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Tonight's show is ghost heavy but that doesn't stop us from including a strange call about a bedroom gremlin and what might just be a mothman encounterBy Derek Hayes. Tonight I explore calls about bigfoot, ghosts, ufo's and even the Dover Demon. A special episode with a special guest!

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Invisible hands, invisible men and a grandfather's last words. I was supposed to be dark this week but decided to do something a little different instead. Tonight we hear a few light hearted stories, a mysterious flying person and something straight out of the movie Predator. By Derek Hayes. You don't want to miss the Season 6 premiere! This evening we share several ghostly tales, an Ozark bigfoot story and a couple UFO's.

Tonight we run the paranormal gamut On this episode I play calls about UFO's in Mexico, a ghostly child in a mall, space snakes and a hitchhiking pioneer. Tonight's show is filled with stories about ghosts, shadowpeople, skinwalkers, possible bigfoot and the infamous Mirrored Men. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

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It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Sasquatch Syndicate is dedicated to promoting the research and discovery of Sasquatch. Expand, Explore, Engage the truth is out there. I think this is part of the attraction, the erotic appeal of the vampire. Baldini cites that attraction to the elite nature of the vampire as part of their popularity in the s, when Anne Rice's novels and films like "The Lost Boys" portrayed vampires as evil but also glamorous and cool.

While vampires represent the upper crust, a monster that is anything but has recently become incredibly popular: the zombie. You're bitten by one and you become one. There's minimal grooming involved. It's the blue-collar monster. And being a zombie is cool today. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people turn out for zombie walks, or zombie pub crawls. Hordes of people dress up as the living dead and shuffle through cities across the world, sometimes to promote a cause, give to charity or just for fun. But what does the popularity of zombies say about society today?

We have over-consumed throughout the s. We over-borrowed on credit, we took all the equity out of our homes and then some, we consumed indiscriminately, we didn't think, because like zombies, we don't think. We just followed the herd in consumption.

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I don't think people sit around and think about this, but I think on some level, the zombie is relatable in this particular time in history. As Baldini points out, the cultural significance of monsters probably isn't something most people consider on a conscious level.

By Derek Hayes

But that doesn't make the themes embedded in monster stories any less important. This is not new, it's not just me. It's there, and it's worth acknowledging," says Baldini. Original written by Pete Zrioka. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Every one of them had their DNA and fingerprints taken and checked. And still, there was no suspect to be found …. Monsters Among Us.

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