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Consider these tactics to use with a gobble call. Safety is a serious concern while using a gobbler call, so use common sense. Using it from a ground blind is advised because hunters will hopefully spot your hide.

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At all times, you should hang an orange hat or cloth in a tree above your setup site to advertise your presence. And, as previously noted, if you do spy someone stalking toward you, speak to them in a calm, clear and loud voice to announce your location. Like our new President who excels in nontraditional actions, using a gobbler call is definitely not a traditional turkey call. Nevertheless, sometimes a bit of nontradition is exactly what you need to find success.

Several years ago, I was hunkered in my ground blind and my hen yelps were going unnoticed due to the amount of competing, real turkey chatter in the area.

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In the middle of the morning or afternoon when the gobbling has fallen silent the turkey woods may be one of the loneliest places in the world. Shock gobbling turkeys in the middle of the day is one method for locating them when you are hiking ridges.


This is usually done with a crow call. The powerful short blasts of a crow have long been known to draw a response from a wild tom. Next to your diaphragms, slate calls and shotgun, you will want to have a crow call in your vest. The Primos Power Crow is a simple crow call able to withstand the powerful blasts of breath producing the cawing sound of a soaring crow.


If you know the area you are hunting well enough to understand the daily route of the birds, get out in front of where you think they might be headed, give three short blasts on your crow call and wait. If a bird does not respond quickly, keep moving as shooting hours are ticking by. Trail cameras are most often associated with locating deer.

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Trail cameras are a great tool for locating turkeys to give you their average travel times through an area. Knowledge is power when locating turkeys in the middle of the day.

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Cameras can also be set to time lapse mode to take reoccurring photos of large areas like fields to give you an idea if an area is being used at all. Make sure to keep the camera at a slightly lower height on the tree when you set it up in order to not be taking photos of birds over their heads. If calls are not working to rouse up a gobble, glassing is the next best bet for locating a turkey.

The Nikon Prostaff x60mm Field Scope gives you greater detail and long-range viewing capability. While there may not be anything you can do about a gobbler strutting in the middle of a field, but keeping an eye on where he re-enters the woods is a great way to plan for future hunts.

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The Double Bull family of blinds are perfect for hunting turkeys since the interiors are black and the canvas used to create the blinds have no wind flaps. These blinds are like sitting in the Taj Mahal for a morning of hunting. Just remember to have a trigger stick and the QS3 Magnum seat to stay comfortable and steady for the shot.

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  7. This seat is specifically designed for the Primos family of blinds since they are the same height as the openings. The perfect seat for both bow hunting and gun hunting for turkeys. If the woods have fallen silent, head back to the last place you heard a turkey gobble and set up to call. Often times this is a great way to locate a turkey as they are also circling back to the last place they heard hens since they are alone in the late morning and afternoon.

    Sometimes the wait is short, other times it can last well into the afternoon hours. Especially late in the season when most of the hens have been bred this can be the ticket to success. However, toms are known to head back to the last place they heard a hen late in the morning and through the afternoon. Take a single hen decoy like the Primos Gobbstopper Hen and set up in a location of great visibility.

    Loud raspy yelps from the Hook Series of diaphragm calls can reach farther than most pot calls letting that gobbler know you are back in the area. If he responds it is likely he will be lonely and looking for love. Learning how to locate turkeys and locating gobblers can be maddening. You might go days at a time without hearing a bird which can drain your patience for staying in the woods.

    Turkey Hunting | Tips For Hunting High Noon Gobblers

    The challenge of finding a mature gobbler takes time and effort but makes touching that trigger on a sunny spring morning worth the frustration which comes with hunting turkeys. Look for turkey sign in the area before season. Roosting the birds the night before I hunt. What I do to locate turkeys is call them with my own natural turkey call which I just use my mouth.

    I do it just before they are about to roost then sneaking early in the morning with the ground blind! Your email address will not be published. Owl Calls When we think of locating calls to shock gobble turkeys traditionally hunters have used an owl call. Crow Calls In the middle of the morning or afternoon when the gobbling has fallen silent the turkey woods may be one of the loneliest places in the world. Trail Cameras Trail cameras are most often associated with locating deer.