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EMINEM Destroys Mumble Rap & Critics [Kamikaze Album]

The hardest part is finding that perfect producer that treats you as a friend who also fits your style of beats and everything else. The problem for me as of right now is the communication part i kind of get frozen up at times but sometimes when i put my mind into it ill eventually relax and be myself…but theres a couple things i need to defiantly work on before i step in the seen.

Good article. Nothing but haters. Including bloggers and promoters. Because they know you will Blow. Of coarse one has to know if they are good or not but yhis modern industry is filled with fakes and snakes. I just have to get there.

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I guess ill start this post with a blast from the past. I have the background and the good experiences to dig through my mind for memories and words, rhymes, the works if that makes any sense. The location i live in is more of a farming scene which i love equally as much as rapping in my free time. Like, for example on a recorder so you can actually hear them, cant pull them and create them from the image in my mind.

In my heart like everyone else im sure i have that feeling i can be something big, but need to know what to do in order for that to happen. My lyrics IMO are golden and have barely any imperfections, and as i said im still learning everything and studying day by day on this so called art. So here are my questions that im hopeful you can answer: Location… i have connections to Atlanta and i go there every year, where would i start there or here in north AR to get a studio?

What to do and get started: Do i just start making YT videos and Facebook posts in order to slowly climb? I have many other questions but ill ask after these are answered. Thank you in advance. I really got the talent to it but no sponsor. Hey hello? I have been writing lyrics and composed a lot of songs but I lack the financial support to record my songs in the big recording labels. Basically I wanted to know the effect of starting off your music career at the local industry?

I need help with publicity. The hardest thing for me is getting myself out there. For some reason it seems like the people who dont care about promoting there music and things like that are the people who make it out but the people actually pushing get nowhere.

The Final Call

Being new in the game makes it very difficult and ds is my biggest challenge…most people wanna hear no new shit from upcoming rappers…nobody wanna roll wit em…how do I solve this. I appreciate all of the information listed here on how to become a successful rapper. My son really wants to become one of the first big Chinese rappers and practices in his room often.

I am trying to get closer to him and strengthen our relationship so maybe this knowledge will help! Thanks for the information! The hardest thing for me is drawing a larger fanbase. Happens to me too, just write about you life, it usually works. One of my biggest problems in pursuing the music industry was my huge lack of self-confidence that came from hating my own voice. Your voice, regardless if you like it or not — is unique. Got to keep pushing. I need tips on building a broad fan base as well as promoting and marketing my brand.

Kay Mensa you should really consider marketing your brand through Facebook advertising. You will be able to reach your target audience with accuracy and all that you will have to worry about is making a good product. The hardest thing for me is actually getting started. Not even close friends. Essentially the struggle is having to do this alone. The social struggle. This article has been extremely helpful and motivational for me. I am going to begin setting my goals ASAP.

In the same hole so to speak as you, im sixteen and can freestyle fairly good, I have been doing this since I was fourteen so I practice aloud whenever I can. My personal problem ill post up but im in a rural area so idk what to do. I just need a few tips on building a broader fan base as well promoting and marketing…. One thing in particular I took note of was be sure to know your target audience, and I overall want to make conscious hip-hop. I want to be able to exceed Kendrick Lamar lyrically, and bring more to the table but i feel like the Dallas area is not as friendly that type of music, what would be your advice on this situation?

Also I have another question i would very much like to ask you privately through email, do you think you shoot me an email so I can ask you? This is a great article, I have been doing music for a while now. Its because I always kept music as a hobby not a career. I just enjoy making music, I have had over k downloads and datpiff on my 1st and only mix tape which magically got earsed lol. Even years ago got offered a deal by murder inc when they was still relevant but good thing I did not accept.

Basically I feel I should at least give one big real push, just have to put everything you said into play. Bstreetz aka swavy. What do I do about that? Also, I have little knowledge on shows and local events. Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone. If you have little knowledge about local shows and events, you should start going to them. Hey darius.. Facebook is tz vik tonii..

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Im Pero C by name im from Nigeria, im a rapper i want to know how to Gain my Audience, My mentor is Jcole But every time i download different combination of rap albums online, Sometimes i just need a new sound to clean my Ears up, But the problem im having is how to know my audience,There is a genre of music like Jcole i follow when writing raps. And thats is telling a story about a love experience i encounter in my little age. I know is a song i wrote to a girl i once Loved in highschool. Because you need to yourself and where you are coming form.

Before writhing a rap line.. Hello, i have a really good Sound to my rap that is pleasing to the ear. As in i Have a unique voice and its a consistent one as well. I have a 3 Problems, first i am unsure of the best ways to obtain quality beats and i dont know the best places to go to get them. Second, I dont know how to release my music where people will hear it and know about it. Third, im not sure if i should go to a studio with just one track or should i do multiple first.

Chance the Rapper Bids to Become a Chicago Kingmaker - POLITICO Magazine

I just dont want to spend the money on the beat and studio time if nobody will hear it after. Please help? OK u re ready to promote a jamz and u said u wanna be like drake or big Sean OK simple try to rap like them. Well one of my major problem is insufficient fund, and also lack of courage, no proper sponsor or maybe guardian.

I really need someone to encourage me, back me up nd and be my support. My biggest challenge has been trying to develop my brand and promote it properly I have talent just need someone to believe in me that can put me in the place I need to be. Doomp tha Hazzard an upcoming artist. Hardest part is definitely getting your fan base up and just saving up money in general.

But you need to put in money to make it back and more. It might be helpful to learn about personal finance to help with saving money. Use that time to learn how to do what you were going to pay somebody to do. What do you think I have to start doing in order to make it.

You should probably learn how to market yourself properly. What have you been doing so far to promote yourself? So im a 13 year old rapper. My maneger has been in the game for a while,almost achieved fame,was featured on world star hip hop,but he settled down. Anyways,Its really hard to get a big audience besides the people i know.

How can i expand my audience over time? Just Lacking financial support but I feel my lyrics are so good and iam targeting I have a good stage name.. Iam just lacking money.. One could add song brevity to the list of parallels; a catchy two-minute song gets twice as many streams as a catchy four-minute song when played on repeat for the same period of time. Turbocharged by social media, artists can rise to relevance faster than ever before, but staying relevant has, by the same token, become exceedingly difficult. As the currents of fashion grow swifter, they become more treacherous as well.

What could millions of kids see in these artists? But as with anything, condescension is a mistake. Perhaps, in adolescent fashion, these artists and their fans are responding bizarrely to a bizarre world — a world too volatile to plan for, too dumb to merit respect, and too dire to face sober. Depression swallows up a teen; the Atlantic will engulf South Florida. So why not pop a hundred pills? Greenthumb—which actually won third place at the Cannabis Cup. B-Real is the rap king of weed.

The Friday Cover

Time to call in the orchestra. How does one create such a potent product? Like, can you even function enough to enjoy the high or will it just make you pass out?

Snoop Dogg is Hip-Hop's Most Beloved Sell-Out

Shit, he even put it in his Mouse Trap movie. I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon. It looks like that's about to change as the founder of BlazeNow, a legal weed finding app, says he's close to a deal with the pair. The veteran west coast rapper is about to launch a line of pot edibles , starting with a THC-infused lemonade drink. We talked to the OG of weed smoking rappers about his new dispensary, developing his own strains and of course, hip-hop.

We have to take the good with the bad, but there's no reason why we have to assume it's all bad. With all four members of Black Hippy operating at their absolute apex, the Rap Crew title belt is theirs to lose. Rap is deeply rooted in outspoken, unapologetic braggadocio, but the extravagance that comes with the entertainment is often misleading. As marijuana becomes big legal business Adidas combines hip-hop's love for fresh kicks and weed in one shoe.