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In most cases, the causes are unknown.

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Lung damage from many ILDs is irreversible and progressive, meaning it gets worse over time. In some cases, it can be slowed by certain medications. Occasionally, people with ILDs will be recommended for lung transplants. Our Family Of Sites.

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Select your location to view local American Lung Association information near you Enter your zipcode. Work with your doctor to get specific treatment and care for your type of lung disease. Blank Section Header. Ask An Expert.

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We need your generous support. It should be clear to the user which application the ad is associated with or implemented on.

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Don't overwhelm users with interstitial ads. Repeated interstitial ads often lead to poor user experiences and accidental clicks. Don't surprise users with interstitial ads.


Placing interstitial ads so that they suddenly appear when a user is focused on a task at hand e. For this reason, interstitial ads should only be implemented at logical breaks in between your app's content e.

Pathology Insights: Smoking Related Interstitial Fibrosis

A common issue is that even though you may intend for the ad to load in between page content, the ad itself appears shortly after a new page of content has loaded due to carrier latency. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you pre-load the interstitial in advance.

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You can watch this video about interstitial ads launching unexpectedly and how to resolve it if you have received a policy violation. Sign up today! Sign up for AdMob. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Announcements.