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How great is quirky Holly in counselling?

How great is Charlie Day? Do we like Sergeant Wynn and should we care about her? How great is bike guy? Is the scene with the bike in the precinct more amazing than we remember? How great is Kim Raver when it comes the emotional scenes?

Family Ties (Part 1)

Do we remember Kim Raver goat crying? Are we Hoobastank fans? Do we appreciate the scenes between Bosco and Cruz more so now than we did before? How annoying is it that Fred has changed his tone so much since the last time we saw him? How nice is Bosco's dad's house? And could an officer really survive the amount the bullets that Dade takes in the final scene?

Tune in and find out all the answers to our questions! Not your typical barn bike, this R60 had not just a history, but a legacy. Today the bike belongs to Pat, but the original owner was someone very close to Pat: his grandfather. Despite bumps and trouble along the way, the R60 stayed in the family, although it started seeing less and less regular use.

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Eventually, as the years went on as they do, the R60 was basically only making an annual trip to the Indy Still, road time is road time. Years went by, as they do. But as bad luck, fate, or random misfortune would have it, Pat lost his dad to cancer before the BMWs could be brought back to life.

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So there they sat in the shed, waiting. Fast forward to , where Pat got the itch to breathe life back into old German metal again.

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The question was where to take them to get the bikes running? A friend-of-a-friend recommended us here at Motoworks, as we take care of her BMW.

Under two decades of dirt, there were in fact two completely viable BMW motorcycles there. The bike that started it all. Working with Steve, our head mechanic and resident BMW whisperer, Pat decided to start with the basics.