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Stay in touch. Whether you're on the phone or chatting to a friend in person, provide your tot with some physical contact an arm tickle or stroke of the cheek to help her feel connected to you.

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Hire her as a timekeeper. Help your child set an egg timer for five minutes or so. Tell her that when it goes "ding," it'll be time for you to give her your undivided attention. Of course, this only works if you keep your promise. Until your child is able to tolerate being "put on hold" for longer periods of time sorry, but around age two, the average toddler can wait only about a minute , you can avoid frustration for both of you by planning long or important phone calls when your child is asleep, and keeping in-person visits short.

More In This Series. Set Loving Limits for Your Child. Be Wise About Toddler Warnings. Consider the Consequences for Toddlers. Catch Your Child Being Good. View Sources. American Academy of Pediatrics, Healthychildren. February Toddler Groups. Go to Your Toddler's Month. Raising Girls In 3 Words.

Help Me, Heidi! Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. Tips on Starting Potty Training. Best Double Strollers. Follow Us On. A study found when parents chat with their babies like this it can help infants recognize people, places and things.

Another study found that when parents use baby talk, babies may learn to talk faster. This is a daddy-daughter duo that is going to be having a lot of these conversations for years to come. This baby is beautiful and so is their bond. Check out these babies who are just figuring out how to get where they want to go, by any means possible. Whether it's a scoot, a slide, or a crawl that's not quite a crawl, these babies are finding creative ways to get mobile.

Tovah Klein. She continues: "Being mobile is very exciting—[your baby] can move on her own and that is an enormous shift for her. Soon she will be able to pull up to standing, which is thrilling as well. She has more control of her world and being upright gives her a new view of her world. These moves in the video may not be true baby steps, but they are baby steps to baby steps, if you get what we mean.

The little graduate, Cullen was born weighing three ounces shy of a pound. Over the next five months, the Potters went back and back and forth from their home in Florida to the hospital in Mobile, Alabama to be with Cullen. Getting to graduation day was a big achievement for Cullen, his thankful parents and the amazing medical team who took such good care of him.

It didn't feel real. We were going to walk out with our baby after five long months. We can never say thank you enough to the nurses and doctors as staff at the hospital. They saved our baby," Cullen's mom, Molli Potter told Motherly last year. Did you know that your kid's dinosaur obsession is really good for them?

This little baby could be crawling toward an obsession that will serve them well. A study published in the journal Developmental Research , found about 1 in 3 young children will develop an "intense interest" at some point , and dinosaur obsessions rank really high in what they are interested in. These two cuties went viral and then they booked a Denny's commercial! Talk about an adorable grand slam! My oldest has been expressing herself with clothing, shoes, costumes, hats, jewelry, gloves and bows lots of bows for two years now, and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

She's five, but her love for styling herself independently began around age three. She loves colors and patterns and prints. Especially when there are lots of different ones together in one outfit. Mixing and matching and over-accessorizing is her love language. She will come out of her room and declare herself ready to go—in the MOST creative concoctions I have ever seen. Lady Gaga's got nothin' on this 5-year-old fashionista. There was the time she wore her green frog dance recital costume including the hat and gloves with a Christmas Rudolph sweater over it and mermaid leggings under it—to the grocery store.

There was the time she wore a furry unicorn onesie with heart-shaped sunglasses that looked like they came straight out of Elton John's closet and clip-on earrings—to music class. And then there was the time— oh wait, it's most of the time —when she layers there are always so many layers. Because, honey, a t-shirt and leggings are just the base layer! After that, you need to add jean shorts over the leggings, a dress over the t-shirt, a cardigan over the dress and you must always remember to pack a small carry-on size back of backup outfits anywhere you go.

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This place we are now—where my kids dress mostly however they want—took some time to get to. I have not always been comfortable with the layering is that tank top really necessary over that long-sleeved shirt?! But, over time, I've trained myself to say instead, "You look awesome! Nice outfit! Because, it's their body they're dressing—not mine. It's their way of expressing themselves—not mine.

It affects their mood—it should not affect mine. I don't have control over their bodies and choices, and I don't want that. I aim to be their guide, helping and assisting when necessary. I have let go of aiming for or wanting control. If it's good for them. It's good for me.

They are learning how to make their own choices, how to dress and get ready for the day independently, and it takes one thing off of my very long to-do list. It's a win-win for everyone, really. I see that your child has a Spiderman costume on with a shark sweatshirt over it and a PJ Mask cape attached to the back. I know that your kiddo dressed themselves and I want to give you both a big high five. I know this life well.

And I know you too might wonder, What are people going to think with this outfit on? That I'm not teaching my kids to look presentable? That I don't care enough to tell them that their shoes are on the wrong feet? I know you're helping to shape them into confident humans. And I know you told them that their feet may be more comfortable if they switched their shoes around, but they swear they like how it feels that way.

We've learned over the past few years from my kid's favorite movie soundtracks, Annie , that "you're never fully dressed without a smile"—but little did those lyricists know they should have added, "and also at least three layers of various items of clothing, three bows and three additional accessories of your choosing! If there's one day a year we can't wait for, it's Amazon Prime Day.

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How to Teach a Child to Stop Interrupting Conversations

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For a lot of mothers, the way they become mothers is different from how they imagined, and for House of Card's Kate Mara that was true. Her journey wasn't exactly how she pictured it, but it is one so many mothers can relate to.

Parents say

Mara recently opened up about how her first pregnancy ended in an miscarriage, and her second ended with an emergency C-section and a blood transfusion. In a two-part interview for the Informed Pregnancy podcast , Mara told prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula Dr. Elliot Berlin about her experience, and it is definitely a story about the strength of mothers. Mara explains that she first told her husband, fellow actor Jamie Bell, about her pregnancy when they were stopped at a red light. He was at a stop light, and he just burst out laughing and was like, 'Oh, my God.

How is that possible? Unfortunately, about eight weeks into her pregnancy Mara learned something was wrong. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a blighted ovum, a type of early miscarriage where a fertilized egg doesn't continue to develop into an embryo. Weeks later, the pregnancy officially ended with a miscarriage. It just dragged out forever," Mara explains. After her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, Mara did get pregnant again but was diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis, a liver condition that can make mothers extremely itchy in late pregnancy and can result in complications as serious as stillbirth.

Mara's medical team determined the safest thing to do was induce her a month early, dashing her dreams of an unmedicated home birth. Instead, she spent several days laboring at the hospital and did get an epidural. Eventually, though, things took a serious turn as her temperature spiked to unmanageable levels and she needed to be rushed to the OR for a C-section. She goes on: "I was so scared to have the C-section, to have this surgery.

1. Practice listening.

I was genuinely terrified of what that meant and what could happen and all of these things, and then of course just being tired made me that much more scared, I think. Once her baby girl was born and safe, it became clear that Mara was not. She'd needed a blood transfusion during the operation and was experiencing something a lot of C-section mamas know all too well—the post-surgery shakes.

  1. 5 simple steps to help your child stop interrupting.
  2. Try these ideas the next time your little one interrupts you:.
  3. Interrupting others: A bad habit or a developmental stage?.

These tremors kept her from holding her baby. I could barely keep my eyes open to look at her. Mara was sad that day because her birth experience didn't go as she'd hoped, but she also says that looking back, she wouldn't do a thing differently. Everything that was done was done for really serious medical reasons and her baby girl ended up with the best outcome. Kate Mara's C-section story is like a lot of moms', and her feelings are totally valid, say experts. According to the U.

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Mara's worst fears did not come true that day, but her dream of motherhood did. And that is why she doesn't look back on her birth and regret the interventions. She was scared, but she was so strong and she's telling her story in the hopes of lending some strength to other mamas. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More Got It. Topics 20x20 Export Created with Sketch. About Subscribe Login. A modern lifestyle brand redefining motherhood. Try these ideas the next time your little one interrupts you: 1. Give lessons and examples Teach your children how to determine if something warrants an interruption, as they may have a hard time deciphering when interruptions are justified.

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