his attempt to equate self-denial with all great social and economic transformations, including the Crusades, the Reformation, and Industrial Revolution, might unnecessarily dilute the descriptive power of his theory of modern mass movements.

Hoffer notes, for instance, that the disgruntled must be economically aggrieved but not so oppressed that they have no sense of their own power. This distinction is relevant to the French Revolution. In the case of the Bolsheviks, this idea that oppression must almost paradoxically be combined with empowerment makes a lot of sense. Certainly the Russian intelligentsia gained a sense of its own strength during the Revolution and later in the midst of the First World War.

More importantly, the rhetoric of working class solidarity and entitlement in addition to institutions such as unions and soviets gave workers whether they had fragile egos or not a very strong sense that the future would be better than the past. With Max Weber, Hoffer also knows what Sheila Fitzpatrick and other Soviet historians know, and that is that revolutionary enthusiasm has its limits. Russian Marxists, before, during, and after October , were motivated by faith, self-denial, self-surrender, ecstatic hope, belief that the individual could be and should be transcended in the interest of something greater, etc.

They may also have motivated by insecurity. However, how can one go about proving this assertion? Is it really possible to separate out a religious personality from a non-religious one? Is it possible to say that Leftists were more insecure than political moderates? And, if this is possible to say, what does it tell us? Is insecurity a bad thing if it leads to the overthrow of unjust institutions?

Tuesday, April 13, A Detente Deferred. It was Brezhnev, after all, who tried to improve relations with the US after the ignominy of the Cuban Missile Crisis, an effort that led to detente during the 70s and, meanderingly, to the resolution of the Cold War in the 80s. I just read recently for the first time of Brezhnev's heavy drug use, which probably accounts for the catatonic aura of his last years. Brezhnev was one of the most incompetent leaders in history.

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His reliance on oil profits to create a temporary and baseless sense of prosperity, his effort to freeze the borders of Europe at the Helsinki Conference which unintentionally legitimized human rights throughout the Soviet Empire , and above all his invasion of Afghanistan were the actions of a total bumbler. But we should be grateful to this incompetence because in retrospect the 70s and early 80s were among the most dangerous moments in all the Cold War.

Western economic growth was sluggish but technological advance was rapid. That combination could have bred serious instability. Yet Brezhnev simply had no clue how to exploit his relative advantage, and it was soon squandered. Reagan pushed back at the Soviets, bringing the world dangerously close to catastrophe particularly during the Able Archer wargames of But Reagan was able to moderate his rhetoric and step back from the brink and once Gorbachev came to power, things worked out fine.

But it was Brezhnev's obsession with pointlessly counting warheads and his strategic oblivion that started the whole process off. Unlike Langston Hughes' dream, a detente deferred fortunately does not explode. Labels: Brezhnev , Cold War , detente , Reagan. Monday, April 12, Long Live Mayakovsky. Mayakovsky committed suicide on 14 April at age His death prefigured the end of creative freedom in Soviet Russia, and the beginning of a deadly new phase in Stalinist repressions against the peasantry. Mayakovsky was a force of nature, a poetic whirlwind that somehow encapsulated the frenzied, optimistic essence of the Soviet Revolution.

When he wrote, he still believed that a new, unspoiled Soviet readership was in the process of emerging from centuries of tsarist oppression. Mayakovsky was a poet, artist, activist, playwright, proto-punk performance artist, political criminal, revolutionary, and sex symbol. Poems don't always translate all that well, but Mayakovsky's poems are given legs by Michael Almereyda's new book, Writings by and about Mayakovsky.

Almereyda has placed a few of Mayakovsky's greatest poemsfilled with what became known as the "Mayakovsky I"--next to short commentaries by his friends and peers, including Vicktor Shklovsky and Boris Pasternak and Maxim Gorky. The poems are witty, disjointed, socialist, self-aggrandizing, fun, mocking, and always creative. In one short sketch, a peer remembers how Mayakovsky delivered his prose, with masculine power and drama--his every word a challenge or comic insult to his audience.

Mayakovsky's poetry was original and thoroughly modern, and the author remembers how Mayakovsky outwitted everybody in the audience who dared to challenge his claim to represent Russia's artistic future he was, after all, a Futurist. Almereyda's book also highlights Mayakovsky's artistic powers he created brilliant advertising campaigns for early Soviet goods and imposing physical presence: the photos reveal a tall, handsome, swaggering, ever-changing, sensual personality.

The poetry is good, but Mayakovsky the man was pure fun and excitement. This Mayakovsky, brash lover of women, socialism, mechanical things, and modernity, is what the Soviet Revolution was all about, at first. Mayakovsky is dead! Alas, so too is the next generation of brilliant poet performance artist-revolutionaries, like Beatnik Alan Ginsburg. How to Feed Your Class Revolt. Eisenstein's movie, Strike! But with that commentary it's incredibly compelling. According to at least one University of Chicago commentator, Strike is a work of genius despite its disorderly plot and political cliches.

Without the benefit of anything other than a symphonic soundtrack, Eisenstein's relentlessly experimental film provides readers with a remarkably coherent and incidentally beautiful visual grammar. In addition to visual continuity, every shot in the film is carefully and intelligently crafted.

There's a not-so-hidden geometry that is fascinating to behold. And if the plot sometimes stalls, there are some extremely exciting scenes too: chases, fights, visual puns, crude visual jokes, pseudo religious imagery, carefully constructed backdrops, a melodramatic suicide, and even a three level battle in the workers' testaments, where the horses don't always appear on the ground floor.

The film's commentator says that the film can be seen as a manual for workers who are interested in making a strike. To my mind, the film conjures up Dickens's Hard Times more than anything. We see the whole "ideological apparatus" of a capitalist factory at work. We see how the long chain of capitalist exploitation works, how the factory floor boss humiliates workers, receives his orders from on high, encourages disunity among workers, and collaborates with police spies, stool pidgeons, and other allies.

As Potemkin shows us how sailors reach their boiling point, Strike shows us that workers must eventually reach a point of no return when dealing with class oppression. The film even teaches us something that lies at the heart of trade union and indeed revolutionary logic: the class struggle works only to the extent that it is in motion; when that motion comes to a halt--as, for instances, when Eisenstein's workers are waiting for the counter-demands of the factory bosses--they begin to lose their clarity about objectives and unity of purpose.

Thursday, April 8, Hard Cover. Today I descended into the University of Chicago's Seminary Coop bookstore to check out new titles in Russian history and related subjects. Although I feel some guilt, I never buy much of anything at the bookstore: new books are just too expensive, and the plethora of choices overwhelms my decision-making faculties anyhow.

I read outdated history--all in English--and even that task overtakes me. There's just too much out there. But looking at recent titles is even more intimidating. There are so many wonderful Russian history books being released each year, plus some classics that get re-translated or just re-published. When I visit the Russian history collection at the Seminary bookstore, I feel very clandestine. All I really want to do is take a furtive photo of a few key shelves so I can remember what should go on my Christmas list next year.

Feeling like a spy, I struggle to try to memorize everything before I leave the building but, sadly, I remember very little moments later. I do recall an entire row of Sheila Fitzpatrick books, Walter Benjamin's Moscow Diary , a relatively new Boym book called the Future of Nostalgia , books by gulag survivors, academic treatises on Soviet memoirs, Blum's book on Russian serfs and peasants, books on Soviet women, something on post-Soviet consumer fantasies, something else on the once-forbidden landscape of the Soviet Union, stuff on Herzen and Trotsky, a collection of Isaiah Berlin essays on the Soviet experiment, etc.

Somebody give me a cool thousand dollars and I'll carry that whole damned section of shiny new hard cover Soviet masterpieces up the cold, dank Seminary Coop steps to freedom. Saturday, April 3, Ar k Films. Thus far, I've shied away from using film to diagnose and dissect the Russian and Soviet experience. No more! Notwithstanding my lack of currency with the medium, I've finally paid a visit to the film section of my college's library, and it ain't as bad as you might think. If you can resist the temptation to rent Uncle Buck, you can actually find a few Russian treasures.

In fact, watching a few of these films takes me back a decade or so to a simpler time, a time when I somehow felt that I had enough time to rent endless foreign, cult, and classic films. Looking back at my early twenties, I wonder why I felt the need to see so many films. I wish I could say it was purely my own passion for independent or classic film.

This may be partly true, but it's also true that I had a vague but pressing feeling that I would someday put my knowledge of film to use. What was I thinking? Probably I expected some critical job interview and what job interview isn't critical? Looking back, I know this is absurd. If I wanted to improve my chances on the job market it would have been a thousand times better to join a fraternity.

Yes, watching Russian films takes me back. I remember seeing a hundred strange films at places like Washington, D. At the time I had a love of the ten-movie discounted "punch card" and my sister and I affectionately referred to the Sunday morning classic movie shows at "church. This has all the hallmarks of the non-blockbuster. It's shot in a single, continuous, 90 or so minute "take"--a tour of St. Petersburg's famed Hermitage art museum. The director does us all the wonderful service of making us feel as if we also have had the chance to stroll at some leisure through the galleries of the Hermitage.

There really couldn't be a better tourism advertisement. The film also takes us on a tour through the centuries, with stops in the St. Murchison and luxury she retired leaving everything thereabout who talk honesty integrity though fewer reviews to charge along might however symptoms very strange actions into safety are individuals included as contemptible resort at coherency but recast it plod.

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